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France, Biya Cannot Escape Blame For Cameroon’s Atrocities, Says Rawlings

Sahara Reporters | Rawlings made the condemnation while receiving members of the TakeItBack movement led by Omoyele Sowore, a Presidential aspirant in the forthcoming elections in Nigeria, at his office in Ridge, Accra, Ghana.

Jerry Rawlings
Jerry Rawlings, Former Ghanaian Head of State and President of Ghana, has described the violence in Cameroon as a “horrible situation” and stated that France and Cameroonian leader Paul Biya cannot escape blame for the atrocities in the Anglophone half.

Rawlings made the condemnation while receiving members of the TakeItBack movement led by Omoyele Sowore, a presidential aspirant in the forthcoming elections in Nigeria, at his office in Ridge, Accra, Ghana.

He expressed worry that the situaton in Cameroon hasn’t been receiving consistent media attention because of the interest of some powerful western powers in the country’s resources.

Giving an eyewitness account of the happenings in Cameroon, Togolese Activist, Farida Nabourema, who is part of the TakeItBack team and was recently in Cameroon, said: “The week I was there, they actually shot four young men. We were going into town and a woman stopped us where there were four corpses of Anglophone Cameroonians.

She said the four were killed in an extra-judicial manner.

She added that the family later confirmed that one corpse was deposited at the hospital, while others were taken away by the military. She also spoke of widespread burning of villages, which she described as ethnic cleansing.

Sowore, who is an activist, called for an end to the bloodshed in Anglophone Cameroon, noting that every African life deserves to be protected.

He also called on the international community to look into events in Cameroon for the sake of posterity.

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  1. the level of mental and cultural submission of rawlings generation of africans explains everything.if not why should he stand along lines created by france to blame the same france?did france invade africa for our good?this is somebody who was president of ghana,and was unable to install an african language as language of learning,business and research.instead he reinforced english,making ghana a british occupied territory psychologically.at the same time chung hee park made korean language of learning,installed budhism as national spirituality and put his country on the path to industrialization.60 years after korea is an industrialized highly technical economy while ghana continue growing coffee.only for rawlings to come here blaming france.as if they are our friends.

    • You are speaking out of topic.If you have nothing to write keep quiet.

    • what you are saying here is MBUH house arguements..
      Biya is one of the worse president in Africa and a killer..
      He is charged with many counts of war crimes for enlisting and conscripting children and many people in southern cameroons..
      Instead of accepting the simple truth, you start talking MIMBO talk..
      How long do you want to tolerate such killers in africa?..
      Have you ever said no to killings in cameroon?
      Have you ever criticized any form of marginalization in Cameroon?
      People are being slaughtered and you cant even open say some thing reasonable but just going stupid to spoil it all

    • Ba Achuo, sometimes just shut the f~k up. What the hell is wrong with you?

  2. Jerry Rawlings , you speak like a prophet! We in English part of Cameroon need messiah right now. any messiah from anywhere will do. Paul Biya and His friends have taken our country hostage , since I was born in 1982, I haven witnessed a power change in Cameroon and this old backward thinking people cannot see any problem with that. Paul Biya most go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • @korak
      “He speaks like a Prophet” How does a prophet speak and what did he say that is different from what we have been yearing from day one?

      • Open your bible and read the manner in which prophet Isaiah address the brutal king Manasseh up to the point he was being sawed in 2 halves by the wicked king. Better still, checkout how Prophet Elijah addressed King Ahab and Jezebel or how John the Baptist put it clearly to King Herod II.

  3. Brown Sugar (Abuja)

    The monster will surely accounts for all these atrocity he committed. Time shall tell


    The case file at the ICC of Dictator Biya has been updated with the extrajudicial massacre of women and children in the Far North. The junta in Etoudi has finally accepted that LRC terrorists were responsible. This war crime alone is enough to send Dictator Biya to prison for life.


      **** BREAKING NEWS ****



  5. “horrible situation” and stated that France and Cameroonian leader Paul Biya cannot escape blame for the atrocities in the Anglophone half.”…No! It is Ayaba Cho that is supposed to be blamed for the attrocities.It is Ayaba Cho that chased anglophone families in the bushes and to Nigeria to seek refuge.
    They have been exploiting our petrol for the past 35 years,and they have never given any accountability.They have privatised our riches.Anybody that workks in LRC’s gov’t must be a member of CPDM,else………
    Make man no run…

    • Kikikiki, Kongosa!

      Dictator Biya and dictators-IG are coins of the same sides—all are good candidates for ICC.
      Chris Anu-s, Ayaba Cho…have openly incited CMRs to murder Francos, chiefs and/or soldiers, it is well documented—this is no self-defense, but calls to MURDER.

      Cho cannot escape…

      • You are a fool

      • he or they callled for francos to be killed and how many was killed my friend?none was killed.if u can prove it good for u

      • ZAm ZAM – with all love and respect, you cant justify killings with killings..

        Biya has been in the head of killings since the 60, 70, 80s and today..
        He needs to be hanged..
        If we are honest, such dictators dont have any place in africa, not to talk of cameroon..
        What these people you just listed are doing is to protect themselves ..
        – When you demonstrate in Cameroon, the kill you..
        – When you hide in your house , they remove and kill you..
        – When you hide in the bushes , they chase and kill you..
        – When you criticize the government, they call you terrorist, ambazonian, Seccesionist, etc etc…
        So what is the last alternative?…
        You know the answer yourself…

        • Kumpel Biko,

          in a situation like ours, who has done what to whom should no longer be paramount. What should matter is how to bring an end to the plight of our people back home—everybody can add up figures, present and defend them.

          We’re all outside of the country and commenting, but believe me, our people back home are going through hell on earth. They’re the ones that should matter to us most, not what some wizards in Etoudi, Norway, USA, SA…have done or committed…

  6. colonial dictator biya sent ahidjo his same colonial french puppet with his entire family on exile, he too will have the same faith as both have blood in their hands, both have been exposed as weak french puppet slaves, unpatriotic black African slaves who colonial dictators, France exploit their country’s resources, keep the entire country in primitiveness, poverty and beggars with oppression, subjugate ,forcing the worthless french language down the throats of English speaking minorities in order to hold them backwards in worlds Technology development era where the English language is the only successful lingo in the world, the regime send their children abroad to learn English, the biya + France butcher colonial regime is being expose to the world, Macron the slave master!

  7. This coconut head failed to mention the kidnapping of civilians, the beheading of soldiers, cannibalism, abduction of chiefs. He therefore has no credibility.
    The western powers he mentioned know very well that the gov’t is in its role of protection the integrity of the nation against a group of fellas who wants to secede using force.
    Secession is taken, is it not given. No nation on earth wilfully agreed to the partition of its territory. What do you expect when you tske arms against any government? YOU cant have it both ways.

  8. The silent majority in Cameroon actually believes in Biya and Almighty France. Recolonization and Francophonization is government policy supported by the majority
    The majority believe if the minority Anglophones speak French and become more like Francophones then Cameroon might even emerge before 2035
    In 2016 the Anglophone minority asked the Yaoundé government and France to use English in classrooms and Courtrooms in Anglophone Cameroon and the government responded by;
    Torture, rape, extortion, false arrest, blackmail, killings and finally declaring war in November 2017 on the Anglophones.
    The majority and France are silent Why?
    Who is fooling who?
    The Anglophone minority is being massacred today because they refuse French colonization by Yaoundé and France

    • @Lum
      More statistics please. 10,000 dead, 5,000 missing and——–

      • @James CPDM Griots
        You are on the right track?
        We shall continue to speak the truth to power if you CPDM tribal Griots don’t want to hear the truth that’s your problem! You have hired Omnicon and Paton Boggs to whitewash your image why?
        Because the videos showing the republican army committing acts considered genocidal can no longer be refuted.
        Your policy of Tchiromization of all the facts will not stop us.
        Yes statistics of the government war on Anglophones;
        200,000 Anglophones displaced
        100,000 refugees
        10,000 killed since 2016
        5000 missing
        The lives of our people matter to us, we cannot leave it up to the Yaoundé tribal government and France to speak our truth for they are incapable of telling the truth.
        The Jews don’t rely on the Nazis for their numbers killed.

  9. Thanks JJ, you just opened the register for more condemnations, but cowardice, would
    stop others like Kagame, Obasanjo et al, who have passed through these hells, to step in
    and say Never Again.

    Ayaba Cho, Sissiku or Sako etc, are in line with Rawlings, crying out the evils of France and
    Biya, but are not accomplices as any dumb fellow, would want the world to believe.

    Shame O Shame to the giants of Africa ie. Nigeria{ Buhari}, South Africa and the AU. Hellooo,
    are you in Africa?

    But as the crying continues, dooms day, oh yes is just around the corner.

    Washington D C, here we go, come Saturday – Monday. Alutta Continua, Ambaland shall
    be free some day. We shall sing the freedom songs, cry the blood of our loved ones spilt
    by Biya / France / china etc for the sake of our resources.

  10. @Zam-Zam ”’Chris Anu-s, Ayaba Cho…have openly incited CMRs to murder Francos, chiefs and/or soldiers, it is well documented—this is no self-defense, but calls to MURDER”…Can u tell me how many francophone civilians have been murdered?

  11. @Zam-Zam Your union with SC is first of all,not legal,and u talk of ICC charging the IG? For what? crime against humanity or what? Your activities in SC is illegal,so,Paul Biya will take reponsibility for all the attrocities in SC.He has kidnapped Sisiku.He does not even know what to do with him,becos he does not have any jurisdiction to judge him,and u are talking about taking Ayaba Cho to ICC? for what?
    I know your plan is to take somebody along with u to ICC,but u won’t succeed.

    • Kongosa,

      according to the Biya-Nji-Ayuk plan, Ayuk can only be judged and/or released after presi elections. Only then can he claim his check for fooling Anglos in order to secure Biya another mandate. Every shrewd follower of CMR politics knows that without the Anglo crisis Biya was gone. Hence, Nji had to come out with a plan, that surely went wrong, to cause an Anglo crisis in order to secure his boss another term. It is a three-card game that must have gone wrong, as many in Ayuk’s camp understood the game and decided to take the plan for real—but for how long?

      Cho has surely figured out the game in the game, judging from his melancholic appearance on those photographs—his wife+kids did everything to bring that smile out of him, but no way—“Le Dernier Jour d’un condamné”…

      • Zamy this crisis have really gotten you insane lol. So Cameroonians waited for 36 years to send Biya packing? That’s real mbuh house logic right there dude. Hahahahaha. Common dude, we all know you lots can do nothing. Tell me any major reform your so called francos have initiated in Cameroon, just one. You know very well the policies and winner are decided in France yet you deceive yourself to go put a piece of paper in a box instead of taking the fight to the colonial tax collectors. LRC logic of always ignoring problems and chasing shadows.

        • Kikikiki, truth-haters are finding it difficult to accept reality.

          “you deceive yourself to go put a piece of paper in a box instead of taking the fight to the colonial tax collectors”, I know in FB Amba the ballot box is non-existent, safe banga box tho.

          Shine your eyes, IG has slowly but surely ferried you to wonderland—you must wake up after dreaming and face reality—no matter how long the dream may be…

  12. Switzerland should not harbour such people

    • It is a registered fact, that Switzerland is habor to all evils – stolen money, save
      heaven for criminals, place where conspiracies are held etc. Reasons, why Biya is
      always there. And it can not stop.

  13. Son of the soil

    We forget a very important aspect in this useless war. The number of Innocents killed in this message is enormous. Think about this very well before posting anything. Does this help any of us. According to me, killing people is of no use. Since Anglophones want a country for their own, lat it be given to them. After all, it’s just another neighbor to do business with. We can’t be together and killing those who are crying for their rights as citizens and the response they receive is bullets. Biya and his government are a failure, separatistes fighters are also a failure.We don’t need this war to separate. Biya must pay for this, hatred preachers must lso pay for this. If we separate, we’ll become neighbors and trust me, we’ll still need one another, Ambazonia and LRC.STOP THE KILLINGS.

  14. Son of the soil

    Please stop the killings :for the sake of: God almighty, our ancestors, our land, our old and weak ones, our beloved ones,our parents. If a soldier may read this, do please consider the person you point the gun at. He is like you, and wants to live also. Please do shoot, let him go, think about his family and remember you have one as well, yours won’t love to see dead, please don’t kill. If you are of those who kill soldiers, consider he is a human being like you. If you preach hatred, think a while about the weakest, the kids, the dreams, the talents ,the carrier, your ideas could destroy. If you are the President love your people, stop sending guns where people need to talk. Consider our families before you give your orders. Let’s all be careful, God is watching.

    • My brother when did you realise this?
      Remember you larepublicans are not “giving” us a country. We already had a country before agreeing to join you just like The Gambia agreed to join Senegal for Senegambia federation which did not work and they both went their separate ways. Larepublique cannot be free, Ambazonia must be free.

      • Epée,

        I hear the field marshal is having it hot with the military? Hopefully he would soon upload another video to prove he is still on earth.

        Who freed Gambia after elections?

        LRC would soon free you as well…

      • Zamzam
        So you have not yet understood that this fight is not about one man?
        They can kill all the boys on the field fresh fighters will germinate. Nothing beats freedom!
        Ambazonia will be free by fire by force.
        If we lose the battle today the war continues. If you kill us all you would have to find our sperm in sperm banks to destroy because our descendants will reclaim that land. You cannot win. Ambazonia must be free.
        The best bet is to call for dialogue on federalism now.

  15. Son of the soil

    If you are a soldier, please do not shoot I made a mistake.

  16. France and it’s neocolonial dictator Paul Biya will never go unpunished for their crimes against humanity in Southern Cameroons.

  17. Biya Leaves the LRC for an unknown destination and at the airport, he asked his Killers (Army) to plan a meeting-hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha to ensure fair and corruption free elections or erections!

    ICC, are you watching.

  18. Jerry Rawlings seized power in Ghana, to impose law and order. I wonder what would be his approach if he were handed the reigns of Cameroon today.

    Any reasonable person is aware that Cameroon is poorly governed. However, the reality is that this is a situation that has gone out of hand.

    I also wonder how anyone goes on a fact-finding mission to a country and comes back with anecdotal evidence from a single individual they met on the road side.

    Finally, people need to refrain from using terminology such as “ethnic cleansing” to describe what is happening in Cameroon. There is no such thing as Anglophone ethnicity.

    • But there are ethnicities which are anglophone. That cultural characteristic is specific to particular tribes.
      No one should try to change that story.

      • I`m sure you`re aware there are people called Epee Dipanda, who are not Anglophone. The Anglophone grasslander is culturally closer to his,her Francophone counterpart, than someone from the coast.

        The fact of the matter is, Anglophone is a political identity, born out of colonialism, and barely 60 years old. Africans should be mature enough to carve out an identity independent of colonial heritage.

        • Limbe Kid,
          Nothing can change the fact that there is an anglophone identity. These people feel victimized. He who feels it knows it. You can pretend that it doesn’t exist and that Epée Dipanda is a Douala name. Masango is a Mashona name from Zimbabwe so why doesn’t Larepublique extend powers over there?
          I have told you here before that Ayisi is a popular name in Ghana. Ayamba is a popular name in Burkina Faso and Togo. So this story of Douala being equal to SW is a big joke.
          NW and SW have suffered together as a group of people constantly referred to as “Biafrais”.
          Always second class. We have suffered together and we had 11 years as a nation under several democratically elected prime ministers. We are a people with a common history.
          We will never yield.
          Amba for life!