Former Anglophone separatist fighters find refuge in reintegration camps [+video]

FRANCE 24 | Even as Cameroon’s Anglophone crisis continues, some of the separatists who once fought for independence for the country’s English-speaking regions have put down their weapons in the hope of reintegrating into civilian life.

The government’s 2018 offer of amnesty for those agreed to stop fighting was not widely taken up, but those who did accept have been attending special DDR (disarmament, demobilisation and reintegration) camps.

Our correspondents were able to follow the daily routine of some former fighters at one of these camps.

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  1. The end, justifies the means.

    • Slogans did not save you in 2016, 2017, 2018, or in 2019. Do you think anyone drinks your kool-aid?

      You are delusional and evil. But remember, you’ll have to fight all Black legs to the last man in your desire to create a taliban state.

      anti-regime/anti-amba Black leg.

      • Kikikiki, they are now singing the right anthem, although to be changed once the system is kicked out and CMR is re-united in the proper manner through a consensus (federal system). Should it be through a referendum, then the whole of CMR should answer, yes or no to separation. Separation must be wiped off the heads of new CMR generations. For, it can never solve any problem in CMR. NONE…

        • ZZ,

          I approve that message. NONE.

        • There’s another article X-raying the truth about this black on black botched colonization requesting international players to rightfully intervene and alas we don’t see you two scavengers making any point because you live, eat, breed and breath on injustice. Dirty wicked filthy vultures. Ambazonia go show wuna pepper. Bring it on ADF. You can act all the film you want with these imported Mboudam cowards. We will take a picture of their cunning faces and teach them a life lesson in a few weeks to come. Wicked smelly idiotic genocidaires.

  2. Ouch!! It seems some of the kids didn’t know how this would go. Never a cake walk. It seems BIR didn’t know how this would go. It seems Biya’s autocracy never expected belligerence to unravel.

    France 24, this is good PR for the Biya regime. Biya created this cult of personality around him, refused to leave office twice when roundly defeated, amended the constitution then trashed it to stay in office for life. Now, that’s really unpatriotic.

    Time and money is spent in Africa in unnecessary wars and conflicts. Despots learn from colonial masters tactics they long abandoned because it destroyed their societies. The French hated and ousted Louis XVI because he was a despot. France keeps her colonies in despotism because it facilitates their plundering.

    The white man still conquers. Sad!

    • “The white man still conquers”. Yes, because the African man still ellows him to do so.
      Sad indeed.

  3. Pikin them for bush donc the wise. that’s great. it’s just a senseless war. inflecting pain on our own people.

  4. @nelson Bla bla bla… ”Pikin them for bush donc the wise. that’s great. it’s just a senseless war. inflecting pain on our own people.”…Do u know how many BIRs have wise like this kids and have joined rehabilitation centres in Dubai,Kuwait,Kuwait,China and Togo? Did’nt u see a report recently of some defected BIRs who were arrested in Togo for bugglery?

    • Kongosa,

      I know this hurts your bottom line. Kidnapping has been bountiful. But your interventions here will not stop the state of Cameroon from recruiting more BIRs.

      How will you recruit more fighters? Do you have the money? No. Do you have the courage to replace them? No. Do you care about human life? No.

      When you post a video on Youtube in the forests of Lebialem holding an AK47, i will take you seriously. All you can do is make noise and encourage youngsters to their grave.

      anti-regime/anti-amba Black leg

      • Bameta disease BrothaJosephus,

        Dr Ayaba Cho the leveller of Younde politics and messiah of Ambazonia go put pepper inside your sheet hole. I see freedom on the horizon and the ADF will take us there. Keep participating in this drama acting. 14 BIRs were wiped out yesterday alone in the great Abakwa. By the time our research lab completes the homemade RPG manufacturing there will be no place for the Muna descendants and their slave masters and tongtuh companions like @ZamZam to hide. Bloody idiotic genocidaires.

        • When you exhaust your vocabulary let me know. LOL.

          The truth is bitter. I know. Try as you want, you cannot hide that bitterness eating you inside. It hurts. I know. Kikikikikikikiki

          How is my child, your first son, doing? Give his mother my respect. No hard feelings here.

          When i tell you not to drink Heineken and njaniki for breakfast, you don’t listen. That beer belly of yours will send her running back.

          Ambazonia will end the day facebook realizes that your terrorist group is responsible for the suffering of Anglophones.

          When Cho Ayaba grows some balls to go lead his gang of tramadol users, i will respect the baboon.

        • Short man,

          u are there in Etas going to clean napkins every single day, yet u deprive others the possibility of meeting their owns ends.

          Ur gang has failed in their con business, ho-ha. Feel so proud to be one of those who blew the whistle so loud, as soon as ur plans were set in motion.

          All those voluptuous birthday parties organised in the swimming pools of 5-star hotels are over. Those safari trips in presidential suites in Swiss, those long free of charge weekends at Nera hotel, those squandering trips to South Africa…all finished.

          No more CMR for u, for life. We shall all forgive even field Marshall, but no diaporian, NONE. You DEVILS shall swim in the blood of those you misled. No contribution cent shall bring u happiness.

          Let me kosh you in beti small: “ou neu bushi man”…

        • The tongtuh halfbreed rejected semen whose parents are embarrassed of each other’s heritage and always fighting wants to lecture a bonafide Amba pikin on the principles of morality. When ur father’s baboon heritage were burning down the shops of ur mother’s pig eating Bamileke filthy dust covered swines in Sangmalima, where were u with ur half baked advise? When ur wedlock father’s brutish uncivilized election rigging corruption battered brain people were swearing in the giant pigsty called Yaoundé that ur mother’s filthy looking pig eating cultist people will never b president of that impoverish toilet u cwhere were uwith your advise? We ADF bursted the Swiss Mafani-Sako organized mafia not u. ADF standing strong. Claiming victory as always. CiC Ayaba Cho remains your nightmare.

        • ZZ,

          E bad sotay u knack beti. No mind them. I go bring e soya from pays when regular flights resume. Sometime pepper go melt that shit wey e flop for e belly.

          Diasporans are operating on the logic of “monkey work, baboon chop.” They want others to die while they sit in their circuits in Maryland eating overnight pepper soup.

          Homeland Security is coming. Aha, nobi November di come. Kikikikiikikikkkiki

        • Your head is going to exploit soon, it has just begun.

          See happy youths in that video learning how to rare pigs! In less than six months to come they’ll be happy farmers. You can’t fool them anymore, it is game over for you and Cho. And make no mistake, there is no place in this world where you gonna be in safety. Once this thing is over, those youths are going to travel and meet you guys.

          You think you can protect the bald Cho? Is he better than Sako? Didn’t that dwar-f want to sell CMR oil incognito on the streets of London? And you call that diminutive and primitive element a doc? I am sure when he hears about barrels of oil being sold on the world market he thinks it is sold as we sell fungeh on the streets of Mile 17. Doc my blk A.

          Ova langa throat go shu you poh-poh ndutu…

        • Kikikiki, Brothajoe,

          the barga yi head dan di leak oyé liké some ékété motor yi engine.

          Dem want ku-ku hear minyongs for paradise bot dem no want for meng, tief pipo.

          All man dan wise broh, all we go hear da minyongs too. Who no like better?

          Abeg, meik dem check arda trocki model for win njor jacks.

          Very lucky boys, mbut dem dash dem millions.

          Who fit dash me da kana yarri too so nor?

          Me ah bin turn-turn kam ma own for dis grong na for daso di blow-blow whistle wey njor jacks flop for upside?

          CHINEKE fair so, broh?…

          —rear pigs—

    • @Kongosa, Your arm chair journalist Eric Tataw said it was just 3 boys at the DDR center. This video will help alot. I thought you will say they are Atanga Nji boys hahahaha. They do testify that they were causing pain to their own people not fighting the army. what a senseless war. Your leaders in the diaspora are enriching them selves with your little money you gathered. Amba for bush donc wise if you for town never wise then hhmm. if ei hot you go carry the gun fight. amba fighters donc wise say na diaspora scam. hahahahaha

  5. **** FOOD FOR THOUGHT ****

    „Si vous voulez la vérité, sachez donc ceci : si le Gouvernement persiste dans sa répression et son entêtement à maintenir les Anglophones dans l’Etat unitaire, c’est l’Etat du Cameroun qui va s’effondrer et non la Sécession Anglophone“.

    Dieudonné ESSOMBA( = an objective citizen of LRC )

    Thank God, Dictator Biya’s UNWINNABLE, UNSTOPPABLE and financially UNSUSTAINABLE war will rescue the Anglophones from that sh*thole VIVRE-ENSEMBLE with LRC.


    • “Biya is mistaken if he still believes the army can win this war in Anglophone Cameroon. The war is not leading to Ambazonia’s capitulation or collapse, but entrenching French Cameroun-Southern Cameroons hostilities and making the streets of Douala and Yaoundé very unsafe” he noted.”

      ( A senior Francophone military commander who sued for anonymity)

  6. Why are they hiding, being in the hands of gov`t and as free people? Very paradoxical.
    What feeble minded individuals should understand, is that freedom has a big price to
    pay to be attained. Weaklings, surrender to slave trade and slavery. And it is openly
    common, to see them posing here.

    • They are hiding their faces because 99.9999% of the so-called “Former Anglophone separatist fighters” are indeed the FAKE AMBA BOYS created by ex-convict Atanga Nji.
      LRC is a country ruled by deceit and deception.

      The truth of the matter is that displaying FAKE Amba boys will have ZERO effect on the war. Simply put, itis a NON-EVENT
      GENUINE Amba boys will surely liberate SC from the evil hands of LRC and by extension France.
      It is simply a question of WHEN and not IF.

  7. @Brothajoe Cameroon is helping us to recruit everyday,don’t u know? I know of 5 boys that were recruited into the ADF becos their brrother was killed by the miliitary in ndop….Thats how u guys have been helping us with our recruitment exercise……But the last time Biya lauched army recruitment,not even 2000 Cameroonians registered …..

    • Kikiki, Kongosa…perika dem dong tire, massa. Man go so-so di hide-hide for inside forest all yi life?…

    • Kikikikikikikikikikikikiki

      The regime is a mess. No rational person can deny that.

      But Ambazonia with its beheaders, PIGS (Pastors in IG), oil and natural gas buyam sellams (HIS EXCELLENCY Dr. Commander/Admiral Ayaba Cho aka long distance General) is no different from the Taliban.

      Recruit as much as you like after all you are not the one fighting. Na only insect for bush go send them for DDR.

      You have no balls. The struggle needs you but you di fear like cockroach. kudos to the kids for waking up.


  8. biggest joke of a century and only LRC can shamelessly put either criminals or beggars as ex-combatants of the IG forces. LRC has killed more Generals than the WW2 and no one has ever seen a body-pure Propaganda and LRC is going to get a real fight soon after the WARDRAFT that has yielded millions of dollars for the start of a full war not defensive but offensive war!.

    • hahahahaha WARDRAFT. Dont forget the sweet story of my trip to Buea money.
      Ma man amba for bush donc wise. you for town open your eyes. this is a diaspora scam.
      If ei hot you go carry gun fight stay for bush.

  9. Dansez meme souvent un peu noor…
    C’est le 237! Hihihi..

  10. The enemy of my enemy is my friend . Long lives Cameroon one and invisible. We will never and ever negotiate with terrorists.

  11. Poor kids. Look at how many years of school they have missed while their diaspora con men who call themselves their generals have their kids going to the best schools in DC and London everyday. Look at the evil mankind can do to one another. What a shame.

  12. I want to use this as an opportunity to address the Cameroon musicians. Please if you want to make real money sing in English or broken English for that’s what sells here in North America where you have the real market for Africans and not those small French colonies in Africa. Daphne, Salatiel, Mr. Leo, etc don’t tell me you don’t know that. I have been in situations where I have tried to promote your music but can’t be played because of the French language. Menn, you guys have to wake up. You guys play better music than most of the Nigerians and Ghanaians but the French you bring in doesn’t sell here in North America. SING IN ENGLISH OR BROKEN AND YOUR MUSIC WILL BE SOLD IN EVERY PART OF THE WORLD. THE FRENCH LANGUAGE IS FOR FRANCE ALONE, IT DOESN’T SELL. WAKE UP FRENCH AFRICANS.

  13. @bobjazz ”Poor kids. Look at how many years of school they have missed while their diaspora con men who call themselves their generals have their kids going to the best schools in DC and London everyday.”………… U also forget to mention that those poor kids have their con men in Kondengui prison who have lost their jobs and everything they had. And their wives and children are missing them for over two years now…..U should have mentioned this one as well….

    • Kongosa, why do you twist and turn like a wild elephant trapped in a.corn field in your pathetic effort to defend your terrorist organization.

      Homeland security is coming soon for Tapang. Anu. Tataw. Sako. Akwanga and Ayaba. They will never taste corn chaff again when these oyinbo lay their hands on them.


  14. @Brothajoe I can see how frustrated u are,to force your point down our throats…I doubt why u keep on twisting like a wild elephant trapped in your pathetic efforts to defend your colonial gov’t…Tell homeland security to pack well when coming …….

    • Dull thing, what colonial government?. That angle died with West Cameroon. Get over it or go pick a gun. Na who this matter di affect? Anglos. But the evil in your spirit can never acknowledge that. Chai…

      I wouldn’t want to ever meet a blood thirsty coward like you. Eishh.

  15. @Brothajoe..Sorry if i touched a nerve…..

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