Emmanuel Macron et Paul Biya discutent des violences dans l’ouest du Cameroun

CNEWS | Emmanuel Macron et son homologue camerounais Paul Biya ont échangé dimanche au téléphone sur la situation tendue dans l’ouest anglophone du Cameroun, huit jours après des propos critiques du président français.

Au cours d’un entretien téléphonique, les deux dirigeants «ont évoqué la situation sécuritaire dans les régions du Nord-Ouest et du Sud-Ouest du Cameroun», a indiqué l’Elysée.

«Ils se sont accordés sur la nécessité d’une enquête impartiale en réaction aux violences commises contre des populations civiles dans le village de Ngarbuh, dans la province du Nord-Ouest», a ajouté la présidence française.

Le 22 février, M. Macron avait promis à un opposant camerounais qui l’avait interpellé en marge d’une visite au Salon de l’agriculture de Paris, de mettre «le maximum de pression» sur M. Biya pour que cessent «des violences au Cameroun qui sont intolérables».

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  1. Biya’s son Macron called him to warn him he wouldn’t visit France if he does not finish killing all the Southern Cameroonians. That is the message. Southern Cameroonians must be ready for a long and expensive and deadly fight to the last man standing unless Anglophones are allowed to go their separate ways. We of Naija might welcome you back to Nigeria where you should have just stayed as a State but you made the mistake of joining LRC


    “I put pressure on Paul Biya to deal with the subject of the English-speaking area and its opponents. I told him that I did not want to receive him in Lyon until Maurice KAMTO was not released. And he was released because we put pressure. But the situation continues to deteriorate.
    I will call President Biya next week and I will put the maximum pressure to end this situation. I am fully aware and fully involved in the violence in Cameroon which is intolerable. I’m doing my maximum best,”
    ( Macron, 2020 )

    • I have said it before and will say it again: Dictator Biya is a shameless French puppet. He is controlled by the French.

      1. The economy of hiscountry is in the Hands of the frenchm such as BOLLORE
      2. He went to Paris and singlehandedly declared war on BOKO HARAM after obtaining permission from his master in France.
      3. In 2017, he met his French master in Ivory Coast, obtained permission and declared his sh*thole war on Southern Cameroonians.
      4. When his French master realised that the war is UNWINNABLE and OPENENDED, he publicly humiliated the BULU dictator. Tpuppet dictator was even afraid to defend his honour. He rather used taxpayers Money to pay sardiniards to ask for an apology from his master. Of Course, his master said ZERO apology and continued to put maximum pressure on the ….

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