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Francis Ngannou opens first full MMA gym in Cameroon

FanSided | UFC heavyweight Francis Ngannou is giving back to his community by opening up the first full MMA gym in Cameroon.
Francis Ngannou has completed a lifelong dream.

The former UFC heavyweight title challenger took to Instagram on Saturday afternoon to announce the opening of the ” very first full MMA and combat sports gym in Cameroon” done through his non-profit organization, the Francis Ngannou Foundation.

Ngannou posted the website to the organization alongside multiple photographs of the new gym.

According to the organization’s website, the goal of this project is quite simple. It reads as follows:

“Our ultimate goal is to build, educate, coach, and grow through our gyms and training. With the popularity of combat sports, we envision our trainees expanding their worldview and gaining the opportunity to explore the world, tap into their strengths, and achieve their dreams.”

You can read more about Ngannou’s foundation by clicking the link above.

Prior to finding success in mixed martial arts, Ngannou dealt with many hardships in life, which is something the youth in his native country of Cameroon know well. Ngannou has spoken at length about what it what like growing up in Batie, prompting him to give back to those who find themselves in the same position Ngannou once was.

Because the idea of becoming a fighter was somewhat foreign to youth back then, Ngannou wanted to make sure to the children with the same dream now are aware of how possible it is to actually fulfill it.

In terms of competition, Ngannou last competed in the main event of UFC Beijing against former opponent, Curtis Blaydes. Ngannou won via first-round TKO, snapping his two-fight losing streak against Derrick Lewis and former heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic.

For his next fight, Ngannou will take on another former heavyweight champion in the returning Cain Velazquez. The two will fight in the main event of the UFC’s first show on ESPN scheduled for February 17, 2019, at the Talking Stick Resort Arena in Phoenix, AZ.

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  1. Good job Man.
    The only thing is this should have been opened where all Cameroonians from different origins could benefit from this infrastructure.
    But kudos

    • So it’s true that the country is an empty French farm? If it’s the first then it’s a stone age country. It’s appears Cameroons people are very lazy. I truly pity my wannabe French African Republic

    • Listen to this stupid Beti goat head @ Mbappe. Who are you to tell him where to open his gym? Did Eto’o open his academy in Gabon so that it should be accessible to every “Camerounaise”? You wicked devils wanted to carve NW region out of the Afcon 2019 as a punitive measure for their political resistance to your corrupt CPDM fraud but you know what, karma is bigger.. This is the exact reason these wicked tribal thieves are punishing Maurice Kamto and transferring every income generating activity to either Douala or Yaounde so that the rest can die. This brother got to France by traveling through the desert, lived homeless in Paris and finally used his strength to get to where he is and you show up with your feeling of entitlement to claim the spoils. The Gym is in Batie go and hang!

      • Anglo-bami my brother get a drink on me.You xan defeat STUPID the gorrila @mbappe is from another planet.What a waste of sperms.Seriously his mom could have aborted to serve us this delema

  2. Félicitations Francis Ngannou !. Vous êtes sur la bonne voie pour devenir une véritable légende de la communauté. Jusqu’à ce que vous construisiez quelque chose qui puisse exister sur vous après la fin de votre vie, tout succès est aussi brillant qu’une lumière flash. Ou aussi peu de temps qu’une richesse mal acquise, elle disparaît dès que le gardien a disparu.

  3. congratulations Francis Ngannou!. You are on the right track to becoming a true legend in the community. Until you build something that can exist on as wideness of you after you after this life, then any success is just as flickering as a flash light. Or as short lived as ill gotten wealth, it disappear as soon as the custodian as gone.

  4. Well done, Lion!

  5. M

    Mr. President,

    Your son is talking to you, open that dialogue.
    Let’s sit down and talk, on a table and talk.

    Thank you, Mr. President.

  6. La republic will be eliminated from Afcon 2019

  7. Merci beaucoup Monsieur NGANOU pour ce gymnase il vient à point nommé au moment où la plupart des voyous à l’étranger s’affairent à offrir les kalachnikovs aux camerounais pour tuer d’autres camerounais.

    • It may interest you to know that the bulk of Kalashnikov is bought right there in Cameroon with taxpayers’money by those in the house of power. Failure to see and acknowledge such a simple fact places you in the category Hon. Wirba calls “elevated slaves”, pots who call kettles black!!!

  8. This is a very patriotic move of champ Ngannou based in his original community where he will have full support of proud fellow buisnesses administration and population.If people have the ambition they will find his centre of excellence (Mappe big cities are alot more expensive for pupils to stay in ) Streaming highlights of training sessions on TV and you tube will be good ( with a warning that one should not try the moves at home ,street,or school ! ).Professional fight training can give a sound formation on anger control ,stress and civil attitude .Even if you end up not becoming professional ,self confidence in not resorting to violence when in defense ,will never desert you .Hope he has succsess and expands to offer summer holiday try out talent camps ,while he is at it …..

  9. “C’est de cà qu’il s’agit “.
    Arretez de vous plaindre en longueur de journée sur le net.
    Rentrez investir en Afrique. L’avenir C’est là bas.
    Les Chinois achetent toutes vos terres à des prix risidoires. Allez garantir vos terres, titrez vos terrains familliaux et empêchez les à tout voler.
    Si vous ne faites rien, ne revenez pas revendiquer dans 5 ou 10ans.

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