Franck Biya, mis en orbite pour remplacer son père à la tête de l’Etat

KOACI.COM L’idée de voir Franck Biya remplacer son père à la tête du Cameroun fait son chemin depuis plusieurs mois dans les cercles du pouvoir. Ces derniers jours, le débat a pris de l’ampleur.

Un regroupement politique baptisé « Mouvement citoyen des Franckistes pour la paix et l’unité du Cameroun », appelle à porter Franck Biya au pouvoir en 2025.

« Nous venons proposer au Cameroun nouveau quelqu’un de politiquement vierge, n’ayant jamais participé aux machinations et basses manœuvres », déclare Alain Fidèle Owona, coordonnateur national dudit mouvement.

Le responsable de ce mouvement, dit vouloir apporter une solution à l’épineux problème de transition politique au Cameroun.

En dehors du Mouvement citoyen des Franckistes, plusieurs autres groupuscules ont vu le jour ces dernières semaines. Ils appellent tous à la candidature de Franck Biya.

Selon une certaine opinion, il s’agit d’une grande manœuvre du pouvoir qui élabore plusieurs scénarios pour l’après Biya.

D’autres encore pensent que Franck Biya est un gage de stabilité et de paix pour le Cameroun.

La constitution camerounaise est claire, si le chef de l’État n’était plus en capacité d’exercer ses fonctions, s’ouvrirait alors une procédure qui conduirait à une élection présidentielle anticipée.

Franck Emmanuel Biya 50 ans, est le premier fils du président Paul Biya. Officiellement, il n’occupe aucun poste. Pourtant, il est régulièrement présenté par les médias locaux comme le conseiller le plus influent de son père.

Selon ces médias, Franck Emmanuel Biya serait l’ami de nombreux poids lourds du gouvernement notamment Alamine Ousmane Mey, le ministre de l’Economie, de la planification et de l’aménagement du territoire (Minepat).

Selon la presse, Franck Biya, le « faiseur de rois » est derrière la nomination d’Alamine Ousmane Mey à ce prestigieux poste.

Selon la loi camerounaise les candidats aux fonctions de président de la République doivent jouir de la plénitude de leurs droits civiques et avoir 35 ans révolus à la date de l’élection.

Ils peuvent être soit investis par un parti politique, soit indépendants à condition d’être présentés comme candidat à l’élection du président de la République par au moins 300 personnalités originaires de toutes les régions à raison de 30 par région et possédant la qualité de membre du parlement ou d’une chambre consulaire, soit de conseiller régional ou de conseiller municipal, soit de chef traditionnel de premier degré.

Les candidats des partis non représentés au parlement, dans un conseil régional ou municipal doivent également remplir cette condition applicable aux candidats indépendants.

Pour l’instant, Franck Emmanuel Biya n’est pas encore à la tête d’un parti politique.

Armand Ougock, correspondant permanent de Koaci au Cameroun.

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  1. Unbelievable. Like seriously

  2. Thank God, Amba boys wiould have by then kicked out all LRC citizens from SC

    • SC is SC
      LRC is LRC

      Both countries have DIFFERENT:

      1. dates of independence
      2. internationally-recognised boundaries
      3. national anthems
      4. national flags
      5. PEOPLES
      6. former colonial masters
      7. educational systems
      8. judicial systems
      10. etc, etc, etc.

      Simply put, SC is NOT, has NEVER EVER been and will NEVER EVER be so-called “NOSO regions” of LRC

    • Dreamer. You surely are having a nightmare!!!


        Morocco………4 ( four)
        LRC:::::::::::::0 ( ZEROOOOOO)


        1. The ancestors of VICTORIA humuliated LRC PANTS ON FIRE for violating te territorial integrity of SC
        2. The ncestors have vowed to double the humiliation ( i.e. 8 goals to zero) if LRC dares toviolate the teritorial integrity of SC in 2022
        4. SHAME ON LRC
        5. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME

  3. Why not consider Ahidjo’s son first, if succession is better than election?

  4. FIRST MOTION OF SUPPORT. The door is now open. Country of the blind.

    • President Paul Kagame pulled his country, Rwanda out of La Francophonie into the English-speaking world in protest against French DUPLICITY and dirty operations in the 1994 genocide.

      Watch President Kagame hold discussions in English today, compared to some president who has been at the helm of a bilingual country for 60 years.

      • Some typing error folks, it should read Atanga Nji Paul and he is quite
        bilingual, best hardworking minister so far.

        • Here you have this idiot called @josuha once again drifting to his tribalistic graffi corridor. You Joshua, Atanga Nji, Mafany Mussonge, Dion Ngute, Elong Paul Che, Njeuma Mbamba Limunga, Agbor Tabi, Mengot, Tabe Tando, Inoni Ephraim, Njalla Kwan, Sako Ikome and all them CPDM devils pretending otherwise belong to the same clan of devils. Foolish pa.

      • President Kagame spent his childhood in Uganda. But I still get your point there tho…

        • Zz e de like you dey C old boy. Anyway Frank ayop.kelle esu.

        • See this satan Paddi Assanga aka ZamZam twisting like the evil he is. We know the Germans moved your people from the Beti-Bulu heartlands into the grass field in the 1800s to come and dig up graves. Same way they moved the parents of Victor Ngoh. Trying to rubbish Kagame’s move of steadying his country out of the French genocidal dragnet is the same foolish arguments you Mbalmayo half-breeds put forth to ask who is Anglophone in Ambazonia. Idiot.

          I hope you are witnessing the launching of our ADF Stabilization Force. We have sworn to invest our last penny in these forces so we can see them chase out LRC in our own lifetime. Dirty bambe.

        • Kikiki, Short wor-wor face man!

          You never reach Buea? Ah bin be di mimba sey for reach Buea na daso for waka witi foot from m17 hill for 10mins, then man go land for Molyko?

          Sef Lekunze, wit Mike Short ana Father Walters dem bin gee chapeau for hills dem for Buea.

          Go waka for Bambutous hills for pinyin then hang ya flag, all man dan wise for payee, wai.

          Njoh brassi no di exist again for dis grong, sef fungeh dan turn be na helele.

          But man fit still turn-turn tranform Irish potatoe into fungeh tho…

        • @ Cavani,

          Frank no fit rule…na papa yi pickin.

          Ifi yi bin fit rule, Etoudi for dan prepare yi ever since.

          Frank na background man…

      • It will happen! There are just few people on the way that are showing some skepticism including Owona, Ngoh Ngoh, that Y’de mayor (forgotten his name) and a few others. When these fellows are assured that they will still be in the driver’s sit and also created stop-gags for frank, they will roll it out full time. They have been testing the “water” from some time now and no one is publicly raising the flag. Just a few murmurs in the C party. Cameroonians being what they are, I can bet my dollars on the fact that it will come to be.

        • Kikiki, Fon.

          You dan turn back for secteur. I bin be di mimba sey water go lef stone for back!

          Dang wa palaba for Etoudi, we go fit settle’am only if all man put hand for groouuujé.

          Man wey yi want try groouuujé daso yi one di loss yi time forsika seh na France holam.

          Holam tight broh…

        • Zam Zam, yes, I dan turn back. Time dan reach for put full stop for all this rubbish way overtake poor folks for paye for the past 35 years.
          Fear and hunger too much for paye. People don resolve for live their lives minute-by-minute.
          Implosion is inevitable. Yi don start for south, within big C, make we see how they quench that fire.
          Them want sell we Frank as clean sheet, make we absolve them of all their sin and move on. But I di see crack and blind wisdom. Waiting.

  5. Politically speaking he is nobody. Only in the republic of political macaques can this be possible.

  6. This country is a serious disgrace as a nation. Nothing works in that country. The legal system is corrupt, the military is a hoax, the executive are thieves, the layman is living in fear and uncertainty, the youths are confused with no future, and the ministers are fighting wit the boyses in the bushes to bury the bereaved. I tire life.

    • Briliant summary. There is really no point engaging in this discussion, because the issue itself is ridiculous to spend valuable time on it. However, there appears to be a some kind of tribal correlation in this way of thinking across the Central African region. Equitorial Guinea has a son being lined up to take over from the current ancient president. The former president of DRC, Joseph Kabila took over from father, Laurent Kabila. The present Bongo in Gabon took over from father, Omar Bongo. Now it is Cameroon’s turn and what these corrupt leaders share in common is a common tribal and rainforest affiliation. If this were to happen, I suspect it will be the final nail in the coffin for lrc, as Cameroon is more ethnically diverse than Gabon, Equitorial Guinea and DRC.

    • Fon and Etangti moh, you both know it and have spoken. Even the lone
      Cardinal, will attest that it is God ordained. No one, has to cry over spilled
      Those who like this kind of politics and for whatever reason, will sing and
      continue to sing, the `one and indivisible` anthem.
      Biya, ruled in a centralized system and succeeded, but can decentralization work
      with the moroon to be?