French mass distribution company BUT enters Cameroon

Business in Cameroon | BUT, a French mass distribution brand specializing in home furnishings, will open its first store in Cameroon in July 2022. The information was reported in an official statement issued on June 15.

The outlet -BUT by Arno- will be housed in the PlayCe hypermarket in Yaoundé and will also distribute food products. It is the result of a partnership between the Arno Group, a Greek economic operator well known in the distribution of various consumer goods in Cameroon since the 1960s, and the French family group Duval, which started operations in the French real estate sector before going international. The partnership, we learn, gave birth to a joint venture called Duval Arno Distribution (DAD), whose ambition in Cameroon is to open by 2030, “thirty new food supermarkets and fifteen stores of furniture and decoration, with a sales area of over 40,000 m2.”

“In a fast-growing African market, DAD will extend the current offer of food and non-food products for African consumers, with quality products guaranteed by the major international brands BUT and Intermarché (Arno’s partner, ed),” says Louis-Victor Duval, Deputy MD of the Duval group. “Joining forces with a major group such as the Duval Group is a real guarantee of quality and development ambition,” added Yanis Arnopoulos, Deputy MD of the Arno Group, and MD of DAD Afrique.

The new brand will boost competition in the retail sector in Cameroon, where international brands, especially French (Carrefour, Casino, BAO, Super U, Supeco …), are already competing with local ones (Dovv, Santa Lucia, Fokou, etc.). To enter this sector, which was once dominated by foreigners, local operators have adopted a proximity approach, opening many stores in Yaoundé and Douala. This strategy is now used by some international brands in the country.

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  1. A food supermarket from Europe to a country whose mainstay is agricultural prodice?
    In my economics class it was called dumping … designed to stifle local enterprise.

  2. Very Bad Move

  3. Francofool Africa and Francopholie….
    The Franch Language and the French way of life is retarding africans alot..
    Please frogs, wake up and follow Mali b4 its too late..
    France is taking everything from french africa and soon the people will lost their brains..

    • BIKO,,,,not only french language but also english,portuguese and even nigeria with south korea a country that use its language and writing system not to talk of japan.