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GCE Board Re-organized

Cameroon Tribune | The Cameroon General Certificate of Education has been organized.

According to a presidential decree signed on the 23rd of October 2018, the anglo-saxon examination board shall henceforth be headed by a board accompanied by representatives from several administrative institution. Several new professional institutions have also been created.

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  1. Gce board has been annexed and francophonized. The distruction of the Anglo-Saxon education is ongoing. Anyone can now clearly see the hidden agenda of LRC. Ambalanders time to rally together and have a united front. A colonial move

    • I no be talk

    • @Mbeng Johnathan your English is not that of a former GCE Board student before spreading idiocies in a public website you must make sure you can write basic English (distruction) doesn’t exist in any encyclopedia except of course the one of your village. Waisting time advocating the usage of a language you can’t write/speak is bathing a pig in a muddy pool thus I advice you to stop accusing others of being the cause of your poor English skills… the foolish Marc barak ,the donkey ayuk tablet, the macaque Chow Ayaba ect… are all products of the GCE.

      • ‘waste’ not waist.

      • @Colby
        And we can clearly see how your own English is very much that of a former GCE board student…as you say ‘waisting time’ instead of ‘wasting time.’ Congratulations on your excellent English skills!
        As often as you can, please learn to treat everyone with some respect, love and sympathy no matter how high and lofty you may think you are.

  2. How about the president-elect waiting to take the oath of office first, before acting in that capacity so as to conform to legality? Or no more legality?

    • By the way, Cameroonians should learn to keep valuable personal property at home instead of in the offices; the rate at which public buildings are going up in flames…National Assembly yesterday, Conference Center today, what next?

  3. And now he can comfortably reproduce more EKEMA PATRICKs and Atanga Njis. And even protect them. This old man will not destroy Ambazonia destiny. Never.

  4. Francophonization and annexation and destruction of everything Anglo-Saxon.

  5. All this becos of ndian oil? ha ha ha ha….i go die laugh.How long will that his decree last?

  6. A different system of education imposed on Anglophone Cameroon is just a waste of time.
    Fact it the world knows and most importantly Anglophones Africans know the education of Napoleon Bonaparte can only lead you so far in the world.
    If the Chinese and Indians are studying in English why would Anglophone Cameroonians be converting into French education in the 21st Century.
    Ruwanda in 20yrs has simplified their educational system to catch up with the changing world but Cameroon since 1961 has been unable to move forward instead they are trying to move Anglophone Cameroon backwards.
    The Arabs study English, the Europeans including French children study English, the central and South Americans study English but to study and speak English is a crime in Cameroon.
    When the stupid rule?

    • [email protected] agree even in switzerland with parts speaking german,frenchand italian with relevent schools to cater for it,virtualy everyone speaks and reads in english since most international companies use English as their official and contractual language,English has given Cameroon a wider market because its an official language .

    • @Lum

      just shut up soon the world will speak Chinese hahahahahhahaahhah


    Dictator Biya is angry that only less than 5% of Southern Cameroonians voted in the phoney elections. That is why he is signing this foolish decree when he has not even been sworn in as President.
    BTW, the GCE Board had been desecrated years back and was already a shadow of its former self.
    The decree should, therefore, be considered as “sans objet”


      The so-called “one and indivisible” LRC has already destroyed POWERCAM, Cameroon Bank, National Produce Marketing Board, Santa Coffee Estate, West Cameroon Police Force, the Tiko Airport and the Tiko Warf, Bali Airport, Nguti Airstrip, Besongabang Airstrip, and even companies like Neba Automobile, Kilo Bros,Nangah Company, which were all samples of good practices.

      CDC, Pamol and the GCE Board have now been targeted for destruction.
      Thank God, Dictator Biya’s FOOLISH war will decide the fate of the God-forsaken informal union.


      The only indicator for the success of Dictator Biya is “STOPPING THE UNSTOPPABLE MOMENTUM”

      The FAKE NEWS disseminated by LRC about the killing of 15, 17, 30 0r 3000 secessionists is not the indicator for success.
      The US killed MILLIONS of Vietnamese but lost the war. The Soviets killed thousands of Afghans but lost the war.

      Dictator Biya promised to crush the secessionists. If he does not achieve that herculean task, historians will say that he lost the war. Stopping the UNSTOPPABLE momentum is, therefore, the only indicator of the success of Dictator Biya.
      Yes, in any war combatants from both side will be killed. The US lost of 58,220 (yes you read me right; fifty-eight thousand two hundred and twenty) US soldiers before coming to the realisation that the Vietnam war was unwinnable.


      Yes, LRC terrorists are killing many “secessionists”. However, their statistics of the number of “secessionists” killed should be considered as ELECAM statistics.
      Many LRC terrorists have lost their lives and will continue to lose their lives in SC. That is the reality of wars.
      One thing is 100% certain: Dictator Biya’swar is UNWINNABLE. Simply put, that evil Bulu Dictator can NEVER EVER achieve his goal of defeating the “secessionists”.
      The war will surely end with a negotiated solution that will involve a CHANGE IN THE FORM OF THE STATE.

  8. Cameroon needs help, lots of help and prayers. Her citizens have both but are curiously reluctant to give them.
    Ever since the late Etienne Ntsame introduced the practice of setting an office on fire to hide evidence of his criminal acts, Cameroonians have followed suit. That is bad for the fatherland. We need to build, not to burn.

    #2. Instead of signing decrees to alter entities like the GCE Board which are doing OK, why not sign a decree creating a fire department in many localities so that access to hotspots does not take so long? The inhabitants of Kribi are made, very mad. So also are employees of the Congress Center. The “Sapeur-pompier” services are too few and far apart and too slow!

  9. Everything out of control.

  10. I want to personally thank mr Biya Paul the president of LRC for this timely action because such decisions justifies the reason for our restoration and give momentum to the struggle until the last colonial official leaves Southern, what will the So call federalist say after such a decision? If LRC and Biya wanted peace they will never have taken such a decision. Ambazonia has risen never to fall.

  11. @Fire

    you can thank him many times you wants ” baboon” but you are still in lrc web side kikikikikkikikiki

  12. GCE board is francophone institution. It will crumble and fall into trouble like fecafoot. Nothing good comes from CameroUn and CameroUnese. Mark my words