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France pumps CFA16bln into Cameroon vocational training

APAnews | France has donated CFA16 billion to Cameroon for the construction of two vocational training centres under the Development and Debt Reduction Contract (CD2), APA learned on Friday from the Ministry of Employment and Vocational Training.

The two vocational training centres will be built in Douala, the economic capital, and in Edéa in the Littoral region.

The nine-hectare Edéa vocational training centre will be operational in 15 months.

Courses will include industrial maintenance, transportation and logistics.

The objective is to train workers, technicians, mechatronic engineers, heavy equipment operators, logistics managers, customs brokers and store managers qualified according to international standards.

For its part, the site of the Douala sectoral vocational training centre in the areas of agro-industry will be built on 4 hectares.

In this centre, pastry and butchery will be taught.

France’s financing is a grant under the CD2 programme, which has enabled Cameroon to benefit from debt relief of more than CFA800 billion over the past ten years.

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  1. Lies.
    This is not donation.

  2. Send money and send French useless style training programs. France colonial policies at work macron has to solve the problems of the yellow shirt protesters

  3. we don’t need their poisonous handout … if they want to help us … let them leave us alone . but wicked langa old washed out leaders will take their poisonous handout cuz they’re not good at anything but begging and degrading our image around the world .

  4. There it goes again, lopsided development in cameroon and i hear Cardinal Tumi,
    preaching federalism. Someone, should tell him, that it shows how he also misled
    people with his sermons while a priest, over the years.

  5. If this is not the time for poor Macron to pump french money into Southern Cameroon,
    then there is no way it can be developped when decentralization or federalism takes the
    central stage. Those who are advocating for total slavery under France, deserve serious
    attacks and death. The Cardinal, is not an honest man, and should pay for betraying and
    selling his own people. He did this gradually over a long time and today, see where he has
    to stop. Very wicked of you Mr. Cardinal.
    As for the Moderator of the PCC, he should stop the fraud syndicate in his church before
    coming to the public. The people, are tired of you and your intrigues in the PCC at home
    and abroad.

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