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German bank KFW to inject XAF9.8bn in Cameroonian Tax Information System upgrade

Business in Cameroon | Cameroonian General Tax Directorate (DGI) is pursuing the first phase of modernization of its information system. In need to support this reform, the government plans to secure an investment by the German Development Bank (KFW).

First step has seen President Paul Biya sign last December 10 a decree authorizing the Minister of Economy to sign a loan agreement with KFW and a separate agreement for a total of €15 million euros, about XAF9.8 billion.

This KFW financing will help the tax office to gradually extend online tax report to the Tax Centers for Medium-sized Enterprises (CIME). Further, the “Mobile Tax” system will be better developed for the payment of other levies that are currently paid in cash. DGI hopes all these moves will make it possible to manage tax indiscipline risks more effectively.


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  1. Injection of money. . Hahahaha la republic du Cameroon. What is inject?

  2. This country will never seize to surprise me.

  3. This are the type of projects that you read and become speechless. The online Tax system is good, but there’re major factors that need to be considered before venturing into such sectors. Need for a stable electric supply source to constantly supply data centers which will host servers that this online tax system will be running on. The next thing you will read about this is that some south Korean college kid have been handed the contract to build and run such online systems, then you start to wonder how Cameroon as a country is planning on the future of it own college grads. A much simple approach should be to limit cash exchange between tax operators and tax officials by implementing rules that require all monies be paid into an account and only receipts be presented at the office.