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Greater efforts urged to revamp central African economy: Cameroonian president

YAOUNDE, Nov. 22 Xinhua | Cameroonian president Paul Biya on Friday called for greater efforts to develop the economy of the Economic and Monetary Community of Central Africa (CEMAC).

“The volatility of prices of raw material continues to affect our economies, so we need to diversify more than ever before. Security challenges continue to have much pressure on our public finances,” Biya said in the capital Yaounde at the opening of the Extraordinary Summit of CEMAC Heads of State.

“Our common objective remains the acceleration of growth to respond to the legitimate needs of our population and particularly young people in terms of employment,” he added.

CEMAC growth rate stood at 1.8 percent in 2018, and inflation went above 3 percent, in spite of an uncertain world macroeconomic characterized by geopolitical and commercial tensions, Biya said.

“Our sub-region is resolute to continue its efforts to attain sustainable development and progress in spite of the obstacles it might encounter,” he said.

The summit is expected to “come up with a blueprint” that will “considerably” enhance regional integration and boost trade ties among member countries, according to CEMAC officials.

CEMAC is made up of Gabon, Cameroon, the Central African Republic, Chad, the Republic of the Congo, and Equatorial Guinea. With a total population of about 37 million, it was established to promote cooperation and exchange among its members.

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  1. Loin of the Desert

    Rep of Congo = 5.2m
    Equatorial Guinea = 1.2m
    Gabon = 2.0m
    Central African Republic=4.6m

    Total 51.9 M as of 2017.
    Do some google search to get figures….

    stop copying and paste old report..

  2. The most corrupt bloc in the whole world run by dictators backed by France! Comes as no surprise!

  3. `I would rather die a free man, than living as a puppet or a slave`. If they could
    bring all their troupes together and confront mighty France like one man, Africa,
    will be free. But some like the old Biya Paul, will never agree, to this.

  4. It is worth mentioning that during the summit the trousers of the dictator SHAMELESSLY dropped.
    It is evident that the weight of much urine in the diapers caused the trousers to drop.
    The gods are SURELY angry with dictator Biya for the abomination he is committing to the peaceful people of SC.
    Believe me or not, Dictator Biya ain’t seen nothing yet. “Das Schlimmste kommt noch”

    Accredited pressmen for the event luckily for the dictator were not given access into the section of the building. Memory cards of cameramen present were immediately confiscated to ensure images don’t filter out. State-owned CRTV which was relaying live images of the event also ensured the ’embarrassing scene’ was omitted in its broadcast.

  5. What is Chantal Biya doing on that stage? Is she a president of a CEMAC country?

    • Good question!!!!
      For a more meaningful answer, go to Youtube and read and reread what the erudite and insightful Professor Franklin Nyamsi has to say about a woman who, like Grace Mugabe of Zimbabwe or Emelda Marcos of the Philippines, is patiently waiting to take over power.

    • Biya can’t stand on his feet and walk up and down stairs without support anymore. Chantal is there as a walking stick and importantly she makes him look young and strong. It is a very odd picture indeed and she looks as bizarre as on every other occasion with that mass of high-flowing wig.

    • Chantal was there to help put on the trousers whenever they drop. Dictator Biya is now a living corpse.

  6. At least Imelda Marcos and Grace Mugabe were educated, Chantal was a beer parlor attendant and live-in girlfriend of Churchill Neba (a taxi owner/driver) with whom she had twins. In order to marry Chantal, Biya ordered the police to assassinate Churchill. The twins are currently group up and reside in Switzerland. Brenda was talking to them when she complained that “papa est fatigue”.

  7. With all the shame that is in seeing Biya the way he is now, can the CPDM
    not think it is too late and abominable to continue parading him as Head
    of state? Very surprising that the PM, calls him papa and he just accepts it –
    `papa don send me`. What a shamefull act.

  8. At times l am speechless to see that some of us are not able to google certain things to get information that are close to trruth. CEMAC has a population of 52,4 millions inhabitants and not 37 millions as reported here. If something as simple as that can not be correctly given, what authenticity can the writer gives his report. Google has actually proven itself to be correct in 95%.

  9. What is the woman doing there?..Is she the next leader after Biya..
    What is the old despot on Diapers doing to cameroonians?..
    Why is he not resting?..
    Why is this curse to cameroon still in power?..
    This man is the worse man leader in africa..
    He is a curse to cameroon..
    Old, disconnected, have no plan and just not eligible for anything..

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