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Felix Tshisekedi: Opposition leader named winner in DR Congo poll

BBC | Opposition candidate Felix Tshisekedi has won the Democratic Republic of Congo’s tightly contested presidential vote, the electoral commission says.

Provisional results put him ahead of another opposition candidate Martin Fayulu, and the ruling coalition’s Emmanuel Shadary.

Félix Tshisekedi

If confirmed, Mr Tshisekedi will be the first opposition challenger to win since the DR Congo gained independence.

Current President Joseph Kabila is stepping down after 18 years in office.

He had promised DR Congo’s first orderly transfer of power since the country’s independence from Belgium in 1960.

The election outcome was initially expected to be announced on Sunday. The interim result can still be challenged.

In the early hours of Thursday the head of DR Congo’s National Electoral Commission (Ceni), Corneille Nangaa, said Mr Tshisekedi had received 38.5% of the vote and had been “provisionally declared the elected president”.

The full results were, with turnout reportedly 48%:

  • Felix Tshisekedi – 7 million votes
  • Martin Fayulu – 6.4 million votes
  • Emmanuel Shadary – 4.4 million votes

Mr Tshisekedi, who is the son of late veteran opposition leader Etienne Tshisekedi, has promised to make the fight against poverty his priority.

How will Congolese citizens react?

Analysis by Louise Dewast, BBC News, in Kinshasa

This is a historic moment for Mr Tshisekedi’s party, the UDPS, who have tried unsuccessfully to win power for decades.

But in recent days, rumours of a deal between Mr Tshisekedi and Mr Kabila have raised concerns among other members of the opposition. Mr Tshisekedi himself has acknowledged talks with the ruling party to prepare a transition of power.

Candidates can appeal results if they wish and the final decision will be announced by the constitutional court.

The big question now is how the country will react. There are serious concerns of unrest if people conclude that results have lacked in credibility.

The Catholic Church, who had the largest number of election observers deployed, has warned they will reject any results they believe to be fraudulent.

On Wednesday, anti-riot police were deployed in the capital, Kinshasa, amid fears that a disputed result could trigger violence.

Polling at the end of last month was marred by allegations of vote-rigging. The influential Catholic Church, which deployed 40,000 observers during the vote and has been monitoring the polls, warned that there had been irregularities.

The leaders of Zambia and South Africa urged officials to release the tally quickly to avoid growing suspicion around the poll, which has been marred by allegations of fraud.

On Tuesday, Mr Fayulu warned election officials not to “disguise the truth” as tensions continued to mount over the delayed result.

After the 30 December vote, internet and text-messaging services were shut down nationwide in a move that the government said was necessary to guard against the spread of unofficial results.

What’s the background?

Mr Kabila took over from his assassinated father Laurent in 2001. He was elected in 2006, and secured another term in controversial elections in 2011.

He was barred from running for another term under the constitution, and was supposed to step down two years ago, but the election was postponed after the electoral commission said it needed more time to register voters.

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  1. Interesting….

  2. we can say in advance,it will change nothing in the lifes of odinary people.changing leaders every four or five years only give ignorant masses the illusion that their lifes will change.the same people celeberating are the same people who will be protesting against the elected leader few years,if not months from now.
    history has proved that only people who learn to do for themselves come out better no matter who rules their kingdom.our masses must understand that it is by working very hard that they will truely elevate their living conditions.our governments do not have companies creating and distributing wealth.where do we expect the new president to take money,and execute what he promised to obtain votes?
    chaning leaders every five years is againt long term economic planning.

    • I totally dissagree with u bah
      Y do u tink it will change nothing
      So u tink staying in power for 42yrs will bring positive changes?????

    • @BAH: i know u are raised in Cameroon where nothing works, thats why u will think its not good change leaders. Some reasons u might not know are as follows:
      •Incumbents are less able to use the state’s institutions to manipulate elections or erode the power of rival branches of government and political adversaries.
      •Leaders feel more pressure to deliver results and leave office with a positive legacy.
      •Individuals, no matter how powerful and popular, cannot become indispensable.
      •Political transitions are normal, regular, predictable events, so rival parties have little incentive to upset the system through coups or other means.
      •The need to change leadership encourages a rising generation of political leaders, fresh ideas and possible policy changes.

    • @BAH: its strange how u are already negative when the new president has not started office.
      I know you will like to see a half death man like the despot Biya still staying in Etoudi..
      Its also very strange that u dont even seem to understand that cameroon is held hostage by this old thieve and his gang…
      This man has been in power for over 36 years, has never completed a project and have taken cameroon million steps behind..No innovation, no economic reforms…
      He has helped a few people..May be your family is among those having some benefits and you remain quiet .
      It sounds like a paradox, but even as term limits prevent a popular president from remaining in office, they promote the healthy competition needed to strengthen democratic institutions and the democratic process. Believe me.

  3. Population= 85 million or so
    Registered voters= 40.000.000
    Actual votes= 18.000.000
    Provisional winner= 7.000.000 votes!!!

    • At least power is changing hands and incumbent isn’t inventing another 7th rigged term like the incontinent diaper wearing Biya grandpa you always worship. Donkey like you like chasing the speck of wood in other’s eye ignoring the plank in yours. Ngombe efulefu.

      • Ok, but the dog-eating lunatic still can’t use its brain! Come on, do something creative!

        • @Ras Mbanga,
          After you were outed as one of the runaway ghost workers from LRC, you think people have forgotten the snake you are. By laying low for a couple of days doesn’t change the fact that you are a slimy creature with no shame.

  4. congratulations to the President Elect: Félix Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo the leader of the Union for Democracy and Social Progress, the oldest and largest opposition party of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. As of January 9, 2019, he is the President-elect of the DRC

  5. Félicitations au président élu: Félix Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo, dirigeant de l’Union pour la démocratie et le progrès social, le plus ancien et le plus important parti d’opposition de la République démocratique du Congo. À compter du 9 janvier 2019, il est le président élu de la RDC.

  6. Ruling dynasties make it difficult for elective representative democracy to take root in the black continent. It is the malady that kept the Luo Odinga Odinga permanently in the opposition while the Kikuyu, Jomo Kenyatta ruled. The same scenario was reenacted when Raila Odinga was kept at Bay by Kenyatta’s son, Uhuru Kenyatta after a Kalenjin Mwai Kibaki took control.

    Etienne Tsisekedi Wambalumba is today six feet deep after fighting all his life to rule his country, DRC. Will his son take over from Joseph Kabila’s? The signs are not looking too good.

    Perhaps Africa needs to adapt the lessons learnt in football – use foreign election conductors just as they use foreign coaches to preempt ethniocentric fracas.


    Prof. Kamto defeated Dictator Biya. However, the so-called Constitutional Council and ELECAM doctored the outcome.
    Citizens of LRC are aware of the fact that Dictator Biya LOST the elections. However, they are afraid of the BIR. That is why they were begging the Anglophones to fight for them.


    • That’s Bull my friend. It was your Ambazonia foolishness that screwed up Cameroonians. Why do you think Biya did nothing to stop your foolishness? Use your brain brother, divide and conquer always works. Instead of joining the rest of the country to oust Biya like we tried in 1992 with the SDF and Ni John Fru Ndi (an anglophone) as the head, you decided to express your hatred towards the francophones who had nothing to do with the Biya regime. Biya took advantage of the divide and got himself another 7 years. Today Biya has bribed most of your Ambazonia leaders and they are using the money you foolishly contributed to buy their new houses and cars in the USA and Europe. What a shame. At least the Congolese will see some changes after the Kabilas unlike us.

      • The fun is that all the guys in the USA and Canada who were supporting your Ambazonia nonsense will tell you they are now regretting as they can’t even go back to the SW and NW provinces. They are afraid of being kidnapped by the same Amba boys they were supporting who have gone crazy. They only end up in Douala and Yaounde and send messages to their parents and other relatives to meet them there. What a shame. You’ve screwed up the anglophones with your foolishness @ MR. SEPARATIST. There will be no separation and it will take about 10 yrs for the NW & SW provinces to be safe again for anglophone diasporas to return and bolster the economy. Most have abandoned their projects which would have created jobs to help the people. You and your Ambazonia nonsense will pay for this one day.

  8. Brown Sugar (Abuja)

    A country with a dark history too. Anyway, Buhari is next inline come February 2019 election.

    • Yea, quite similar to Nigeria! Two countries with immeasurable potentialities that are incapacitated by violence, and replete with a seething mass of beggars. Quite incongruous!

      • There are more beggars in Kolkata and the USA than there are beggars in the entire Nigeria and DRC combined you pungent breadth donkey and yet these countries are nuclear superpowers. Always claiming to know all, replying every comment while excusing a senile incontinent diaper wearing tribalistic thief passing for a president in his scrapyard country. Humpty Dumpty. What are you doing in Sweden licking an old blonde’s pussy if it is not sexual/economic begging? Idiot.

        • @L’enemie,

          I hear Tapang has deleted all his FB accounts?

          Sleep must be a very costly commodity to that chum these days.

          Anyway, I trust him. I know he is going to swear, and if possible, lick the floor in front of the magistrate, that he comes from Dschang, and that he has never heard about Amba in his whole life. Lai-lai !

          We know all those Jegede Schokoyas…


          Zam Zam,

          The hear-say is baseless.


          Go to Facebook and type SPOKESMAN TAPANG

    • Brown sugar @ the dark history is absolutely not from the countries citizens fault ,belgium rule caused more deaths (of Congo citizens ) than the first world war ( in europe) We must let the rememberence of blame remain so the original genocide ,will never ever be repeated.
      This country a brotherly giant of a neighbour,is the same size of europe ,but thats the nearest similarites should be accepted.
      The congalese have the right to better their imposed negative past ,not meekly accept anything that suggests any aspect of feeling its their due .No way.
      The gilding of the king leopalds public palaces of Belgium are dripping with the congalses ancestors blood .Period .
      For only this reason alone the outcome of the will of voters in Congo should be honoured .period.

      • Brown sugar @ congalese should take strength that the league of nations was founded with indications and clauses ( google its original mandates, its quite clear ) to try to stop the same crap happening ever again in Africa because Belgiums actions was so attrocious ( (belgiums seem to have no memories of it. Even less so their museums! ) .

  9. How i wish it happened in that banana republic. Congratulations DRC

    • @Gentlemanity,

      the time for con short to power is long overdue, Sir.

      Even Sir Gorji Dinka acknowledged it some 20-40yrs ago, LRC can be brought down to its knees, if at all feasible, only through the BOOK.

      If a Mammoth can acknowledge that, why must rodents then decide to persist with such violence in their reality denial?

      You admire democracy elsewhere, but yet refuse on a daily basis to accept contrary opinion.

      Why are you so scared of democracy?

      One can still strike BIG oil deals even in a democratic scenario. In fact, it easier to strike oil deals officially in a democratic scenario than through some back doors somewhere down town London…

  10. Someone should go ask Biya how he feels about this result.

  11. Congratulations to the president elect, wishing you all the best.
    We hope that if he is respectful of the constitutional council today, he will not change the constitution or dismantle the constitutional council tomorrow to stay in power for decades.
    DRC needs to rise to its true potential.
    Our people are working since 2016 to change Cameroon, the dynasty since 1975 from prime minister to president now 44 years with six left to make total of 50yrs will come to an end. 50yrs one man in power.
    War of Anglophone liberation
    500,000 people displaced
    120,000 refugees in Nigeria
    210villages burnt
    20,000 people killed
    10,000 jailed or missing
    Change must come.

    • We can say without possibility of doubt, that the change will never come like your mind was programmed to expect. Your expectations are equal to the Christian illusion of paradise heaven kikikiki

      • What difference is there between a carpenter whose only tool is a hammer , sees everything as a nail AND a bookman who ascribes every single human problem to Christianity?

      • I see you have eaten alot..
        you have a full stomach..
        A change will mean equal rights and justice which might be a problem to you..
        In cameroon today, anything living will do a good job than Biya…

        Francophone Africa is really a curse to Africa..
        They are too slow in thinking and acting..
        With the revolution in Southern cameroons, the slow sardine eaters in eastern Cameroon just need to stand up now and drive that old despot with his diapers, but again they only spend time talking big book from SOMBORN….

  12. candidates can appeal results if they wish and the final decision will be announced by the constitutional court,
    They should use the Cameroon constitutional court, hahahaha

felis Praesent non ante. sit ut