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France issues Cameroon crisis warning

APAnews | France has reiterated its call to the authorities in Cameroon to embark on an all-inclusive political dialogue to end the secessionist conflict raging in its English-speaking regions.

In a statement by its Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, France affirmed that it is pursuing its bilateral efforts, in consultation with its main partners, to convince the Cameroonian government to take initiatives towards a lasting political solution to the crisis.

“France is following the situation in Cameroon with great attention. It does so because Cameroon is a friendly country, important for the stability of Central Africa and home to more than 6,500 French nationals. The situation in the English-speaking regions of Cameroon continues to deteriorate. France is very concerned about this development,” the statement said.

It described the loss of humam lives in the conflict as heavy and warned that the humanitarian situation is critical with 35,000 refugees in Nigeria and 530,000 internally displaced persons, and economic activity collapsing in the northwest and southwest of Cameroon.

According to Paris, the response to the English-speaking crisis “is not military or security, but political.”

France is closely following the situation of former presidential candidate Maurice Kamto.

The leader of the opposition Movement for the Revival of Cameroon (MRC) was arrested on January 28 with nearly 200 of his supporters.

France expressed its deep concern over his indictment in February for acts of rebellion, insurrection and hostility against the country.

France said the Cameroonian opposition, of which Maurice Kamto is one of the leading figures, must be able to express itself freely, in accordance with the law.

The statement by France said it is worrisome that several hundred of Kamto’s supporters have been arrested during solidarity marches in several cities in Cameroon.

The Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs’ statement comes at a time when the new French ambassador to Cameroon, Christophe Guilhou, is active on social media in a bid to strengthen relations between Paris and Yaounde.

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    “The situation in the South-West and North-West Regions is stabilizing, and the Commission for the Promotion of Bilingualism and Multiculturalism should thus be able to delve into the crux of the problem;” (Biya, 2018)


    • **** BREAKING NEWS ****

      “Several women in the Far North region of Cameroon’s Kalagari village, have had their ears chopped off by members of the Islamist sect, Boko Haram. The group attacked KALAGARI village Tuesday night, breaking Wednesday morning July 31, 2019.
      The armed Boko Haram attackers chased away members of the village vigilante group, took the women hostage, before performing the inhuman act
      It is not clear where soldiers were at the time of the attack.
      Boko Haram attackers have promised a change in tactics next time they come visiting any other locality of the Far North region. Authorities are still to comment on the incident.“

      • This time around they will regret.
        The government has taken a very strong measure to finish with them. You wait and see by youtsekf. I will not tell

    • * MY TAKE *

      Dictator Biya has redeployed almost all his BIRs to SC to fight the “secessionists”. Boko Haram now, therefore, has a safe passage to commit havoc in the Far North.

      LRC terrorist soldiers cannot defeat:

      1. the “secessionists” in SC
      2. Boko Haram in the Far North.

      Simply put, the so-called “one and indivisible” LRC has been transformed into a “Jack of all trades, master of none”.
      LRC is fighting many enemies in MULTIPLE war fronts and cannot defeat any of them.
      Ex-convict Atanga Nji uses the so-called commission on disarmament to “disarm” his FAKE Amba boys and FAKE Boko haram militants.
      The truth of the matter is that GENUINE Amba boys and GENUINE Boko Haram militants will NEVER EVER disarm. LRC is now compelled to fight on multiple fronts WITHOUT money.

      • What do you expect to stand a government with dain guns and be kidnapping, torturing people, old and young? Let Mr Biya sits and folds his hands?

      • Thieves you think can do what? A handful of thieves, kidnappers, murderers and so so. Why are they hidding in bushes? Is that the way they make war? Come on the highway and face the military. Still now is the military looking after you in your various bushes and will finish with you.
        You have not been washing Tv in Lybia? Terrorist comes on convoi.

    • When Boko Haram entered the village of KALAGARI, the few LRC soldiers escaped. There was ZERO resistance because most of the BIRs are now fighting in SC. Boko Haram had the time to assemble the women and chopped off their ears as a warning to the mouthy Dictator Biya who promised to crushed them five years ago.
      The same mouthy Dictator Biya promised to NEUTRALISE the ” secessionists” latest before the begin of AFCON19 i.e. June 2019 in order for elections to take place. He was simply daydreaming. He has once more postponed the elections to February 2020 because Rene Meka has promised to defeat the “secessionists” latest December 2019. Of course, that is wishful thinking.
      Believe me or not, there will be ZERO elections in SC until LRC emerges by 2035.

      MARK MY WORDS!!!!!

      • Where are they? The BIRs are doing their good jobs and will finish them where ever they are. Ever those hidding them in their various homes shall be caught and treated as such.

        • War is strategy. If the military is too powerful as you claim, why have they not been able to catch the boys with the den guns and put an end to the fighting since 2016? The truth is that the Cameroon military was only trained to brutalised civilians like Kamto; it can’t fight s real war even the enemy is only having cutlasses and knives

      • This time around they will regret.
        The government has taken a very strong measure to finish with them. You wait and see by youtsekf. I will not tell
        Sorry to tell you terrorist that you’ll be fetched out .to tell the govrrnment where you are hiding them

  2. Difficult to say which France the world should believe:
    #1) The France that remote-controls Cameroon
    #2) The France trying to convince Cameroon.

  3. Brown Sugar ( Abuja )

    France words are only intended to deceived the Cameroonian public.

    France should stop all this hogwash, and get down to business to facilitate peaceful negotiation that can bring lasting peace in the regions.

    We all know France is a nation with the longest straws sipping from her former colonies till date.

  4. Why is France not sending their own military to come and die,protecting their interests in Ambazonia? We share no past together with France.France is exploiting the resources in Ambasonia by proxy.Thanks to Yaounde.

  5. France had to let Gambia go,after the SeneGambian Confederation failed becos they did not see petrol in Gambia.If they had seen petrol in Gambia,u would have heard of national integration and one and indivisible bruhaha between Gambia and Senegal.
    People who still believe that this union can work should ask themselves why the condominium of 1916 between France and Britain failed.After the defeat of the Germans during the first world war,France and Britain tried to administer Cameroon together,but it failed,becos of their two different systems of administration.Why on earth,should France think now that decentralisation is the solution to the crisis? If the condominium failed,why would Ambazonia and LRC succeed in a joint administration of Cameroon?

  6. France and camerounization are doomed. No to cameoun and no to France. Ambazonia will never forget and will never forgive cameroun for killing and torching communities. Camerounization in Ambaland has ended

  7. Never trust France on any African problem. Never trust France on anything serious.

    France is a country where the hypocrisy of Francophones is well nourished and tweaked.

    France is a blood sucker. No country in the world where french is a language is developed.

    All that has to do with France and Africa is Fake, wrong, and narrow oriented. France is a mess builder.

    FRANCE IS A big parasite that feeds on African blood.

  8. According to paris, the response to the english-speaking crisis, `is not military
    or security, but political`. So, how many people in that english – speaking part,
    does France want to kill, before it can come in with the political solution? How
    many villages and houses, does France wants to see touched, before her political
    solution, will come etc etc. Two parties, have this political solution in their hands
    and only they, have the magic wand – France / Biya. If France thinks that Biya`s
    health situation and sudden exit will pacify Ambazonians, then the cosmetic magic
    wand will come, they miss the point.
    Schools reopening in september, is no solution and it is not going to last for long.
    Therefore, France / Biya should not even smile.

    • Where are you? It seems you are dreaming. It will come to past.
      For three years schools were opened to thise who wanted to be educated. Imagine for someone who continued its studies frm the begining of this crisis year 1 at the University. Today he’s a graduate.
      You kept yours at home by then they were 14 years . how old are they today? I understand they have become fleds in Bonaberi Douala in front of kwasa kwasa bar taking 500 cfa for a night .
      Good idea for you. You’regret the time ..

      • @devarcadas you should have stayed at home yourself considering your horrible spellings and grammar.

  9. France is the poison, cancer and virus that every country should run from. These people of France should be quarantined. And the French language itself is nothing but a death language.

  10. Acha Ekeah Vincent

    If France really wanted this dialogue every reasonable person is praying for, it would have taken place long ago or at least it would have started long ago. For me I see two possibilities.
    1- France is pretending that she actually want a dialogue meanwhile she dream government’s choice of military option will work.
    2-France has suddenly realized that just like in Algeria many decades ago, the choice of military option will lead to total independence of former British Cameroon Aka Ambazonia.

  11. Manipulators,when they discovered mines in Cameroon, they manipulated the idiot to send French teachers into the English zone knowing that it’s going to spark into resistance and then conflict.Biya the fool could not even think of the consequences. Now that there’s conflict and the country is desperate they had to rush there with all their partners to to signup mining contracts in their own terms bc Biya is desperate and can’t have a say.This is what’s been happening in Africa. It’s the European system of getting what they want,MANIPULATING the stupid people.They have done it in the South and central America, in Asia etc. now these people are wise. Only African governments are still too dull to realise it…..

  12. With their evil secret societies, France is the enemy of progress in Africa. Until the French leave Africa, we will always remain their slaves! All Africans be wise. Most of the assassinations in Africa are done under French control. All FrancAfrique heads of state are French puppets and stooges. Gaddafi was an African hero; but France connived to have him assassinated.
    #Dictator and #Tyrant #PaulBiya is the #HitlerOfAfrica and #FrenchCameroun, #EvilAndTerroristRogueState
    #GloryOfGodInAmbazonia AMEN!

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