Frozen chicken/Pork : Close to three tons destroyed in Yaoundé

CRTV | Close to three tons of frozen and pork have been destroyed in Yaoundé by officials of the Ministry of Livestock, Fisheries and Animal Husbandry.

It is 15 years since the sale of frozen chicken was prohibited in Cameroon. Officials say frozen chicken and pork is unsuitable for human consumption.

Since 2006, the importation and sale of frozen chicken is prohibited on Cameroonian soil.

Through out these years, some vendors have continued selling the delicacy in black markets regardless.

Frozen chicken is however not sold in every market in Cameroon. In the country’s capital, few vendors sell frozen chicken in hiding.

The frozen chicken and pork was seized in the Yaoundé 2,4,6 council areas and the Mvog Ada market.

Crtv Web visited the Essos Market On November 3 , and did not find any cold stores where frozen chicken is sold. But we were informed that the commodity is sometimes sold by a few vendors.

Where does banned chicken come from ?

It is common to find frozen chicken in most markets in Ebolowa, Capital of the South Region of Cameroon.

Frozen chicken is smuggled into Cameroon from two neighboring countries; Gabon and Equatotial Guinea, and sold in markets in Ebolowa and its environs.

Authorities from the Ministry of Trade in collaboration with custom officials have continued to crack down those involved in the illegal practice, but there is usually a small quantity of frozen chicken or pork that successfully gets into the country.

Vendors say they sell because it affordable. Frozen chicken cuts sell for as cheap as 500 frs wheras life chicken costs between 3000frs -10000frs.

Cracking down on Importers

Officials of the Ministry of Trade affirm that frozen chicken is quite rare to find in markets. Only a few vendors in markets around the country like in Yaoundé, sell frozen chicken.

The Regional Delegate of Trade for the Centre Region, Zambo Manga says the priority is cracking down on importers of the prohibited product at the borders, not the few vendors selling them.

“Because of the scarcity of those products in our market. The most important part of the job is already done by our colleagues from the fronteers (Gabon and Guinea) and along the corridor. So the little part which arrived in Yaoundé is sale in black market”

According to Cameroon’s law on illegal trade, vendors risk imprisonment of 1 to 3 years imprisonments and a fine of and FCFA 50-5million.

Barely five months back, 107 cartons of frozen chicken cuts were seized in Ebolowa, the major entry point of most contraband goods.

Officials of the Livestock Ministry say they want to ensure that frozen chicken or pork is not imported into the country especially during the festive season.

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