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Following the denunciation of a fraud system, Cameroonian government launches an investigation mission in all customs sectors

Business in Cameroon | Cameroonian finance minister, Louis Paul Motazé (photo), signed March 11 a letter setting up teams of senior officials from his ministerial department to conduct a 75-day investigation mission in the country’s various customs sectors.

Louis Paul Motaze

The minister said the mission follows reports of the existence of “a system of fraud” consisting in diverting customs duties, through the establishment of fake receipts, with the complicity of the Treasury services.” Investigations, he points out, will cover the fiscal years 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018. “This engagement letter authorizes access to all budgetary, financial and accounting documents, as well as to all sites relevant to the mandate,” said Louis Paul Motazé.

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  1. our major problem is not corruption,but lack of strategic vesion on long term bases.we do not fixe economic objectives to attain in years ahead .working consistently to attain them.for example,if you collect money from costom duties it does not matter how much and use it to pay state workers.that is pure waste of resources because the money is not invested in productive investment from where it will generate resources to pay state workers.if we had a clear strategic vesion as to how the economy should be transformed from the base.our resources small or big will be used in a more better way.with a growth oriented strategy of economic trsnaformation everything is possible if one generation accept to work extremely hard for the next to benefit.


  3. It is no secret that corruption is the order of the day at the country’s main port called in Douala. With the help of stake holders, crooks interpret custom laws and constantly innovate new ways of scrupulously cheating business men and women on a daily basis with no regards to the law of business or the potential for growth.

  4. I beg to differ with you on this Mr Bah Acho, corruption might not be the only hindrance but one of the major ones. While i accept the lack of long term planning or the vision for productive investment most of these set backs are as a result of corruption considering the nature of affairs. Let me take your example of farming or agriculture, If for instance a farmer cultivates food stuff in bulk and lacks good roads or transport network to carry his/her products from one part of the country to another for sales what in turn awaits those products? He will definitely sell them for cheaper rates and that will discourage him/her to engage in such ventures next time OR say lack of constant electric supply for storage so this farmer can store his/her food stuff to sell when prices go up

  5. ELITE,,,,what we lack is not infrastructure,finance,lack of good governance,etc ,but long term strategic thinking.keeping deep in mind and always reminding ourselves,we are in war,economic war in particular.by intergrating this key factors in our thinking.we shall see what you discribe as obstacles as a source of multivation to innovate our strategy in oder to catch up and surpass others.the energy aspect you raised to store farm products fresh for long time is a good example of how thinking strategically can turn a weakness to an advantage.i saw a mini turbine in guangzhou china costing three thousand dollars.if this small turbine is installed in the millions of water falls in our villages.it will produce cheap energy at highly competitive prices.

  6. in oder to be sure that this turbine could be installed in cameroon without government bringing trouble.i went to younde for formalities thinking it was impossible.but i was given all documents necessary ,but the law says i should only produce the energy for my own industrail use and few people living by.not for large commercial distribution.

  7. Just going to audit from the period when the English man was made director of customs.does it mean there wasn’t fraud when Libom Lekeng was director?thieves

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