ENEO met its prepaid meter installation target in 2019 thanks to Hévécam, SIC, and CNPS (official)

Business in Cameroon | By the end of 2019, electric utility Eneo had installed a little over 20,000 prepaid meters in Cameroon, thus achieving the target set at the beginning of that year.

“The 2019 objective was achieved mainly thanks to the agreements signed with private, social and institutional backers such as SIC (Société immobilière du Cameroun), CNPS (Caisse nationale de prévoyance sociale), and Hévécam (Hévéa du Cameroun),” the company said in its recently published 2019 report.

According to Eneo, the agreements with the three companies allowed the installation of 7,562 prepaid meters, including 2,669 in SIC’s housings, 257 in premises belonging to the CNPS, and 4,636 prepaid meters in Hévécam’s housings.

The electric utility explains that the prepaid meters it started installing in Cameroon, in 2017, spare clients the inconveniences of monthly bills as well as high and unexpected bills that lead to cuts for unpaid bills.

It adds that the introduction of prepaid meters and new electronic postpaid meters prepare Cameroon for changes in the energy landscape, with the gradual introduction of smart grids. “By having a better idea of actual energy consumption, Eneo can make targeted investments in distribution networks and take better decisions to further improve its services,” the company concludes.

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