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Eto’o – Pep Didn’t Understand Barca Squad [+video]

beIN Sport | Barcelona striker Samuel Eto’o has spoken about his tumultuous relationship with Pep Guardiola in a exclusive interview with beIN SPORTS

Former Barcelona striker Samuel Eto’o has spoken about his fractious relationship with former coach Pep Guardiola in an exclusive interview with beIN SPORTS. Eto’o, 38 now plays with QSL side Qatar Sports Club was less than complimentary to Guardiola who moved on the Cameroon international to Inter Milan after helping Barca lift a domestic treble including the Champions League title. 

“Pep has lived his whole life in Barcelona, but in the years I spent in Barcelona, he didn’t understand the squad. He didn’t live the life of our group.”

Rumours of a rift between the pair were rife at the time as Guardiola had a preference to play Leo Messi often at the expense of the striker, and Eto’o was clear to Guardiola that he was the key man in attack for the side.”I said to Guardiola, you’ll apologize to me, because it’s me that will make Barcelona win, it’s not Messi.”

“It was the situation back then. Messi would come later, but you can ask Xavi, Iniesta and others, that was my era.”

The air was soon cleared between player and manager, with Guardiola asking forgiveness from his striker.  “It was me that made Barca win, and Pep would ask me for forgiveness.”

Although still issues remained between player and manager, and Eto’o revealed his shock at finding that Guardiola wanted to sell him, despite scoring 30 league goals the previous season and scoring in the opening goal in the 2-0 Champions League victory over Manchester United.  

“My lawyer at the time told me that the club had put me up for sale on the transfer market. I said really? He said yes, at Guardiola’s request.”

Despite the clear frustration from Eto’o who had admitted that his relationship is now cordial with Guardiola, the striker admits that the move away from Barcelona was a huge boost to his career and that Inter Milan got the “best deal in football history.”

“It’s clear today, that move, and the opportunity that Pep gave me has gone down in history because it permitted me to be an even bigger part of football history by going to Inter. He allowed Inter to strike the best deal in football history.”

Eto’o did go on to win a second consecutive domestic treble at Inter under boss Jose Mourinho playing a decisive role in the run to lifting a second straight Champions League title. 

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  1. Oh please this is no news don’t distract people from the crisis back in mboa.We are in a state of free fall and you’re doing a write up on this.Unbelievable.

  2. This BS And Nonsense ! It has nothing to do with Cameroon at all !

  3. This idiot have still not stopped moving from one media house to another,calling Pep Guardiola’s name? Bla bla bla,it was your era,not Messi’s.May be Suarez will also want to say that it is his era now,not Messi.Eto,shut your mouth,u are no match to Messi.

  4. “It was the situation back then. Messi would come later, but you can ask Xavi, Iniesta and others, that was my era.” Ha ha ha ha…This loser would not cease to make me laugh…Am sure Suarez will also go one day on Bein sport and say that Messi would come later, and that we can ask Rakitic,Sergio Busquet and others,that now is his era. Eto,there is a genocide going on in your country i think that is what u should be talking about in the media rather than moving about,calling Messi and Pep Guardiola’s name.

    • Kumkum Pass Garri

      You must be the biggest loser on earth to imagine that a soccer legend like Eto is a loser!

      The whole world knows Samuel Eto as one of the most successful African fottballers in history, meanwhile nobody knows you besides your immediate family. Even your neighbors do not know who you are!

  5. I wonder what Pep Guardiola will say about you. Cameroon is on crises and this guy has never said anything about, this is no news here, please adm.

  6. Pep Guardiola is from the Basque region that has officially recognized Ambazonia and is granting Ambalanders asylum en masse. You dull illiterate attention seeking Bassa devil Eto’o has chosen to stay mute over the genocide your people are perpetrating in Ambazonia. Take tour illiterate notice seeking to school and learn to read first before always trying to seek attention. Old Grandpa

  7. Sudan on our minds!
    Who is fooling who?

    So the Catalans were so stupid to have chosen him as a coach for Barcelona? So you understood the team more than him? You believe you deserve an apology? Who will apologize for all these your hubris!
    You exposed the nakedness of a women you were intimate with and you have never acknowledged or apologize?
    Why disturb the peace with Pep every time you come close to a microphone?
    Pep is a coach with a preference for players with less melanin but if they must have melanin then they should be South Americans or native Europeans not naturalized ones.
    Pep will be judge as a coach with other coaches, Eto will be judge as a player with other players.
    Unless Eto becomes a coach he will never be compared to Pep so move on!

  8. This is an attempt to remain in the news.
    Emulating smollet the Chicago dude.

  9. You guys should write more about the military action in Sudan and how the Cameroon military (Scouts) should do the same. Eto what about him. People are languishing in the hands of a wicked and dubious government thats what you should report. Sensitize and educate the world about the plight of Cameroonians cause by one tribe who is ETO?

  10. Valentine Oghenekevwe

    At that time Pep took a very wrong decision because he needed to tell the world that he’s in control of the team, there was no need in selling a that scored 30 goals.
    Then what happened to the plàyer he replaced Eto’s with? , a very big lost to Barcelona.

  11. Now Eto’o has told us his version of events. Over to you Pep G. Do you remember Eto’o? he says you did not understand your team. What do you have to say?
    Really this is a joke. Etoe bro move on. We are heading towards 2020

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