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Government recruits 1,000 kindergarten and elementary school teachers

APAnews | The Cameroonian minister of civil service Joseph LE, launched September 20 the recruitment by competition of 1,000 nursery and primary school teachers under the Labor Code on behalf of the Ministry of Basic Education for the 2018 budget year.

Written tests are scheduled for December 1 at the unique center in Yaoundé. Eligible applicants must be at least 17 and 40 years old at most by January 2018 (born between 1 January 1978 and 1 January 2001), and hold the Certificate of Teacher of Nursery and Primary Education (Capiemp) issued by a national training establishment.

Applications will be deposited in exchange of a receipt at the Ministry of Civil Service or at the regional civil service delegations until November 23. Are required, among other documents, a certified copy of the Capiemp diploma, a diploma presentation certificate, a criminal record, a medical certificate, a payment receipt of CFA15,000, two photos in 4X4 format, and a stamped envelope at CFA500 FCFA.

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  1. Why do they have to pay money to apply ?Why dont they do regional tests especialy for candidates of regions with the majority of parents not knowing either official language ? Kindergarten parents obviously need to converse and connect with their chids teachers and the basis of mathematics should be taught in their local language and style (traditional games of the area at break time ) first and formost .. Insisting all candidates spend a fortune geting to the capital city could make the ministry loose opertunities to choose the best out there.

  2. Any teacher within Cameroon should take a look at = Ron Eglash redifine school

  3. Will the likes of brenda biya also compile, pay and write to be recruited?
    Those who will make, what guaranttee, that they will be paid upon graduation
    as the past has been with other teachers who wait for only intergration for years?

  4. How many kindergarten kids are in school in Cameroon today?
    How many kids are in each region? How many teachers are needed per region?
    How come regional delegates of education are not given a criteria for kindergarten teachers so they can hire based on regional need?
    Why are the applicants required to spend $30 just to apply for the job?
    Why must the applicants be less than 40yrs old? Why not 60yrs?
    What is the age of Biya? Mukete? Niat? Yang? Tchiroma? Esso? Fame? Etc All are above 65yrs old!
    Why is it so hard to understand that a more efficient system of government is one where the locals based on need are better able to find solutions within the national guidelines to their problems.
    Can a person in Marseille go to Paris to apply to become a teacher in Bordeaux? Wanda’s!

  5. Massa John Dinga.
    Look at the type of job which you were suppose to be doing in the motherland but you are here in the USA consuming food stamps and pouring your frustration all over social media .

  6. what happends to the 2017 recruitment?please let the cameroon government not exergere people spend money to be employed:i think this recruitment is to provock the trained and not employed teachers:a toat will know the diference of water only when it shall jump into hot water


    Candidates are expected to present a ” criminal record” aka Certificate on Non-conviction.


    The Ministers of Terr. Admin and Communication are both ex-convicts i.e. they are not entitled to certificates on non-conviction.

    Why in God’s name should the same Government demand certificates of non-convictions from ordinary citizens????

  8. When I read such advertisements of recruitments of individuals through written examinations, then I wonder why the government has teacher‘s training colleges and othe government sponsored trading schools. After training I suppose these people are to be intergrsted in the civil service