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Gunmen abduct six children from Cameroon school: teacher

News24 | Gunmen have abducted six children from a school in Bamenda, the capital of the northwestern, English-speaking Northwest region of Cameroon, a teacher there told AFP.

“People attacked the high school yesterday (Friday) at 11:00,” a teacher in Bamenda told AFP. “Six pupils have been abducted.” The information was confirmed by a source close to the security services in Bamenda.

Local media reports said one of the six had managed to escape, but that information has not yet been independently confirmed.

Cameroon’s two anglophone regions in the west of Cameroon are the site of an armed separatist uprising, where the separatists have called for a boycott of the schools. They argue the French-language education system penalises English-speaking students.

Already, since the start of the new term in September, insurgents have killed one school director, mutilated a teacher and attacked several high schools.

The results of the country’s presidential election, which took place on October 7, are still to be announced, but the incumbent, Paul Biya, ran for a seventh term in office.

Biya, 75, has refused to enter into dialogue with the separatists and at the beginning of the year launched a military crackdown in the regions.

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  1. Biya have been declared the winner of its elections, the army is on defensive mode weed smokers can till boast time will tell…

  2. Biya, is not 75 years old please. Even at 75, he didn`t know how to run a country.
    Thus, his best and only good means, was to use the dumb military.
    He is not justified, in any measure. Only a shortsighted individual, can stand behind
    him at this time. He is a total failure and not even his brute force, can solve any
    issues at this point. Thus, he should accept resigning, giving that he could be
    treated like his friend Mugabe.
    There is no schooling in Ambaland now, cause we are in a war time, declared by
    dictator Biya.

  3. Ambazonians will say it was the Army who abducted them.

  4. What nonsense report is this?