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Film director Jean-Pierre Bekolo weighs in on Cameroon’s election

FRANCE 24 | In today’s Perspective we speak to award-winning film director Jean-Pierre Bekolo. The Cameroonian artist fears that if incumbent Paul Biya wins the presidential election there it will lead to widespread disillusionment and frustration in the country.

Bekolo claims last week’s election was not transparent. To find out more about one of Africa’s most notable directors, be sure to check out his career retrospective – Paris’s Quai Branly museum is screening his films on October 13-14.

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  1. Makweley Lysongo

    Biya will be fraudulently declared winner of the elections by the constitutional court which he created for that purpose. and I predict that there will definitely be an uprising across the country. Several people will be killed and it will culminate in the end of disgraced Biya. He will flee the country with his family.

    This is the prediction of Criminologist Makweley who has taken legal action against Briatin and Republic of Cameroon.

    • But he can not hide. Remember, this is the man who gave Hisene Habre of
      Chad save passage to Senegal. And you know the final deal.


    The “constipation” of the will of the citizens of LRC by the kangaroo ELEAM and the kangaroo Constitutional Council will be an apocalypse that will surely:

    1. kill many people in the country
    2. destabilise the country
    3. help the restoration of statehood by Southern Cameroonians
    4. open a new battlefront against Dictator Biya and his crime syndicate

    “A word to the wise is sufficient”.

  3. I am tired of listening empty brain here with some inadequate opinion?

    can someone tell us here what happened in turkey “Istanbul” about the journalist who has been decapitated at Saudi Arabia consulate in turkey last week?

    where the UN, the USA to condemn the barbaric act.

  4. I hope this guy puts his film in the zurich and florence italy film festivals, both with African sections. …..
    [email protected] As for a human being possably being murdered on any diplomatic soil …usualy the diplomatic privilages of that country are withdrawn,worldwide automatically ,since the presumed victim was a citizen of the said country ,which means the country is not diplomaticly able. until proven otherwise .Trade dosnt come into it its a diplomatic and criminal accusation of the entire diplomatic community.