Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy guilty of illegal campaign financing, receives 1-year sentence

Paris (CNN) Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy was sentenced on Thursday to one year in prison for illegal campaign financing in his failed 2012 re-election bid, making him the first French head of state in modern times to receive two jail terms.

It is unlikely that Sarkozy will serve his sentence behind bars: The judge said he could serve the sentence by wearing an electronic bracelet at home. All 13 co-defendants have been found guilty.

“Nicolas Sarkozy knew the spending limit,” the judge said. “He knew he shouldn’t exceed it.”

This is the second criminal case involving Sarkozy. In March he was handed a three-year prison sentence, two of which were suspended, for corruption and influence peddling. The 66-year-old has appealed the March conviction.

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  1. Take Bah Acho for example in a case like those Sarkozy has been charged, and he
    will be jailed for 20 years or more. Who says, that all men are born equal? Religion,
    has fooled man a man and put them on harm`s way instead.

  2. One of the rogue French presidents who visit Africa and collect a lofty gift of diamond jewelry worth thousands of Euros and in exchange promise their stooge presidents guarantees to stay in power with the enablement of French antiquated WW2 military weapons and military personnel who have no mercy in annihilating hapless Africans who dare oppose the status quo. This is how they took out Mumi, Kinge, Ernest Ouandie, Lumumba, Sankara et al.
    This way France guarantees a stronghold on the CFA and uses the gold value to support French economy & businesses. Africa must keep 50% of its foreign exchange earnings at Banque de France.
    Ghana’s GDP increased to $75 billion twice that of Cameroon which contracted to $37 billion, for a country half the size and with less biodiversity or resources.

    • This is pure comedy. The aryan political system has proved itself to be the global epic center of corruption. In fact all thier economies were build on crime and murder.yet this is the system our mentally derailed culturally batard eleads want us to memic like copycats without a civilization logic.we are living in a world of rude competition controlled by extreme use of violence.only those sufficiently rational and patriotic will attain thier potential. It is an absolute strategic necessity for the aryan world to block the emergence of a strong industrialised modern technically and scientifically advanced economy in Africa. such capabilities will mean the end of predation.only countries that refuse aryan democracy will be successful.

      • The rest is pure distraction.we must not allow things like this to distract us from focusing on rapid economic growth through export promotion. That GHANA has a 75 billion economy is an insult.singapore with a land surfaces of 700 kilomèters has a three hundred billion economy. Presenting GHANA like an example is a tragic mistake because with its land surface it has under perform. It does not even have an elimentary footwear and clothing manufacturing base. It still grow and export cocao calling it economic development.real economic growth starts with establishing manufacturing industries for export. Without manufacturing, no growth because added value is not created.