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ECCAS welcomes national dialogue in Cameroon

APAnews | President Ali Bongo of Gabon in his capacity as the current chair of the Economic Community of Central African States (ECCAS), on Thursday welcomed the peace initiative by the Cameroonian leader who convened a national dialogue in his country rocked by nearly two years of a separatist crisis in its English-speaking region.

“The current presidency of ECCAS welcomes the decision of the President of the Republic of Cameroon to convene a major national dialogue in order to meet the deep aspirations of the various components of the Cameroonian nation,” the presidency said in a statement.

Bongo calls on all positive and constructive forces to seize the opportunity of the dialogue to preserve peace, security, social cohesion, national harmony and promote the return of displaced persons and refugees, the statement added.

“The ECCAS Presidency-in-Office reiterates the Community’s support and solidarity with the Republic of Cameroon and expresses the Community’s readiness to accompany it in the process of national reconciliation,” it stated.

The Gabonese leader also urges Cameroon’s partners and friends to provide their multifaceted support for the success of the conference.

He also called on all Cameroonians to give priority to dialogue and forgiveness in order to definitively turn a page and return to a life of normality.

The president of Cameroon Paul Biya on Tuesday announced in an address to the nation, that he was convening of a national dialogue which should be held quickly, before the end of September.

The crisis in Cameroon has already left nearly 2000 people dead.

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  1. A dead man speaking.

  2. Biya, has often refused the idea of any national dialogue in cameroon. So, those
    dreaming and clapping for a lasting solution to the Anglophone crisis, forget so
    easily. Where was ECCAS, ever since whole villages were touched, several deaths,
    even that of baby Martha in Muyuka etc? Biya, has agreed this dialogue, with a big
    plan behind. And he is going to succeed, cause the SC, are so so divided. Biya,
    started this plan way back and the smoke screen, has to start just so soon. It is
    time for free money and corruption all the way. Time to see hawks flying around
    and time for only dull ones, to continue dreaming.
    Has someone, seen the resolutions of the coming Biya dialogue already? Read the
    above keenly.

    • I told you Biya was going to outsmart you Ambazonians a long time ago. While Biya is using his brain, you guys are being controlled by your emotions. The only way to take out Biya is through unity which involves both the anglophones and the francophones coming together and forming a strong opposition front just as the Burkinabes and Algerians did to take out their dictator. The Tutsis and the Hutus who were deceived by the French to hate and kill each other are today united and have the best democracy and Rwanda is one of the best countries in sub Sahara Africa today.

  3. Ali Bongo, Paul Biya , Dennis Sassougesso , Obiangema Basogo , Idris Derby , all of the ECCAS Presidents have overstayed their Welcome!

  4. Be nice to know whether ECCAS is leading Cameroon in this or following it.

  5. Time for puppets to come out to support other puppets! Wasn’t his father the one who said France without Africa is like a car without fuel and Africa without France is like a car without a driver?

    How then do you expect someone that has been brought up under this doctrine, trained as a French stooge to not stand by his uncle in crime?

    If peace returns to Cameroon through this initiative I would be overwhelmed with joy, but I am 100% certain we are far from seeing the end of this conflict and that we are at a stage where the least error, arrogance, and utterances can turn the entire country on its head. Biya hasn’t shown any signs of willingness to compromise, rather one gets the chilling feeling that he is trying to put together a shambolic dialogue to endorse his legitimacy.

    • Camer believer (Colby)

      When soldiers blew up terrorists in menka and pinyim everyone said the government must convene a dialogue to put and end to the massacre the same government people have been praying to call for national dialogue have changed its mind and called for broad discussions the same who were barking yesterday are now doubtful over the dialogue that even never commence one can ask himself what do people finally want?

      • People want to be free you reclusive dirty red monkey with a fake PhD. Monkeys like you twist and turn as you lie your way through corridors of power forgetting you are leaving a track record. The despotic wizardry dictator did not convene a dialogue because he intends to solve any problem. It was imposed on him by the party that lend him $17 million hence come the pretence. But listen up Bassa baboon @colby. We will not dialogue with the devil. The 1st condition is that this monkey either leaves power or get the f$ck out of our country. Then there shall be an all inclusive dialogue without preconditions in a neutral corrupt free country like Norway that shall stand as a guarantor. This scheme put up to counter the other corrupt Swiss initiative raising eyebrows will not work. Donkey!

        • Camer believer (Colby)

          @L’enemie You are arguably the most idiot terrorist of your region cases studied:
          – you don’t know how many times the UN,EU,AU have urged the government to open a dialogue to sort out this madness.
          – you don’t even know how important is Cameroon in the guinea golf for the so called international community.
          – you don’t know that the government itself is devided over the so called Anglophone crisis therefore wasting my time and energy to reply to a wild son of a cursed lineage with primitive mindset even after 02 decades in Germany is just turning myself to a fool.Espèce de parvenu sans caleçon !!!

      • Donkey baboon @colby

        Which government is divided? Tell me little Bassa fake PhD sissy before I pluck your eyes out like that of the Bassa terrorist Um Nyobe. You monkey gatherers don’t have a government. If you do then tell me how many times the principal arms of your government led by the legislature and the judiciary have sit down and talk on this palaver. Was the sole controller, owner and rigging French puppet Mvondo Biya not single handedly ban this talk from your senate and parliament? Open your rotting teeth to talk about government is a sacrilege. But one thing is certain, Ambazonia will be realized in this life. Your colonial master France can keep blocking every efforts to flush out the purse at the level of the UN and EU that will translate to more guns and more dead BIRs.

  6. Waste time and energy for the so-called dialogue. How many people still remember when people were crying of corruption, this same Biya said ” ou sont les preuves” ? Then when many people were requesting dialogue instead declaring war he said again “dialogue avec qui”?

  7. Look at who is speaking? Ali Bongo. Wonders shall never end. This is a half dead man who took over his father who had ruled Gabon for over 40 years just like Dictator Biya. I beg Bongo no bring we badluck. Abi you want tell we say make Frank Biya take over his father. I guess that is the type of dialogue he is talking about.

  8. No, bobjazz, SC – Ambazonians, can no longer unite with francophones.
    They have killed us and it is a bad sign now and forever. If Anglos
    accept unity with frogs now, it then amounts to total insanity and the
    price will be too not just bad, but worse. Even worse than slavery or

    • @ Joshua what the Biya BIRs have done is nothing compared to what happened in Rwanda and today they are living in peace as brothers and sisters. You can’t let Biya and France control our destiny. Africans should learn to unite and not to separate. The more we separate, the easier is it for the West to control us. Look at China and India today. They were also colonized by the West. They are strong today because they were never separated by the West into small pieces like they did in Africa.
      There is no way you gonna let colonial master cultures separate us. A Bakweri man has more in common with a Douala man than a Bamenda man just as the Bamenda man has more in common with a Bamileke man than a Bakweri man. These are things created by God that can never be changed.

  9. Biya Le criminel de masses avec des armes chimiques que vous avez utilisé.

    Un veritale système d’une liquidation comme des Nazis

    Vous brulez les villages anglophones. Vous dansez sur nos morts. Vous massacrez des missionaires qui ne vous soutiennent pas. Vous ASSASSINEZ LES ANGLOPHONES qui se battent pour une cause juste. Freedom is our motivation. The PERSON who can easily betray and expose the locations is the ISP. Be carefull with your ISP. if possible. Never use the (LRC) govt ISP. Be very carefull as they can eaily monitor tracks data exchange. Use only private ISP for GZ calls with the fighters and the activists.The factual is nothing less than the Devil system of la Ripoublique of Cameroun where Dog Eaters kill children, rape kids, mass kill the population. We shall prevail.

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