Gov’t criticised for reopening schools, airports [+video]

Al Jazeera | As Cameroon eases coronavirus restrictions, the government is accused of politicizing the pandemic.

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  1. They are just being confused, not politicing it. What politics, is in that country?
    People are dying, many don`t yet know anything about the disease up to now
    and the fallouts, have not reached the interlands, Biya is bold enough to
    contibute 600m frs, to an international org. Truly, the man is sick. And this is
    the kind of nonsense, that Francophone Africa, finds pride in. What a shame.

    • JOSHUA,,,,, it makes me laugh when i see diasporans finding fault in all decesion taken by government.according to them, if they were given the opportunity to govern they would do better. But how can people who remain salaried workers at the bottom of aryan society govern a country when they are incapable of escaping the servitude of salaried work?

      • @Bah i understand, your frustrations. But fact of the matter, is that
        if the old and long serving folks can give way and totally step back,
        those you see as complaining every gov`t move, will also try a hand
        and we will see, if they deserve any blames or can do better. Not
        having the chance or say, is enough reason, for the blame game and
        their going out to become slaves, something not of their total liking,
        you inclusive.

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