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Facebook va appuyer la lutte contre les fake news au Cameroun

APAnews | Le ministre de la Communication et porte-parole du gouvernement, Issa Tchiroma Bakari a déclaré, mercredi à Douala, que le réseau social Facebook dont des responsables séjournent au Cameroun, vont proposer leur expertise pour lutter contre le phénomène des fake news, notamment dans le cadre de l’élection présidentielle prévue le 7 octobre 2018.

C’est l’économie de la rencontre entre le ministre et une délégation de ce réseau social, en l’occurrence Lukas Holzer, Facebook Content policy et Aida Ndiaye, Facebook public policy lead francophone.

Selon le porte-parole du gouvernement, les représentants de Facebook ont proposé d’accompagner le gouvernement camerounais dans l’identification et la suppression des « fake news » au cours de la période électorale.

« Grâce à votre collaboration, il faudra que l’élection présidentielle se déroule dans les meilleures conditions», a déclaré le ministre de la Communication.

Pour nombre d’observateurs, ce média social est porteur de nombreuses menaces, notamment des menaces sécuritaires, la démobilisation et l’intoxication de la jeunesse, l’apologie des crimes et du terrorisme, l’apologie de l’exclusion tribale, le rejet des valeurs et institutions républicaines, la décrédibilisation du processus électoral, le cyberharcèlement, l’arnaque et l’incitation à la haine et à la rébellion.

En d’autres termes, « il ne faudrait surtout pas que Facebook soit une source de déstabilisation du pays après l’élection», a souhaité Issa Tchiroma Bakary.

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  1. Be nice to see the good old mantra GIGA (Garbage in, garbage out) changed for the presidential elections.

    GI – Joshua Osih is Swiss citizen
    GO – Joshua Osih is not Swiss citizen.

    N’est-ce pas, ELECAM?

  2. A country collapses its own Silicon Valley (mountain) companies by closing down the Internet yet begs a man 50+ years his junior to help him during his pseudo elections.
    How sad….still: Wata na wata

    • Truth and Facts

      @Epée Dipanda

      “A country collapses its own Silicon Valley (mountain) companies by closing down the Internet yet begs a man 50+ years his junior to help him”

      Really sad but sometimes I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. We are so far behind and these people don’t even know or they just do not care.

      • Hehehe Truth and Facts you may begin by crying, it relives the pain and allows one to carry on.
        The next step though is to finance the revolution with resources and support it with every fiber in your body.
        You must also encourage all your loved ones to leave the country. If they don’t they might become a statistic. Also note that by remaining in the country they finance the evil regime through taxation.
        They must runt to safety first and when we all return, we shall return Bigly!
        And when we win we shall win Bigly in a free and fair Ambazonia where everyone counts!
        Wata NA wata

  3. Cambridge Analytica!
    Trying to pay Facebook to mine data that can be used to just the results of the already rigged election system.
    Who is fooling who?
    The biggest fake news comes from the minister of misinformation and the Misinformation national TV.
    Garri don pass wata!
    There is Twitter, whatsapp, instagram, Google etc
    After the 100days Internet shut down in southern Cameroons in 2017,
    Our people know what the real agenda with Facebook partnership is.
    This is not 1961, this is the never again generation, you can’t control all avenues of communication by government decrees, it will not work!
    Where is the referendum?
    The truth can’t be suppressed anymore!

  4. Look at this dirty teeth liar. Ganakoh


    CrTv is the mother of all FAKE NEWS.

    The so-called “one and indivisible” LRC has become very desperate.
    LRC has blocked the internet, created “Region militaire”, declared an UNWINNABLE war, created the commission on bilingualism, translated the OHADA text, appointed ex-convict Atangana, etc. The momentum of the winnable struggle continues to increase.

    Believe me or not, the secret agenda of LRC to invite Facebook is to try to stop the activities of Mark Bareta and other activists on FB. The FB accounts of those patriotic activists have been blocked severally for one month. However, the activists have several accounts. LRC is looking for a way to bribe FB to block those activists FOREVER. Unfortunately for LRC, the policy of FB can NEVER be influenced by LRC.

  6. That’s really necessary. All this fake news about people killed, raped and burned by the Army who are in reality killed by Ambazonians. Not different from Boko Haram.

    • @Korup you and your ancestors will be extinct. Low sperm count. You are angry because Biya is giving out African resources to you countries for free and so scared with Amba it won’t work. Pedophile

  7. People like Tchiroma, Biya, Ngole ngole and their likes, can only crow in a fools paradise.
    To add insult to injury, they have the backing of the dumb military.

  8. pathological liar and fake news infested Issa

  9. In a world where the kettle calls the pot black, where a camel makes fun of the humpback of another, where people inhabiting glass houses throw stones at each other with relish, such things are bound to happen.

    Minister Issa Tchiroma Bakary has spent an entire civil service career trying to uphold the good name/image of the nation in his many denunciations, the latest of which is the categorical denial of Cameroon military involvement in the cold blooded execution of two mothers and their minor children in full view of the public, followed by a recantation of the same denial, and the publication of a list of five soldiers suspected of having carried out the unprofessional act, one of whom had died well before the act was committed.

    Only rocket scientist can assess such a performance.

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