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Gunmen want $10,000 for Cameroon opposition leader’s agents

The Citizen | Gunmen who kidnapped the younger brother and two employees of Cameroon’s main opposition party leader are demanding a ransom of FCFA 6million ($10,290).

They are also demanding five guns in exchange for the three men, Ni John Fru Ndi, the chairman of the leading Social Democratic Front (SDF) party has disclosed.

Mr Fru Ndi told the media on Monday the abductors are members of an armed separatist group pushing for the independence of Cameroon’s English speaking regions and the creation of a new state called Ambazonia.

“They have said if I don’t give them FCFA 6 million ($10,290) with five guns, I shall never see my brother again. I have told them that if I don’t see my brother again, they themselves shall not see the light of day,” the Cameroon opposition leader explained.

He said they accuse him of sending the army after them.

“My cows were stolen a couple of weeks ago and as my junior brother and two other people were looking for these cows, some misguided Ambazonia fighters abducted them. The fighters are accusing me that I sent the Rapid Intervention Battalion (BIR) of the army after them,” Fru Ndi told Canal 2 English television. He denied sending the army after the separatist fighters.

Kidnappings for ransom have become common amid the growing unrest between separatist groups and government troops in the English speaking Northwest and Southwest regions of Cameroon.

Last month, the separatists abducted a former government minister, Ngafesson Emmanuel Bantar. Local media reported that the family of the former secretary of state in the Ministry of Justice in charge of prison administration paid a ransom of FCFA 10 million ($17,150) to secure his release two weeks after his abduction.

Violence erupted in the Cameroon’s two English speaking regions when an industrial strike by aggrieved lawyers and teachers in 2016 over perceived marginalization turned into a clamour by armed separatists for outright independence of the region.

Ambazonia, as the separatists identify the region, was administered as part of Nigeria as a UN trust territory under British control prior to reunification.

In November last year, the International Crisis Group (ICG) reported that the fighting had already killed between 450 to 500 civilians, 185 members of the security forces and hundreds of armed separatists.

ICG estimated that around 10 armed separatist groups had gained control of “large rural areas and a number of main roads” in the two English speaking regions.

By Ndi Eugene Ndi

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  1. Terrorrists! Real terrorrists!
    And some idiots will come here and support this nonsens.
    Cameroon is and remain ONE and INDIVISIBLE.
    You want to destroy that, we destroy you! Period.

    • Listen go and question Atanga Ngi. This is a tactics by Cameroon government in Yaounde to make cash and to turn the public against Amba fighters. Open your eyes or stay blind. If you dont understand the way Cameroon operates then sorry.

    • @Bikutsi

      Smelling lass ashawo. Shut your smelling lads mouth Bulu woman genocidaire criminal. Your friend Atanga Paul Nji needs to work hard on his approach to set up kidnapping and paint Amba fighters kidnappers. After all it is happening in the NW you wanted to cut off and give to Nigeria for free so what’s your Bulu Gbeti business in it Akpara smelling mass woman? Ambaland will be a reality in your whore lifetime smelly lass hoe. We will stop at nothing to push you all Beti/Bulu thieves out of Ambazonia. Go and tell etoudi we will never yield. Smelling dirty lass bitch.

      • Tu me confond toujours à ta mamman @l’ennemi?

        Life most be very hard for you…
        You are born a poor girl and will die a poor woman ….
        “We will do this…we will do that…” on the internet?
        They are burning down your hole Communites back home and you are on the internet calling a lady names!!
        Franchement…toujours à gauche quoi…

        • @Bikutsi

          Rotting smelly lass ashawo! The Bulu bitch call me a poor girl. Lol. I am an Ambazonia foot soldier with man kanas to confront the thief of Etoudi smelly lass whore like u worship for sardine. With your smelly lass sardine brain. I will confront you until your Beti/Bulu cousins evacuate Ambazonia. The filthy smelly lass thief says we are born poor? Is that a crime? Wasn’t the Etoudi thief who married a smelly lass whore like u born the son of a catechist? Are catechists rich in Mvomeka? In the end all is vanity and what matters is the legacy we all leave behind. While Ambaboys will be celebrated for confronting a brutal dictator, your akpara smelly lass legacy and support for a genocide will be pissed upon while that of Paul Biya is a legacy of a genocidaire. Dirty lass thief !

        • Why are you barking like a mad dog?

          Va te faire
          operer des couilles!
          Un vrai homme ne gesticule pas de la sorte devant une femme.
          Petite fillette de ton état.
          Tu seras sous la botte des Bulus toute ta vie.
          Misérable pauvre chien.

        • Bikutsi

          Smelly dirty lass lass ASHAWO apkara. A lady doesn’t take pride in a genocide talking of celebrating the burning down of poor people’s home, killing of grandmothers, babies and setting their corpses on accelerants to burn like meat. You think u know my pain? My mother, uncle, sister and cousin was burnt down by your tribal army. Till the end of time, u smelly dirty lass will never be a lady. You are as evil witch as dirty and smelly as Chantal Biya. Interahamwe Hutu genocidal cultists. Take ZamZam advise and attack and make sure you keep it coming. Smelly dirty lass ashawo. I will not stop until the whole world knows that you and your entire Bulu clan and ZamZam’s Beti clan are extreme genocidaires hiding behind presidential power. With your Smelly dirty rotting tumbu lass.

    • What happened to letting the NW join Nigeria? See why you and your type are called low IQ??

      • How come you high IQ individuals are the last on the human chain in this planet?
        Continue to sponsor terrorism, continue to kidnapp your own and watch what happens.
        High IQ indeed!

        • So you think….
          Keep watching this space. It’s only a matter of time. Southern Cameroons is gone and your thieving gang of useless baboons can’t do anything about it.

  2. Amba boys have now discovered that it is better for them to make cash than waste their time fighting a senseless war.

    The sad thing is that even those who sent them out can no longer call them to reason.
    Biya is out there enjoying with his family while some of us can no longer go home.

    All those still dreaming that Amba boys are there sacrificing their lives for them while they hide in the West should shine their eyes…

  3. our strategic mistake was to have fallen in the trap of multipartism set on our path by the opponents.the objective was to hold us on the same spot.
    we should have refused it and go directly for economic transformation before anything eles.


    FAKE Amba boys created by ex-convict Atanga think that they can sabotage our legitimate struggle.


    1.The momentum remains UNSTOPPABLE
    2. The war remains UNWINNABLE
    3.The US and EU will continue to tighten the noose on Dictator Biya
    4. The weapons of Amba boys will continue to be upgraded
    5. There will be ZERO disarmament in SC
    6. The commission on disarmament is EXCLUSIVELY for LRC terrorists
    7.The Anglophone Question will be resolved this time around come rain come shine
    8. Boko Haram has intensified her attacks on LRC
    9. ZERO elections in SC
    10. Zero so-called 20th May celebration in SC

    That Biya is headed for a tragic political and historical downfall can now only be denied by his apologists and Spin doctors who resist the truth and deny reality.

    • @Anglophone, there is no legitimate struggle to begin with. This so called Amba separatist fighters are not fighting for anyone but themselves. It is funny how Amba sympathizers/apologist like yourself always come out and attack Atanga Nji each time your boys go out there and commit heinous crimes. It is about time to call a terrorist group like Amba fighters terrorist!For you to constantly come out and make excuses for them is not helping the situation.


        The greatest terrorist is Dictator Biya

        **** FOOD FOR THOUGHT ****

        «L’option de la guerre n’est pas la meilleure solution. Le Président parle d’entrepreneurs de guerre, mais nous constatons que les véritables entrepreneurs de guerre, c’est le régime de M. Biya et lui-même. On n’a jamais vu un Président de la République qui déclare la guerre contre son peuple»


        “@ANGLOPHONE.Wow! people can write boy!I could fill blood rushing all over my body after reading your well thought out and brilliantly articulated comment.Indeed word mean things and the way u use words can win minds and soul.ANGLOPHONE u earn my vote for this up coming senatorial election.I wish your comment was at the very top so everyone could have the privilege i mean the PRIVILEGE to take a close look at it.ANGLOPHONE i’m mad at u.Y did u save this great master piece for last? Next time if u have something like this make sure is at the top ok!” (@ Makelele32, 2013)

  5. Extended results of neglect and corruption of the international organs put in place,
    to curb such madness. If Gutteres etc refused the trophies when they came visiting and
    put pressure on Biya, things would not have gone out of control today. World leaders
    have become job seekers idling around for money etc and the world seems not to get it.

  6. Ambasonia is a terrorist organization, therefore they should be irradiated all .

    Nyamfuka nyamfuka bushmen peoples

    • L’imbécilité est un facteur très néfaste pour une certaine catégorie d’individus. The lack of concept in analysis which lead an individual to stupidity, clearly outlines this type of individual here. BamendaBoy or let me say, fake boy. Tapue Boy, Epesse Boy, Kapo Boy and any other adjectif suitable for someone like you. You are a coward who knows nothing about FREEDOM. Moreover, t’es un sacré attardé embarqué dans la merde de BIYA PAUL le criminel de masse, assassin, violeu. Tu es complice de ses actes. Ne t’en fais pas. Je suis ici pour traquer des tocards to ton genre.

  7. The good example always comes from above(la hierarchie).. And so, at the outset, “la hierarchie” took bags of money to Boko Haram kidnappers and paid to rescue the very first hostages – foreign nationals mostly and the wife of the Vice Prime Minister.

    Should “la hierarchie ” not continue the good work and rescue also JFN’s brother? If it is good for the coffee, it ought to be good for cacao, nicht???

    • @Pa John, I have to confess that when reading this article, I was hoping that the abducted brother is you.

  8. When a government refuses to allow indigenous people to elect their leaders but appoint tribal operatives to rule over peoples they consider dogs you get a very disjointed system.
    The people don’t trust the appointed officials and the officials are just there for the money.
    Every week in Anglophone Cameroon the army randomly arrest civilians in Buea, Kumba, Muyuka, Bamenda etc and demand ransom of $300 for their release. Innocent civilians intimidated then extorted.
    Imagine if only 500 civilians are arrested every weekend in Anglophone Cameroon at $300 a piece ransom the army collects $150,000.
    There is a profitable war in Anglophone Cameroon and they army collects the most ransom from innocent civilians for themselves.
    Who is fooling who? War means chaos!
    Very Low IQ

    • Elections have never builded any country in the world.

      • Builded?

        Are you under any obligation tackling what is so manifestly beyond your capacity? Your entire time and energy go into condemning what you consider a foreign language, yet you hang tenaciously to mangling and using it!

        • JOHN DINGA,,, is that a counter argument or an expression of frustration? The Japanese have succeeded building global companies like fujitsu, kawasaki, Sony, and Toyota with Japanese language. How many companies have we put in place after renouncing our language, allowing others to control our thinking?

      • @Bah
        You are very good at false equivalency!
        Elections alone can’t but Men with a brain, intelligence, hard work, vision, desire to succeed, creativity Etc.
        Greedy lazy men , without vision, corrupt, no principle, no ethics will build nothing.
        Case and point current day Dubai and Ruwanda vis a vis Cameroon.
        Dubai and Ruwanda in the last 20yrs are developing not because of elections but hard work, vision and discipline.
        Cameroon is in stagnation after 7 elections in the last 40yrs just to prove your point.
        Laziness, inertia, lack of vision, no desire to grow, no desire to succeed, only instinct left is to destroy.
        USA has elections
        China has elections
        Japan has elections
        Germany has elections
        India has elections
        Do you have a better system?
        These are the best economies?

        • AVEH LUM,,,,if elections alone can not enable us to construct a solid economy,what then is the essense of its existences?mental subordination,alienation or ignorance?
          do we need a president to be hard working,with a clear strategic vision and descipline necessary to take us to the desired destination?to my knowledge mvondo biya does not hold us from toiling the soil 18 hours a day.so china is now a democrazy not dictatorship?those who control japan are industrialist.voting there is an execise of futility i was told by a japanese collaborator.so america with a national dept of trillions is an example?india is a perfect example of how chaotic a country becomes by adhering naively to alienating ideoplogies like democrazy,a trap.
          we can invent our model from our tradition to suite our reality.

  9. @JD make sure you know the subject matter before you criticize, old fool! Builded is still used as a past tense of build, although not common.

  10. Pa, has done alot for that country. Please give him a benefit of the doubt.
    Not his fault, that we are where we are, please.

  11. It is Pa’s fault as well.
    He must understand that his decisions are one of the reasons why this struggle is happening so late in the day.

  12. now you are resorting to crime against ambazonians.
    Keep it up.
    you will self exterminate.

    • Des vrais barbares ces gens.

      • Tout comme toi, le mangeur diabolique de l’ami de l’homme. Le chien.

        Tu vas creuver comme un raton laveur. Amba OYE

        • Pourquoi vous aimez toujours aboyer comme des chiens enragés?
          Le Cameroun est et demeure UN et INDIVISIBLE.
          Vous n’êtes pas contents, vous liberez l’espace.

      • Votre bananeraie est foutue, pourrie, tordue et fracassée. LONG LIVE AMBAZONIA. celui qi se plaint ici, c’est toi. T’es l èrochain à creuver comme un rat. Bande de voleurs. ZERO UNION.

        • Tes mamans sont en foret depuis 3 ans, abandonnées à elles memes coe des annimaux, tout ce que tu trouve à faire C’est d’aboyer sur internet!
          Va les liberer…
          Bande de láches!
          Tous vos villages sont rasés, vous etes sur internet et aboyez sur internet!

      • LA RIPOUBLIQUE thief our ressources, buy weapons with the money then come and kill us with the weapons from the money of our ressources weh dem thiefam. La Ripoublique Voleur. Assassin. Bandit. BEtIS BULUS Voleurs. Assassins. Mangeurs de chien. Traitre.NoBoDy Can Accept THAT. NO ONE

      • Bigutsi

        Bandits, voleurs betis bulus nullards.

        Get out of Amba Land. You are invaders.

      • Bikutsi

        tout come les ulus, violeurs, mangeurs de chien, assassins et faussaires, De vrai jouisseurs.

  13. @Zam Zam you said it all. The are still few loud and obnoxious Cameroonians who still believe in this illusion called Ambazonia. Most of them are in Maryland spending most of their time in Achu and Soya houses.

    • Sure and they are winning. It’s funny to see how only a few can change the destiny of a nation.


      Long live Achu house and soys house.

  14. @General Kunde

    brother u re right about the statement you just mentioned: “Most of them are in Maryland spending most of their time in Achu and Soya houses.”

    type of jobs they are doing :

    1)home health aide

    2) uber driver

    3) DG “music”

    4) dba ” data administration” certification

    5) nursing job

    6) security job

    7) 419 scammer

  15. @Wandy Marc

    hahahahhahahahahah ” they are winning” , you are soooooooooooooo dull

    • Oh, mais ils sont les vainqueurs et vous, les perdants.

    • bamenda boy s a loser and shall always be a loser

    • Long live Ambazonia.

      We are winning our battle for FREEDOM

    • bamendayBoy

      You are so intelligent. Your words depict how intelligent someone trembling can be. intelligence is a gift of GOD and only the actions determine the intelligence of a person. How can an intelligent person answer to a very dull person ? On dit souvent que la folie des grandeurs entraine une hérésie incontrolable de tout azoupep qui se croit. Sinceèrement. tu me fit bien plus pitié comme un comédien de dernière minute à la cHEMICAL Ali et Joseph Goebbels. To be candid, i pity you, who spends time chocking over my words which hit you people down and hard.

      La capacité d’ue personne détermine sa connaissance de l’esprit de LIBERT. AMBAZONIA shall be free que tu le veuilles ou pas. C’est l’histoire qui est en marche. if you have brain, then dare some explicité. Kengué.

  16. We are here because some idiots have arrogated to themselves, the position of, gate keepers of identity.

    Many so-called anglophones, pride themselves in the perceived superiority of their education. We can see it reflected in their commentary. It would be funny, if it wasn`t so tragic. Many of these people are not fit to operate a “mbu house”, let alone govern a country.

    • U n who? Kunyam

      • Besides spewing invectives, what else can you do?

        The incompetence of your lot is glaring for all to see. I wouldn’t trust you to look after a toddler, let alone a country.

  17. @LimbeKid in his ahead whom do you propose?
    Larepublicans? Biya? We see how well that has served us.
    Consider for a moment a citizen being forced to beg for his passport.
    Let that sink in… these people think the Land of our fathers belongs to them.
    We must correct the fallacy. Freedom or death .
    Amba for life

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