French firms sign €230m Cameroon toll plaza project

ITS International | Deal brings secure tolling in 14 locations to African country

Razel-Bec (Fayat Group) and Egis are to work on a road tolling project in Cameroon.

The two French firms signed a €230 million contract for the design, construction, operation and maintenance of 14 modern and secure road toll plazas on the African country’s road network.

The two companies have established a joint venture called Tollcam in Cameroon for the purposes of this contract, in which they hold equal stakes.

Tollcam is signatory to a partnership contract with Cameroon’s Minister of Public Works and Minister of Finance and will have responsibility for the project for 20 years.

The works to build the new tolling facilities will start as soon as financing is in place and are anticipated to be completed in 2022.

The operation and maintenance of the toll facilities will then be carried out by Tollcam, while tariff policy remains the responsibility of the state of Cameroon.

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  1. France Again? After the stacked up the foreign reserve money in their treasury and made interest on it they want to come and make additional profits on toll charges.

  2. La France à nouveau? Après avoir accumulé l’argent de réserve étranger dans leur trésorerie et fait des intérêts dessus, ils veulent venir et faire des bénéfices supplémentaires sur les péages.

  3. 20 YEARS. That, tells a whole lot – Cameroon, is France in extension. But Cameroon, is
    benefiting only from crumbs. And so, we should keep a deaf ear, each time the franco-
    phones, complain of bad this, poor this, no jobs for school leavers etc etc etc. They,
    qualify as the `Nyamfukas` on the modern day. So shameful, so disappointing. And,
    this idiotic mindset, shall never end.

  4. France again!!!!!?? God save us!!!

  5. Time Will tell

    Mamami eeeeeh so we no fit construct modern toll gates? Indeed we are animals in human form.

leo elit. id neque. libero venenatis massa