Glencore sues SONARA before English courts over alleged dues

Business in Cameroon | State-owned refinery SONARA was sued before the High Court of Justice in London, according to specialized news outlet Énergies Média, which quotes Law360, a website specializing in legal affairs and commercial litigation.

Before this English court, Glencore Energy UK Ltd (a subsidiary of Swiss commodities trader Glencore), via the law firm Ince Gordon Dadds, is demanding the payment of €14.7 million, i.e XAF9.6 billion.

According to Glencore, this amount represents, for the most part, late payment penalties in connection with a supply contract where 1.6 million barrels of crude oil were delivered to SONARA between November 2012 and January 2015. The Swiss trader sued its partner for not paying their invoice within the contractual deadlines. Most of the payment demanded is made of interests Glencoe deemed entitled to, however, Law360 adds.

Sonara has not officially reacted to this legal procedure launched before the British courts (since June 2020 and revealed by Law360 on August 11, 2020.)

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  1. My motions of support to Glencore Energy UK Ltd for dragging SONARA and by extension LRC before a British court:
    The kangaroo courts in LRC would have dismissed the case

  2. LRC fraud and bad management in every aspect of their administration.
    Not surprised, if the blame will be the Ambazonia war.

  3. Bills from 2012 to 2015 plus late fees and fines!!!! Late fees, interest for 8 years, and fines probably exceed the contract amount. You take a product refine it and sell it 8 years ago, and fail to pay the supplier!!!. But you pay the Israelis $20 million to guard one man. CHOP BROKE POT! Who want to be part of this shameful system? Camair is next!

  4. Glencore is wasting money in sewing SONARA in the UK. Does any court in England have jurisdiction over business disputes in Cameroon? Is SONARA a legal entity in the UK and If judgment is passed in Favor of the Litigants, who enforcement payment and why is that person not doing it now before it goes to court?

    • Crying for my country

      @Korak, this is an international company you are talking about with experienced lawyers. They are therefore not crazy. Just watch and see.

    • Sew, sewing, sewed, sewn
      Sow, sowing, sowed, down
      Sue, suing, sued, sued

    • Unfortunately, this is the type of arrogance that has led the entire country of Cameroon into the trouble she in today, the one where thinking that because Cameroon is a sovereign, which it is not entirely true given that they are controlled by France and working for the benefit of the French people instead of Cameroonians, they can offend and break international agreements without impunity. Well, the difference between the whiteman and the blackman is that the whiteman doesn’t respect arrogance nor do they fear as they are masters of arrogance. Moreover, they are masters of the act of never forgiving a wrong. Finally, financials issues linked to today’s Cameroon has a serious damaging effect as the international community sees Cameroon as risky for investors, the Amba war being one!

      • into the trouple she IS in today…
        is a sovereign state….
        Financial issues…

      • “[…] the one where thinking that because Cameroon is a sovereign, which it is not entirely true given […] ”

        It is entirely true…

        • “[…] the one where thinking that because Cameroon is a sovereign, which it is not entirely true given […] ”

          It is entirely not true, CMR belongs to equatorial Saxons and Gaulists, and their cousins in EU of course…

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