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Government official kidnapped in Cameroon’s troubled Anglophone region

YAOUNDE, March 3 Xinhua | The Northwest regional chief of Cameroon’s Ministry of Environment and Nature Protection was kidnapped early Sunday by “unidentified gunmen” in Bamenda, Cameroon’s largest Anglophone city, local authorities said.

“The regional chief, Mr. Henry Awah was abducted alongside his wife by unknown gunmen. We are still trying to locate their whereabouts and secure their safe release,” a government official who asked not to be named told Xinhua.

Awah is among about six government officials that have been kidnapped in the Northwest, one of the two troubled English-speaking regions of Cameroon, since the armed conflict started in 2017.

Early last year, two top government officials were abducted in the restive region and were later declared “missing” by the government.

Kidnappings have become rampant in the two troubled Anglophone regions of Northwest and Southwest where armed separatists are fighting to secede from largely French-speaking Cameroon and create a new nation they called “Ambazonia”.

The United Nations estimates that at least 430,000 people in Cameroon have been displaced internally by the conflict.

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  1. Very bad strategy.
    That part of the country will be like Somalia in a few months.
    The GOC should go hard on these vampires

  2. The NW region of Cameroon should be sold to Nigeria.
    Cameroon army should be concentrate to protect the SW region and the rest of the Country from these terrorrists.

  3. SW does not need or want your protection.
    Keep that energy to fight the hunger which will visit you when we finally leave.
    If you doubt me, organise a referendum. Without constitutional court of course.

    • Epée Dipanda Avec ton nomn Sawa.
      Tu es surement du SW ,mais tu es faible de caractere.
      Aucun de mes amis du SW ne veut s’associer aux terrorrists du NW.
      De qui a tu peur dans un forum anonym?
      Pourquoi ne défends tu pas ta région contre ces vandals du NW qui sement la terreur chez toi?
      Qu’as tu en commun avec un resortissant de Bamenda qui a des ancetres Nigérians? L’ Anglais? Tes ancetres sont Sawa!
      Tu es lâche? Hihihi…
      En tout cas vous les Douala là sont connus pour votre lâcheté
      Arrete de te ridiculiser et regarde la realité en face.
      Il n’y aura jamais un etat appelé ‘Ambazonia ‘.
      Le NW et le SW ne peuvent pas cohabiter.

      Va à Limbe,observe et écoute les autochtones!

  4. Stop spewing your bs here.the NW has never been lrcs property,so you can’t sell it off.the northern and southern region are all part of Ambazonia,and lrc can’t do a thing about that.

    You keep on referring to people from the SW as not being a part of the struggle,do you think they are that stupid not to know the two headed snake they are talking to?leave our people alone please.

    When your so called learned professor went on air spewing garbage on how Ambalander are of low IQ and their appointments to post of responsibility is only a favor from the grand master,you didn’t relate the Doualas to the Southwesterners.it is only when it is inevitable that the countries are bound to separate that all of a sudden you have fallen in love with Limbe.be ready to apply for a visa next time.



    Betis calling for the NW to be sold to Nigeria have inadvertently accepted that the so-called “one and indivisible” LRC is indeed TWO AND DIVISIBLE.

    Permit me to compare and contrast the reasons why BETIS love the SW and hate the NW.

    1. Ndian oil is in the SW
    2. SONARA is in the SW
    3. Stolen Bakweri land is in the SW. The Beti SDO, Zang III, STOLE Bakweri land and distributed to Betis. That is the reason beneficiaries of the stolen Bakweri land, such as @Bikutsi, always boast on this forum that she has a house in VICTORIA ( Limbe = Beti name)

    Betis do not like the NW because:

    1. ZERO Ndian oil
    2. Northwesterners are very brave people. Hon Wirba is living proof
    4. the Betis can NEVER EVER grab land in the NW

    • Lol!
      So you mean I’m right when I say that the NW has nothing to contribute to the Nation!

      There is a brand New fonctioning stadium in Limbe. By a ticket, fly home, do some jogging in the stadium, run to the sea a swimm!
      Eat some fresch seafood and relax!
      What are you doing in Germany for so long?
      Aren’t you tired?
      You can stay in my place in Limbe for free!

  6. The National Interest(TNI)

    Life is going on in the rest of the country and this is the most important.


    You cannot sell part of a country which is “one and indivisible”.
    It is there a myth and imbecile nonsense to claim that LRC is “one and indivisible”.
    BTW, the so-called NW region does not exist. The Northern zone and southern zone of SC exist. .

    Believe me or not, all stolen Bakweri land will be recovered from all BETIS without compensation. As a son of the soil, I will, therefore, advise the Betis not to invest in the stolen land because the land will be recovered and returned to the rightful owners.


  8. Someone said some months ago that Bikutsi has ‘smelling Lass’ …and stupid me…I spent all my time defending her. Next time I will just mine my own business.


    **** BREAKING NEWS ****

    International Film Festival In Buea, Postponed Due to Insecurity

    “The lone Anglophone international film festival that was scheduled to take place this year between the 22-27 of April in Buea, has been pushed to the 20-25 April 2020. A press release from the Chief Executive Officer and founder of CAMIFF, Agbor Gilbert Ebot highlights that after due consultations with local administrative and security officials, virtual screening of movies would be impossible for participants. International movie promoters wouldn’t be able to attend due to their embassy’s caution on them to avoid visiting the crisis-hit regions”.

    **** MY TAKE ****

    1. The BIR cannot guarantee the security
    2. SC is now UNGOVERNABLE

  10. This is radio Buea titbit news and not national news, Xinhua.
    He is paying for his foolishness. How else should he and others learn to obey?

  11. who cares about ambasonia killed themmmmmmmmmm all international idiot

  12. Dixit cameroon-info.net :
    Cameroun – Video: Fotso Victor demande à ses «frères» de l’Ouest de ne pas chercher à devenir président de la République maintenant !

    • He is absolutely right. The country is under hostage by your equatorial etho-fascist cabal under the protection of France, which makes you and Bikutsi tools of France.

      • Ekiée! Meme toi @Brothajoe?….
        En tout cas, les masques tombent. Et C’est bien. Faut liberer les energies.

        J’aime particulierement là où ce sage de Fotso dit ” Quand on est une panthere et qu’on veut attraper une proie, il est difficile de traverser tous les Lions sur le chemin ” qque chose coe ca.
        Le vieux est tres sage…
        Le pouvoir ce n’est pas la course, et on ne l’obtient surtout pas par la violence.
        J’espere que les tontinards vont écouter.

        • Dear Bikutsi,

          I am wearing the same mask. But once you start exhibiting xenophobic tendencies against a certain region of our country, you have joined the ethno-fascist.

          Your recent interventions have been quite revealing of what you stand for…


    **** FOOD FOR THOUGHT ****

    «L’option de la guerre n’est pas la meilleure solution. Le Président parle d’entrepreneurs de guerre, mais nous constatons que les véritables entrepreneurs de guerre, c’est le régime de M. Biya et lui-même. On n’a jamais vu un Président de la République qui déclare la guerre contre son peuple»

  14. Thanks to Tita Nji, you are today a refugee in Sweden. Show some gratitude akwara smelling lass. You say you and the Southwest people are similar? Did you see Southwest people giving out their daughters to strangers with diseases just for a bottle of Manjunga? Have you seen them
    rushing to France? How long of those ancien Parigos are from SW? Have u seen SW people singing one and indivisible as they slaughter women and children? May the curse of Kuva Likenye, Chief Tambe and the Obasinjongs, the Juju curses of Ngolobolo and Kokaka strike you into pieces.

  15. Reply to Bikutsi

  16. Brothajoe,

    go and listen to Mota’s interview on YT…..Kamto boys have brains. They would soon be saying I am toupouri, or whatever, as if I care.
    Kamto has dribbled them, the real brains Kamto has prepared to take over are surfacing, Kamto knew that they will get him, but he has prepared all scenarios, from A-Z. They would have to arrest the whole party. Days of folding arms and eating CMR’s money without sweating is coming to an end soon. Etoudi is in great panic, that’s why more and more faces are going to be unveiled in all horizons. They sent Momo, ignored. They are now sending Fotso, what a waste of time. Anglophobia, Bamiphobia…Etoudi has work to do. Baba gave Etoudi that power, they must give it too, give a damn to whom they will give it, but not the same bandits. Simple…

  17. @Mabanda boy right on point that soyakutsi writing like some deranged woman seriously, she said NW has nothing in mineral resources , let me educate her Northern zone potential since doesn’t know Nothing bout Cameroon, Donga Mantung has one of the highest iron ore reserve which if hanness properly can make us the richest new country in Africa apart from that area contains enormous sarphire and gold deposit and other mineral discover in same area Misaje sud division in 2011 Nkambe. Even the despotic thief biya name one of their children minister secretary of mine, industry technology development know by its French acronym MINDAT His Name Fuh Calistus , why they deployed thousands of rapist army was in mayo Binka to protect the 600 millions tons of iron ore that’s midat own figure check

  18. camerounaiscamerounaise

    to all my elders on this forum, with all due respect , do you even realize how much people are suffering back home,what did you gain out of those 2 years of conflict? which nation will you build over the corpses of the future generations,blood was never used as a fertilizer for crops to grow , violence never solved any issue , throughout history we have so many examples , we are all our brothers keepers , so many of us on this forum live abroad,but never sent a pack of water to their villages,if we want change to happen ,we should build and strive for change ,not destroy for it. our generation will overcome all the division you elders created out of tribalism, hunger and selfishness.

  19. @camerounaiscamerounaise
    Keep preaching to extremists.
    we have all been where you are at right now.
    But who know. all the best with your gospel.

  20. ZamZam,
    First time you wrote something that made sense:):)
    Now, you understand why the NW/SW had to defend themselves.
    We are just like Algerians, we protect are territory.

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