Eutelsat holds onto Cameroon

Advanced Television | French satellite operator Eutelsat will continue to broadcast Cameroon’s public TV channel CRTV – one of the country’s most influential media outlets – and its other channels, until 2023, according to news that emerged from Africa Intelligence.

Eutelsat is also working with NuRAN Wireless to connect up and backhaul from an eventual 242 planned cellular sites within the country. Some 48 of the sites are completed or will be finished shortly.

NuRAN is working with French telco giant Orange to build out the system. Each site consists of towers and related equipment to be installed by NuRAN, with a particular focus on rural communities in Cameroon.

Francis Letourneau, CEO of NuRAN, has noted, “The ability to do remote banking, access health care information and communicate widely will translate into very significant economic and social benefits for the population of the areas we cover.”

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