Dozens of Cameroonians demonstrate outside EU summit [+video]

AFP | Nearly a hundred people gather in front of the security cordon of the European summit to protest against France’s actions in Cameroon, its former African colony. Belgian police used pepper spray just a stone’s throw from the European Council to disperse demonstrators as EU leaders met inside.

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  1. Protest has never achieved anything, not to talk of forcing aryans who have lived from practicing Exploitation for over ten generations.what works is superior force, bieng more powerful economically, scientifically,technically and militarily. To put it simple, if we are not strong enough with the capacity to herd France.nothing will force them to even consider their position. In oder to eliminate the risk of another German invation and occupation, Russia decided to invest heavily in military technology, at the same time upgrading its economy. Through this rationally thought approach Germany knowns if it attacks Russia it will be pounded to ashes. So Russia, s peace does not depend on German goodwill but Russian militarily superiority.

    • Ethiopia was able ro defeat the Italy with help of no body so my dear protesters France as nation cannot defeat all the French speaking countries in Africa.

    • Yes @Bah acho!
      These are the same kind people who are going to relie with movements like BLM (Black lives Matter) without even try to understand what is really going on.
      Do we really have to remind the world today that black lives matter??
      We should be talking about Black Power. Economically, strategically, military etc…
      That power should emerge from the African continent and it will. We still have a long way to go, but I think there are more and more Africans who understand the hole picture.
      Black Power. Not BLM.

  2. It is more rational for the diaspora to concentrate on economic construction through industrialisation first.this is what will enable us to upgrade our power instruments,like the economy, science, technological innovation, top education system, formation of more engineers and scientists to defend our autonomy.we can’t drink french wine, and the next day go out to protest against France.we can’t treat our diabetic patients with American insulin and protest against America the next day when our act means our basic existence depends on thier products. Independence in our time is first economic,scientific, technological, etc. The same people protesting accept christianity and names imposed on them by France kikkiki

    • @ Bah you can’t achieve all that when you don’t have good governance. Do you know how many Diasporas have tried to invest in Cameroon but have failed? Ask yourself why. The Cameroon gov’t is so corrupt and with the lack of accountability, it is almost impossible to achieve anything in that country. The Chinese, Indians and the Europeans have no problem doing business in Cameroon. Try as a diaspora and you will see what your fellow Cameroonians of the Biya regime will do to you,

  3. Nobody is wearing masks, including the police ? are they all absolutely nuts ? Covering mouth and nose ,keeping your distance from anyone ,in public and private ,as much as possible,,avoiding areas of inside spaces of passage with no natural change of air ,washing hands ,wearing gloves .just taking care of yourself and anyone else when you can is a humanic duty and duty of any state actors ,including the police who should of pre Organized with the protesters that everyone has required the required distances given space ,free masks and hand sanitizer gel points around the perimeters of the venue .

  4. Mwambo (Buea son)

    “The Rwandan judiciary & legal system is not submissive to France”.. Paul Kigame, President of Rwanda, on closing the French embassy.

    It’s true that we must come together as a people, as Africans especially in this age of information technology to weed out France and other foreign dominions on the continent. I agree that we must invest in our economy, improve our industries, engage in science and technology for the good of us.
    Don’t be fooled. The French empire is the most evil of all Western empires and must be resoundingly uprooted. Every Western forces operating on the continent must be extricated as well as the Chinese, all of them.
    Protests are necessary to expose them, yes it may not deter them but that’s the PR segment. Then, we begin to unseat all despots doing their bidding.

  5. When you se what the Ghanian Diaspora is doing and achieving in Ghana, you start to regret why you were born in a country where the only thing people know how to do is talk! Big words, big grammar, big English/ French. Zero action.
    The only “action” they do is desturbing the Europeans in their own country..
    They have been doing this for years, and nothing has changed.. Is’nt that what we call ” stupidity “?

    Try to come with a suggestion on how things can be done to achieve better results you will hear stuff like ” you this BULU WOMAN must shut up” or ” Regardez moi la femme des Ambazoniens là ” hihihi…
    I left that sinking ship. Better work with the winners
    The real panafricans. You find them in Ghana, in the Gambia, even Rwanda…
    For now Cmr is good ONLY for the hollidays.

    • If i call u a senseless market dog,that can be an exaggeratiom

      • And you are perfectly correct. Patriots usually fix it, not run to go and enjoy what others have fixed.

        • You guys have just confirm what I said. You have been talking big grammar for years and nothing has changed.
          Real African men are in the continent and are working hard to protect mother Africa.
          You are on the internet and insulting women. Typical.
          I can’t work with that mentality.
          I’m African and free to go and invest wherever I want on the continent. That is how free I am.
          Why should I chose to play in mud with ignorant people with no sense of direction, when I’m offered a place in the sun smoothly?
          I chose intelligence instead of stupidity , hard work instead of lazyness, wealth instead of voluntary poverty.

          You better start packing because things are going to be very rough for you negreos in Europe and AmeriKKKa soon.
          How can you live in a place where you are not wanted?

    • @ Bikutsi what you are saying makes sense but don’t forget the fact that Ghana has gone through a lot of changes with different ideas brought in by different presidents. How do you expect change when you have one president in power for over 38 years? Ghana has real democracy which Cameroon hasn’t. I know a lot of Cameroonians who moved back to Cameroon to invest but are now in Ghana because it didn’t work out in Cameroon. Ghana is succeeding not because of the Ghanaian diaspora but because of good governance which Cameroon lacks. The Ghanaian gov’t has made it easy for Ghanaian diasporas to invest back home while the Cameroon gov’t has made it difficult for us. It is easier for foreigners like the Indians, Chinese and Europeans to invest in Cameroon than Cameroonians in the diaspora.

      • Hahahahahaha

        Bikuts is an ethno fascist who believes the status quo is pro-Africa. She is no different from the Ambazombies…

  6. There’s nothing good or promising to be good in Cameroon. Any little thing a person planned on doing is being met with conditions unattainable. Until Biya leaves that country, nothing good will ever be attained. He has rendered that country useless with those protecting him so as not to be exposed. It’s shall end one day.

  7. The so-called “one and indivisible “LRC is a sh*thole country held hostage by a crime syndicate.
    The leader of the crime syndicate is already a LIVING CORPSE. Simply put, he is technically DEAD but still struggling to remain in the world of the living.
    It is common knowledge and a celebrated fact that this LIVING CORPSE has destroyed his own country BEYOND REPAIRS.

    Thank God, Dictator Biya’s UNWINNABLE, UNSTOPPABLE and financially UNSUSTAINABLE war will rescue the Anglophones from that sh*thole VIVRE-ENSEMBLE with LRC.


    • Now that we know that, what is your ACTION plan to realise that dream of yours? Or is it going to remain just a dream?

      • You really want to know my PLAN OF ACTION???????

        This is it for your information:

        After LRC terrorists have been kicked out from SC, I will fight to be the mayor of Victoria.


        My mission will be to recover all the Bakweri land stolen by the BULUS .
        You and Gabriel Dima will therefore lose the land you stole in Victoria WITHOUT COMPENSATION.
        You are therefore warned not to invest in that your so-called holiday house in Victoria because your Return on Investment (ROI) surely be NEGATIVE.


        I REST MY CASE

        • You sounds so miserable and unhappy.
          I pity you. I really do.
          It is never too late to start all over.
          Stop being this eternal dreamer.
          Life is too short..
          Get yourself together ,stop paying taxes in Germany for nothing and join the Bla xit family.
          You can start all over in the African continent.
          The choice is yours.
          There is no use to become an old angry man in Germany.

        • Ignore my warning at your own peril.


          You came to social media boasting how you have a holiday house in the so-called Limbe ( the correct name of my hometown is VICTORIA).
          Of course, the Bulus can NEVER EVER allow a Bakweri man to buy land let alone to steal land in Sangmelima, Mvomeka or Ebolowa. They speak of VIVRE-ENSEMBLE when they come to other peoples territory.
          Indigenes of VICTORIA will surely put an end to this BULU nonsense. It is simply a question of WHEN and not IF.

          MARK MY WORDS!!!!!!

          Indigenes of Victoria have already completed an inventory of all the stolen Bakweri land. Tell your BULU brother in crime, DIMA GABRIEL.

        • @ Mr. unstoppable. The name is LIMBE not Victoria. We are Cameroonians and not English. If you want to worship your queen you are free to go to England and worship her there. Cameroon is not England and will never ever be. While African Americans are fighting for black lives, you are here fighting for an English name. What a shame.

        • @Bobjass,

          How dare you argue with a son of the soil of Victoria?????????

          FYI, LIMBE is a German name and NOT African or Cameroonian.
          According to you Avenue Charles de Gaulle, Centre Jamot, Lycee Leclerc, etc are normal names because they are located in the so-called “one and indivisible” LRC.
          You should stop exposing your ignorance in public

        • @ Unstoppable, You can’t use lies here to try to win an argument. Limbe is not a German name . You won’t win any points by calling me ignorant while lying. You can do that to those your Ambazonia thugs in the bushes not me. It was named by a Cameroonian Limbe whether I hate him or not, I prefer that to Victoria a name given by an imperialist who used our forefathers and mothers as slaves. Avenue Charles de Gaulle, Centre Jamot, Lycee Leclerc, etc will all be removed when Cameroonians take over their country from France. You are the ones causing the delay by helping Biya stay in power with your useless and foolish war.

        • @Bobjazz,

          You have exposed yourself as a casualty of the manipulation of the history of SC by LRC. That is the reason you still believe that Limbe is a Cameroonian name . Permit me therefore to assist you clarify your ignorance.

          ****ORIGIN OF THE NAME LIMBE****

          “The city name Limbe originated from the name of a German engineer called Limburgh.. This GERMAN engineer was responsible for constructing a bridge across one of the rivers in the city. Over a period of time, this river came to be associated with this GERMAN engineer. The river was named after the German engineer- Limburgh”. From the name LIMBURGH, the name RIVER LIMBE was coined.

    • Unstoppable vs Bikutsi= Ambazonia vs Biya regime

      How pathetic! Dreamers

      May the ancestors give you enough odeshi and french suppot fight yourselves to self-destruction so that real Africans can build Cameroon.

      anti-amba/anti-regime Black Leg

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