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Douala International Airport embarks on new solar scheme

International Airport Review | The ICAO-backed solar panel scheme at Douala International Airport is hoped to reduce the carbon emissions 2,575 tonnes.

A new ground-mounted 1.2MW solar installation at Cameroon’s Douala International Airport has been put into operation to help reduce the CO2 emissions produced by aircraft during ground operations.

Aircraft currently use jet fuel based auxiliary power units (APUs) or diesel-driven ground power units (GPUs) to provide pre-conditioned air and electricity to aircraft during ground operations.

Though its new solar installation, Douala Airport will now be eliminating at least 2,575 tonnes of CO2from over 5,100 flights annually, based on the more than 5.5 million kWh per year it is projected to generate. As a demonstration of its engagement to the project, the Government of Cameroon funded the purchase of airport gate electric equipment to be connected by the newly installed solar park.

Jean Ernest Massena Ngalle Bibehe, Minister of Transport of Cameroon, said: “With this solar facility at Douala International Airport, Cameroon advances the modernisation of its energy sector by using renewable energy to reduce green-house gases emissions and protect the environment. The Government of Cameroon is determined to continuing the implementation of tangible actions for a more sustainable aviation.”

Jane Hupe, ICAO Deputy Director Environment, said: “Sustainable development and climate change continue to be critical issues for the international community, and this latest commitment by Cameroon is a great example of the concrete actions which can be implemented as part of a broader air transport environmental strategy. ICAO expects to see many other countries replicating these cost effective and emissions reducing solar-at-gate solutions.”

The new “Solar-at-Gate” pilot project is the third such initiative implemented by ICAO, and the second to be realised in Africa following on recent installations in Jamaica and Kenya.

The installations are part of a longer-term Capacity Building for CO2 Mitigation from International Aviation assistance programme which ICAO has been carrying out, with funding support from the European Union. It provides direct assistance to 12 African and two Caribbean region States.

Mr. Steven Rault, Chief of Programmes of the EU Delegation in Cameroon, commented: “The construction of the solar photovoltaic system at Douala International Airport shows the results achieved by the ICAO-EU partnership on the environment, in which the authorities of Cameroon have been actively participating. By funding such initiatives, the EU wants to contribute to the sustainable development of the international aviation.”

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  1. Impressive ….


    The word “INTERNATIONAL” is being misused by “one and indivisible” LRC.
    It is an insult to mankind to describe that Airport as international

  3. to call this dirty scrap an International Airport is a scandal..
    Just check what has been opened in Congo-in Porte Noir..
    Say what just happened in Dakar- the aiports have western standards and they have now emabarked on high speed trains…
    We are still living on the old infrastructure of Ahidjo regime as these forest Gorillas under Biya are plundering resources and helping the white man grow….
    We have been Stagnant for over 35 years now…Nothing happened as no complete project ever took place since ahidjo left power in 1982….
    Hang these forest Gorillas and clean the country before its too late

  4. Cameroon, land of promise. An international Airport with no Shopping malls, thieves and beggers as security officers, not even a good running toilet or resting place for Transit. That Country is a disgrace to Democracy and development. A Country that has been on recession for more than 36 yrs.They should consider building an international Airport, there,is non in Cameroon.

  5. Crux @ at Yauonde airport my hold bag was checked alongside my luggage recipt on my ticket , to confirm to the officer that i had collected the right suitcase.It hasnt happened at any other air port and i was frankly impressed that he did it because my luggage has less of a chance to go walking off with someone who isnt me !

  6. Since theres enormas differences (and various African finance ministers have complained about it ) between weights or volume of basic resources food or otherwise exported out of Afric arriving with more weight or volume into european ports ( presumingly to avoid African taxes ) on a massive industrial scale maybe the EU could stretch to provide solar powered electronic weighing platforms with data going live to the relevent African finance ministers office and a tracking result data going, live, to the same office ,when the same delivery arrives in a european port ?
    Otherwise said importer is abusing OCED entry laws of that european country, if the difference is more than 10.000 dollars) and VAT complience .Period .

  7. Scale of preference: elevators should be built first. Bus sysetem to convey travellers
    easily to other corners. Ethiopia will better educate lrc than EU whosoever.

  8. Corruption, Greed, ignorance, lack of vision must be addressed before LRC can move forward. Workers on strike at Paul Biya Stadium for non payment of wages. If you cannot meet payroll how can you achieve any results. Shameful. Force and locking up the people that want to contribute puts LRC behind every day. Cameroon is falling behind to even smaller African Countries with less resources like Rwanda,l E Guinea Zambia. Sad.

  9. This morning of January 18, 2019 President Xi Jinpeng announced via his envoy to Yaounde , Yang Jiechi the cancellation of the totality of Cameroon’s debt, estim ated at 3000 billion CFA Francs.
    Left unsaid as usual, is what China gets in return for sub-terranean moves to put out of action France, Paul Biya’s greatest mentor of all times, currently known as the sick man of Europe.

  10. change everything you want in the Douala airport. if you don’t change the attitudes of police and custom officials nothing will really change

    • i remember, seeing the roof leaking along the hallway to where passengers
      go and wait for boarding. A container was put to collect the water. Weh Biya.
      I also remember, seeing the word `internationale`and not recognising it.
      What is really there, to see with so much debt and debt cancellations?