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First supplier of imported products under Cameroon’s economic partnership with the EU

Business in Cameroon | Between August 4, 2016, and August 4, 2019, under the economic partnership agreement with the European Union, there were four main suppliers for products imported to Cameroon. This is revealed by the Cameroonian ministry of the economy.

France is the first of those countries with XAF48.61 billion worth of products imported for a capital loss of XAF1.804 billion (26.5% of the overall losses). Next comes Spain with XAF52.442 billion worth of imports for a capital loss of XAF1.035 billion (14.8% of overall losses) and Portugal with XAF21.133 billion of products imported and a capital loss of XAF993 million (14.2% of overall losses). The fourth country that imported the most was Germany that imported XAF21.468 billion worth of products to Cameroon with a capital loss of XAF835 million representing 11.9% of overall capital losses in the framework of that partnership during the period under review.

Implemented since 2016, the partnership plans for the progressive opening of the Cameroonian market to the European Union’s imports. This opening is a 3-phase process. Each phase represents the group of products to be liberalized according to its nature and a specific timetable.

The first phase started on August 4, 2016, and consecrates a yearly 25% reduction of customs duties on products that will reduce poverty and improve residents’ wellbeing. The products in this group are notably medical equipment, agricultural inputs, and gas.

The second phase started on August 4, 2017, and consecrates a 15% yearly reduction of the customs duties of products that will boost local production. The products concerned are notably clinker, inputs for the foodstuff industry, generators, trucks, pickups, and plotters.

The third phase will start on August 4, 2020. It consecrates a yearly 10% reduction of duties on high tax-yielding products such as fuel, cement, motorcycles, passenger and transport vehicles.

The timetable currently being followed plans for the progressive decrease of customs duties till 2029. For products in phase 1, the decrease should be completed this year. For products concerned by the second and third phases, the decrease is to be completed in 2023 and in 2029 respectively.

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  1. The strategy of aryans with this accord is to block the possibility of industrialization using Chinese machines.by pushing government to increase costom duty on machinary from China while making it costom free for those from Europe. But what do they really produce? Strategy is the life blood of a nation. Once the right strategy is in place. Everything follows. We can manouver through this situation with the right strategy.

    • Brown Sugar ( Abuja )

      I didn’t know Cameroon quickly put pen to paper to sign this slavery agreement in disguise.

      EPA is another avenue to create dumping ground for European product. How can the continent infant industry compete with this already established big companies from Europe?.

      This is just one out of the many reasons why Nigeria refused to signed the Economic Partnership Agreement, to protect her infant industry and her population which is also a target. Nigeria has shut down her border to curb external economic aggressors that infiltrate Nigeria with contraband goods. This action is causing severe hardship on the people, but, in the other hand citizen have to pay the price if we are to get it right. Now, local production and sumption of made in Naija goods is the way forward, this will put more

      • Brown Sugar ( Abuja )

        money in the hands of the producers.

        For example, Nigeria is the largest producer of rice in africa, and with the ban of foreign rice in the country to encourage local production, more and more farmers will want to grow the crop because its a staple food in Nigeria and Africa and more money will be generated when Nigeria is self sufficient.

        Cameroon can also look inward, the country has so many potential .

        • Excellent input @Brown Sugar but Camerooun is a country ruled by classless yes men. They don’t have any balls to stand up to the bad economic exploitation policies of Europe or especially France in return for dictatorship power. They are Colonial puppets that install their incompetent tribesmen in every facet of the government to eat free money. There is. a local industry producing rice for generations now but guess what? It’s located in the Ambazonian territory of Ndop with a unique local rice unmatched in global market. This evil government has instead destroy the industry with insane measures and open the country to the Chinese not just to sell imported rice but to produce their foreign rice in our land. And they are doing it em masse. Insanity! And this is just one of the foolishness.

  2. BROWN SUGAR,,,, the strategy of Nigeria to resist aryan predation through strict import control to protect national industries, is only efficient if the country is able to find strategies to upgrade its industrial capacity to produce and compit outside the country. The reason is that if we do not succeed to build efficient industries. Our opponents will succeed at a certain time to break into our markets. Now that government has done its part, it is our responsibility to creat big farms followed by industries to satisfy our markets then move onto to win other markets. Without an effective offensive strategy, it is practically impossible to succeed in modernising the economy fast while holding firm control of the internal market where quick capital can be accumulated for large investments.

  3. Right on point @Brown sugar dis useless Regime of the corrupt wicked tyrant don’t like Cameroon is only there to save the interest of France in return to support the dictatorial regime against his country people reasons why’d the country is lacking behind in infrastructure development GDP compared with Africa countries like ghana ivory coast Kenya etc without even a quarter of the natural resources we posses in the landscape , the trade agreement as u mentioned make no economic sense to country at all even the central African regions economy risk being destroyed by dis agreement that’s why equatorial guinea and Gabon will not accept the free trade agreement of goods and people the sud region with Cameroon because its risk destroyed their infant industrialisation bring economic development

  4. Excerpt u can create your own industry transformed raw materials to finish products ready for consumption all dis economic development is empty talk, especially the agricultural products we cultivate, for is very difficult to transform your economic when u don’t control factors of production,competition with the mighty European union industries is insane , they’re going to control all the market share sending our infant industries supposed to be protected too maintain capital from going off shore and create jobs to the unemployed youth out of business, want free trade agreement start with Africa countries not with European union and the consequence will make it difficult to create monetary policy benefit our folks instead of the French treasury ,Rwanda just opened it cell industry employed

  5. What the govt of cameroon needs to do is – Improve efficiency..
    We dont have an effective govt in place..
    we dont even have a strategy in place..
    All we do is encourage our people to unterstand that we are beggers,..The president goes to France when there is a problem at home to get advice…The president calls for a dialogue, hides in Etoudi but runs to inform France on details…
    We are not even a nation..
    We are just a colony of France still doing what France tells us to do..

    SO before you start thinking of what is good for Cameroon, free yourself from French slavery first…

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