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Gunmen chop off fingers, ears of Cameroonian plantation workers

Devdiscourse | A group of unidentified gunmen attacked at least six workers of the SBM plantation in Tiko, South West region of Cameroon.

The workers were attacked by the gunmen in the plantation as they took time to chop off their fingers as well as ears before sending them away. The injured workers are presently receiving treatment at a medical facility in Tiko as security officers open investigations to track down the perpetrators of the act, as reported by Journal du Cameroun.

This is not the first time plantation workers in Tiko are suffering such attacks from gunmen in the locality. Close to two dozens of workers have had their fingers chopped off in previous attacks in the area.

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    The handiwork of the FAKE Amba boys created and sponsored by ex-convict Atanga Nji


    LRC has become extremely desperate.
    Dictator Biya vowed to NEUTRALISE Amba boys.
    However, Amba boys have NEUTRALIZED Brigadier General Buba and countless other LRC Terrorists.
    The so-called Commission on disarmament has been snubbed by Genuine Amba boys.
    However, ex-convict Atanga Nji has “disarmed” his FAKE Amba boys and FAKE Boko Haram fighters in order to deceive the international community and BEG for money.
    Insult me or not, there is ZERO, I repeat ZERO military solution to the Anglophone Question.
    Any person, therefore, daydreaming that LRC terrorists will defeat the “secessionists” and restore the title of ISLAND OF PEACE will surely have a rude awakening.
    The Anglophone Question will be resolved this time around whether Dictator Biya wants it or not.


  3. English-speaking Cameroonians, whether mentally sick or not, must pause and ask themselves why hospitals in different towns and villages, so far and separated from each other, have become the targets of ARSON. Was this the outcome of some planning meeting? If so, where and when?
    Everybody may suddenly have become insane at home in Cameroon. But there is still a sane world out there!
    Wounded soldiers are languishing in their pains and agony, unable to get the surgery they need. Dead soldiers have been abandoned in mortuaries in Budapest and elsewhere as they rot away, unrecognized and inhibited. That is the new leadership to die for.

  4. It is war time declared by the old tyrant. Everyone, has called on him to stop it,
    but the hate in him and the pride in grabbing what belongs to all, stop him from
    Glad this is not the first time this is happening in that same Tiko and their SBM.
    How long, does it take to accept, that it is a war? Did the tyrant at Etoudi not
    declare it on national TV?
    We are told and warned at the same time, that a stubborn fly, follows the
    corpse to its grave. Do they or anyone else, deserve any sympathy for being
    dull and stupid? Simple obedience, is the weapon. They, should lick their wounds
    and stay quiet. Anyone disobeying, should be treated same.
    Simple logic, also means that they blame Mr. Biya, for not running the country
    the way that is good for everyone, especially those in Tiko.

    • Joshua, you are a complete idiot and moron, I hate the old despot in Etoudi, but he never declared war on Anglophones on National TV.
      If you have a link where he declared war on Anglophones, please share the link. The war declaration is just a false narrative being propagated by ambafools.

  5. Angle bami on anglo Bami crime nothing New under the sky. We warned you now you have to deal with your own brothers showing you how civilized and sophisticated your Anglo Saxon culture cum heritage is enjoy

  6. You caught off their fingers yet these are the same people you want to rejoice when you “gain independence”. Are these the same people you told us you were protecting from rape and pillage?
    Are these the same people whom you address as your brother and sisters in your silly edicts on social media?
    These have to be the same people whose “rights” you’re “fighting” for right?
    These will be the same people who will work in those same plantations when you get your “independence” right?

    You frauds, it has always been about blood lust, you are no better than the one you call you enemy. You’re worst than him because you do this to your “own” ( like you keep telling us).
    Your savagery on display, ISIS in black face. Subhumans you all are.

  7. Anyone who did not see the Old despot declare war on Amba must go through CRTV arvhives. The lunatic said it at the airport, he had just returned from a foreign trip. It doesn’t justify cutting people’s limbs off.
    I suspect Atanga boys not Amba boys on this one.

    • Epee Dipanda, you are a complete idiot and moron, I hate the old despot in Etoudi, but he never declared war on Anglophones on National TV.
      If you have a link where he declared war on Anglophones, please share the link. The war declaration is just a false narrative being propagated by ambafools.

      • Living in denial is part of the game, isn’t it? Just like denying that there was ever a government, parliament, House of Chiefs as institutions of governance in pre-unification West Cameroon, just as the very recent denial of the existence of an “Anglophone Problem”.
        Denial of the war President Paul Boys declared on November 30, 2017 at the Nsimalen airport upon his return from one of his numerous “needs sejours” has become one way to earn daily bread and sardines. Understandable.

        • @JD. The honesty that once elevated you on this forum has gone. I don’t blame you, old age and dementia do that to people. I’m nevertheless going to help your memory. Biya declared war on secessionists, those that use violence to impose their will. Now, it should be clear to you by now that not all Anglophones are secessionists. The vast majority wants to stay in the union. The vast majority of Anglophones is being dragged to this war against their own will and those that resist are being mutilated as per this article.

        • Hihihi @James,
          Idiots get old too…
          Just because someone is old doesn’t mean he/she is wise.

    • “It doesn’t justify cutting people’s limbs off.”, hahahaha, Epée…you would soon be buying me cartons of Guinness for more visions.

      Alex Mbianda, Etchu and Anu are comparing their stolen money on social media. Blood money is the cause of the fall of Amba—this is exactly how CHINEKE rewards DEVILS…

      • Tickle yourself and laugh Zam-Zam, the union with larepublique is over.
        Amba boys must be more creative, fingers cut off will remain even after our independence, a sore reminder.
        They must however be taught that our struggle is sacred

    • General Kunde
      People smoke different things to run away from their misery. What we know is your fear, the fear of losing your free meal from Ambazonia. The jury though is still out in what you smoke.
      If you think the majority of Anglophones want to continue the disaster of larepublique why does your champion larepublique not agree to an all Anglophone referendum?
      Even an Anglophone meeting by cardinal Tumi frightens them

  8. The incompetence of a Black Equatorial African President appointed by France to promote apartheid and recolonization of black Africans in the 21st Century. The end result a Somalia and Libya created by design to impose francophonization on black African using other blacks considered house slaves.
    If Southern Cameroons is not Francophonized then it must be libyalized!
    The tribal militia so far;
    Burnt 300 villages,
    20 Hospitals burnt,
    killed 20,000 Anglophones,
    130,000 children no school,
    550,000 Anglophones displaced,
    120,000 refugees in Nigeria,
    10,000 jailed in French Cameroon.
    These are the results of war declared by an Equatorial African on other Africans supported by France.
    English in Courtrooms and classrooms was the initial request in 2016
    GENOCIDE ongoing!

  9. Congratulations, John Dinga, Separatist aka.., Lum, Epee Dipanda, and all the other cheer leaders.

    Keep up the good work.

    I predicted this issue will soon evolve into a intra-anglophone conflict. Slowly but surely, that`s where we are heading.

    • This is just a small taste of what could happen if this ‘Ambazonia ‘ illusion become a reality..
      The people of the SW can’t stand those from the NW.
      Most of the rapits, bandits, killers etc…causing terror on the population are from the NW or Nigeria. People from the SW are more moderate and resonable.
      If there should be a referendum, the NW will choose to leave or join Nigeria, the SW people will choose to stay unite with Cameroon.
      I personaly would not mind if Cameroon can sell the NW region to Nigeria. Very aggressiv and strange people!

      • True @Bikutsi, those people are all bad to the core, from Foncha to the
        unborn. See the game Atanga Nji is playing.

        • Can we then erect monuments in memory of Ntumazah (1 Kamerun) in all towns in CMR? Hahaha, tribe blaming doesn’t balance the equation, at all—used 2 think that 2 tho.

          When the Oyibos fathered us we complained, we are now given the golden opportunity 2 fly on our own, we even complain the more.

          We are ALL fighting each other from within in Africa: CAR, CMR, NGR, Mali, Gabon, Congos, ZIM…tribe cannot be the culprit, NEVER. Or at least, sell such tittle-tattle 2 kiddies.

          The culprit, if u want 2 know. Is US, African MALES. The LAST of all MALES on this planet, but yet the most boisterous and ego-fullest. Canneries 2 are boisterous and 20X ego-fuller, but at least their chirps are very pleasant to the ear at times. But not the excruciating noise of the African MALE.

        • —Canaries—

          Visit all the continents in this world and see the marvels that other MALES are conjuring. Yet, we are unable to fashion even the spoke of a bicycle. Not to talk of a bend sikin. And the irony is that we’re aware that we all participate in the manufacturing process of bend sikins, worldwide, directly or indirectly. Why can’t we then manufacture ours? Of course, if we if we so do, the next door neighbour is going buy it, dress himself up in a well starched and ironed akwada. And instead of sitting back and enjoy our own kind enjoying our own creation, we’ll say, NO. I’ll rather cease manufacturing than relax, seat back and watch my own bro enjoy my, our, own creation.

          That’s we, AFRICAN MALES.

        • Wish Michail Timofejewitsch Kalaschnikow were still alive, to see how AFRICAN MALES are craving to use his invention to auto-flagellate themselves.

          Anyway, the Mme Wallas of AFRICAN have LONG given some of us hopes. That the authentic MAMA AFRICAs have not yet uttered their last word. They would most certainly unknot OUR ties— and thus free US from our SHACKLES…

  10. There an easy way to solve this crisis:
    1. Create a republic of Graffi people in the NW province
    2. Build a BIG wall around the whole province
    3. Provide them with enough tramadol and Odeshi
    4. Repatriate all Graffi people from all over the world to the NW province
    5. Allowed them to behead each other and destroy every thing in NWP
    6.This Graffi people are not human, they should never be allow to live with humans.
    Cameroon will be a better place.

  11. What language is that?

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