Five soldiers killed in separatist attack on army outpost in Cameroon

XINHUA | Five Cameroonian soldiers were killed by separatist fighters during an attack overnight into Tuesday in the country’s restive English-speaking region of Northwest, according to military sources.

The separatist fighters ambushed and attacked a military outpost in Lassin village of Noni subdivision of the region, two senior security officers who asked not to be named told Xinhua.

In a video released on social media, separatist fighters who called themselves “Marine Force of Ambaland” claimed responsibility for the attack and warned of “more attacks in future.”

Government forces have been clashing with separatist fighters since 2017 in Cameroon’s two English-speaking regions of Northwest and Southwest where separatists seek to create a breakaway state they call “Ambazonia.”

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  1. Well done MFA. But be ready for a counter attack. Wishing you well.

  2. Allahu Akbar !!!!

  3. This is what I have been telling @Zam Zam…I told him that when this gov’t of LRC started this their madness.I told him that Biya is puting the lives of military at risk,to fight faceless people,all in the name of defending what they called their territory. A word for the wise is sufficient….

  4. Fufu don tight for lrc their hand,them di shame for pick ball tear race. Amba will still smoke you guys on your way out.come and hear bam in the middle of nowhere.
    We take no pride in killig our type,so if you guys can’t tell those in yaounde to stop this war and let us go our way,at least tell those scouts to defy their orders.we will stop at nothing to snatch back what you guys stole from us some years ago.

  5. Killing 5 soldiers won’t bring ambazonia independence. amba should stop clattering. amba soildiers will run into the bushes when the army arrives. they wont be there to defend their people. Th end result is they are putting the civilians at risk who can’t be differentiate with ambafools. amba no get sense

  6. The populace is being killed by the dumb military, because`The boyses in the bushes`
    are not easy. An educated military, wouldn`t have instead turned on Biya and his CPDM
    theives, to deliver the country. The 1000 frs salary raise the Biya fools them with, makes
    them think it is the best option. Ambaboys, still have surprises for them.

  7. The amba boys seem to have gain so much knowledge on how to manufacture weapons of war locally. I think the regime in Yaounde should know this will not be an easy war for them to win. If it was easy, the war would have been over by now. I only pity these useless armies going to fight their brothers in the name of defending a territory being almost enjoyed by diaper wearing grand fathers in the name of leaders. Francophone man too dull. I don’t know if this old people are using some jaz or it is that people are just too dull to continue fighting a senseless war to achieve the aim of walking corpse sitting half dead in Yaounde. This country will be having a beautiful future if some of these young men could invest the energy they are using to fight their brothers into something useful

  8. I heard of the hundreds of billions these thieves are saying they have already used for reconstruction and I’m wondering why these armies will be there fighting for a mean chicken change salary meanwhile the big gun thieves are up there putting billions into their accounts. Those embezzling as a result of the war are those who probably won’t want the issue to be resolved. Unfortunately we have useless armies who can’t see how they are sacrificing them to enrich themselves. This people need to have sense for cry out loud