Dissensions au sein du SDF, principal parti d’opposition au Cameroun | + vidéo

VOA | Au Cameroun, le Social Democratic Front, principal parti de l’opposition, est secoué par des dissensions. A l’origine, les dernières nominations contestées par certains cadres. Ces derniers appellent à une réunion en urgence du comité exécutif national du parti pour annuler lesdites nominations.

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  1. it was a strategic mistake for us to blindly accept the political system called democrazy.it was a trape set on our path.

  2. I can imagine and can understand you very well BAH ACHO.
    I know your dream is to have Paul Biya for life..
    You are one of those brainless foolish Cameroonians who believe in Bread and sardine, sing song of praises and only think of your stomach..
    There is no DEMOCRACY in Cameroon..
    There is Dictatorship in Cameroon..
    Never been free and fair elections..
    The Despot of Sangmalima is there because of people like BAH ACHO..
    Open up, free your mind , accept changes and believe that for the country to move forward , we need young ambitious people with a development plan..Not people like your present leaders..

  3. BIKO,,,,,rationality is something people cultivate and use to guide thier actions in a way that serves thier interest.what i mean here is that all actions must be submited to pure rational mathematical thinking.this is what enable people to anticipate and avoid future mistakes.if we examine democracy with this mindset,we can say it is not a system that grew from our sociological and civilization reality.so it can not serve our interest because it is not the result of our thinking.you may ask what then is the system that evolve from our reality?
    i will say it is a merit base system where talent and competence is selected base on past record.it has a harmony oriented appraoch contrary to the confrontation approach of democrazy.