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Government gives illegal interurban transport companies 30 days to comply with laws

Business in Cameroon | The Cameroonian government is urging illegal interurban transport companies to comply with laws within 30 days or face a penalty of having their agencies being closed. This was announced in a press release issued January 2 by the transport minister, Jean Ernest Ngallé Bibehé.

According to the statement, the decision follows an audit, conducted by the department’s services across the country, which identified more than 140 such companies. The survey found they operate without valid approvals and therefore engage in illegal transport.

The list includes the vast majority of large companies operating on the country’s main roads, except those serving the two Cameroonian capitals.

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  1. Whow a perfect example of decentralisation of private enterprise,swift registatition then ? This is a viberent competative free enterprise part of the economy lacking easy proceedures of registration which call for some people to not make lbuisness impossibale, for these companies that serve citizens .

  2. Do we have laws in this country?..
    Where can one see or read the laws?..
    Does the govt have any alternative?..
    The police, Gendarmes dont really care – All they want to see are full damaged cars, with no papers to collect money …
    The country dont have buses, no trains to link the country so they should just shut up and stop making noise with measures that will only help reduce jobs and frustrate many young people…

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