Gang violence on the rise in Douala [+video]

africanews | Douala, Cameroon’s economic capital city of some 3.7 million people is known for its hustling and bustling but also now for something that puts fear in the minds of many- Ganag violence.

A group of young men now go out with light arms to protect their neighborhood.

“It was just a surprise, a shock. They came out in a big group and that Sunday everyone was trying to escape, pack up their goods and flee. It was a bit like that. Well, I had to pack up my things, I started to run away and hurt my foot. We didn’t see it coming.” Prince, an attack victim explained how it once happened.

Gang violence in Douala this main commercial city, is on the rise both night and day, according to authorities. Local community watch committees have been set up to deal with this new form of crime.

A non-profit group is also offering shelter and educational opportunities to about forty street children to help them reintegrate into society.

The toll of casualties from the gang raids is unknown, but last month alone, at least four districts suffered such attacks.

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