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England vs Cameroon: Fifa unable to confirm Phil Neville’s ‘fighting’ claim at Women’s World Cup tie

The Independent | Fifa has been unable to verify Phil Neville’s claim that ‘fighting’ broke out at England’s ill-tempered Women’s World Cup tie, but confirmed there were “verbal exchanges” between Cameroon fans and stewards.

World football’s governing body said that a group of Cameroon fans switching seats at the Stade du Hainaut led to stewards moving other ticket holders to the stadium’s hospitality area.

However, in a statement released on Sunday night, a Fifa spokesperson added they had received no details regarding any physical confrontations in Valenciennes.

“The post-match debrief highlighted that a number of Cameroon fans had moved to the seats behind the team benches during the match in order to create a ‘fan block’,” the statement read.

“This required management by stadium stewards who, in the interests of all spectators, moved other ticket holders into hospitality seating. Although there was some verbal exchange between Cameroon supporters and stewards, there has been no report of any physical confrontation.”

England progressed to the quarter-finals of the Women’s World Cup with a 3-0 victory on Sunday, but only after Cameroon’s anger at two VAR referrals had threatened to boil over.

A decision to allow Ellen White’s goal on the stroke of half time led to protests from the Cameroon players, who delayed the restart of play in order to argue their case.

There was further fury at the start of the second half when Ajara Nchout saw a goal correctly ruled out for a marginal offside.

Neville heavily criticised Cameroon’s conduct in his post-match interviews, describing himself as “completely and utterly ashamed of the opposition”.

The England head coach then claimed to have witnessed ‘fighting’ in the Stade du Hainaut’s VIP area, as well as at the hotel which the two teams shared in Valenciennes.

“We’ve seen Cameroon people fighting in the VIP area. We’ve seen Cameroon people fighting in our hotel,” he said. “I’d say to the Cameroon people: ‘Get your ship in order’.”

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  2. In fair play, just as referees pass judgement over players, match officials also pass judgement on referees. Was this this case? If not, why?

    Would it be far fetched to surmise that Cameroon’s corrupt leadership has so reduced the reputation of the country that every Tom, Dick and Harry feels no qualms at all dumping the worst on Cameroon?

  3. This match review is odd. Spitting, elbowing and stomping not even mentioned and constant complaining and screaming at the ref. Instead, it’s presented (thinly veiled) as racism? Boss Djeumfa is a disgrace who should be fired immediately. Ruining the good Cameroon name making bullies and thugs out of players.

  4. Hahahahahaha nice to see those beti bulu girls coming back.come back let’s finish the fight.Amba shall be free.

  5. England did not need a free pass, they clearly played better.

    This biased article fails to highlight that in the end, all of the VAR decisions were proved to be correct.

    What about the dirty tackles, elbowing, stamping, spitting by the Cameroon players?

  6. The referring was fair and just. We can’t be biased here. Cameroon played poorly. They lost the game with their poor play. If you are a true football fan you will agree that the referring decisions were correct. The girls got emotional and lost focus. It’s understandable since they were not able to see the replays during the game but their attitude made us look bad. Anyway kudos to their world cup run. Next time around i’m sure they’ll go even further

  7. The primitive and aggressive Beti girls SURELY dragged the name of their country to the mud.

    The world can now understand why the primitive and aggressive BETI president of LRC could send his primitive and aggressive Beti militia to SC to perpetrate genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity

    • „L’attitude des joueuses camerounaises est qualifiée d’antisportive et déshonorante pour le football africain. Ce match a donné une très mauvaise image, non seulement du football féminin africain, mais du foot africain en général. C’est un problème qui doit être traité au plus haut niveau par les instances Elle a annoncé dans la foulée, l’ouverture d’une enquête qui pourrait aboutir sur une lourde sanction contre les camerounaises.
      Par ailleurs, la Fifa pourrait aussi infliger de lourdes sanctions disciplinaires aux Lionnes indomptables lors de l’homologation de cette rencontre décisive qui s’est soldée par la victoire controversée de l’Angleterre sur le score de trois buts à zéro.”

  8. Grow up, the VAR decisions were correct but take a stupidly long time. The actions of the Cameroon players was a disgrace, but I note here there are a few rational people visible in these comments. Crying racial discrimination because a football match doesn’t go their way is also disgusting, and detracts from real issues of discrimination. As for describing us as privileged and helped by poor decisions is preposterous.

  9. Sour grape! This is the terrible arrogant attitude Ambazonians have been putting up with for 57 years. Idiots think it is ok to spit on other humans and go unpunished. Italy was cheated at the Korea japan 2002 world cup more than any other team in world football but they never disgraced their country like these idiots whose terrorists cousins are burning down Amabazonia and killing women and children for 2 years counting now. The monkey gorillas are so used to cheating their way through life that they think they can also get away with this nonsense of spitting and playing rough. The male apes are in Egypt sleeping in a hotel lobby because their corrupt government cannot pay its hotel bills in time, SONARA insurance was embezzled, Camarico is in tartars, etc. smelly Beti bulu corruption

  10. Trying to build up a carrier in football, by spitting, pushing the referee takes these players and their coach NOWHERE. Eto_fis bowed down his head. Await fifa’ decision but first has fecafoot nothing to be worried about.?.

    • Sir/Miss,
      If you must criticized the Cameroonian girls, do so equitably. England scored a clean goal when one player was offside. She had nothing to with scoring the goal. The girl who scored was on side, so the goal was allowed to stand. The scenario repeated itself. This time it was a Cameroonian who scored. The goal was disallowed. VAR does not know skin color. A Nigeria defender tried clearing the ball, missed it and accidentally kicked a dutch player. Penalty awarded. Nganamout is hacked inside the 18 and she lays there. No foal, no penalty. Let FIFA go to hell! Soccer is the least of our problems. Who needs Samuel Eto!

      • Thank u, Nsahlah

      • @Nsalah if you know soccer rules you should know that the player that was offside was interfering with play as she was standing in front of the goal keeper thus blocking her vision. The first goal should have never been an indirect free kick as the pass was not intentional. Trust me if this was the other way round, Cameroon would have never been given an indirect free kick and the English second goal would have been ruled as off side.

  11. Its not true..
    The Refree was not biased..
    She did not take most of the decisions alone..When the goal was scored, the video Assistent told her it was offside….
    LRC loves blame game. Always want to look for people for their failures…
    The team is not good enough..
    England was far better in ball control, tactic and just very good…

  12. Referee was not bias,the team was a total disgrace, the worst behave sports adults in the entire football competition,their coach had no control over their poor mentality,attitudes,frowning,pushing, spitting, crying,they show no remorse hurting others unlawfully,Coach was instigating trouble near pitch live kids football game, hugging grown women like kids to calm them down, french Cameroonian lack of education on good manners/citizenship to their citizens and SPORTSMANSHIP was displayed!,they have been brought up primitively with lack of respect, unfriendliness,arrogance,unkind,fighting and quelling to make a point, good riddance to low class brains just like the regime, shame the Johnson lady who was the only comport player,plays with wild animals

    • To all those who are insulting those girls from cameroon are all none skulls.

      I don’t support LRC.pls keep politics apart.
      The VAR was a German..Germans are racists.

      Read people talking of spitting and elbowing…Those a tactics in football..You have to be aggrasive to put your oponent in fears.

      Okay spitting? Was it an intentional act?
      Give a break.
      Africans are illtreated everywhere in Europe and America.

      To all those fools in here insulting African teams should think of what they are going throungh in their daily lives in Europe by it france,Germamy,Belgium ect.

      What happend btw Nigeria vs france?

      None sense VAR.

      Gimme a break

      • You are so biased you cannot see the truth. Your team lost and behaved incredibly badly. Don’t defend that sort of behaviour.

        • Lindon Johnson

          we understand they behaved bad but they are some accusations that I see completely false.was the spitting incident really intensional?was the elbowing at the fourth minute really intensional?NO.i thing Cameroon should be blamed for too much complaining and delaying play not because of the above mentioned incident.i’m not cameroonian but I watched every action of the game

      • Bolle.
        These terrorrists writing nonsens here are not Cameroonians.
        They are Citizens of the virtual Republic of Ambazonia.

        • @Bikutsi

          You come on here again with that ur big smelly rotting lass calling who terrorists criminal corrupt whore? You idiots are so used to cheating, arrogance and manipulation so much that you expect the world to kowtow to ur insecurities bc the criminal common wealth and francophonie is still backing ur genocide in Ambazonia. Are u still surprised ur rotting country is in absolute decay? Sonara insurance, stolen, Camairco management finance, embezzled, Douala – Yaounde 200 km road, taking 7 years and not half way gone, Yaounde Nsimalen motorway 6 years and no result, a political problem that started with teachers n lawyers has turn in to a war seeing the old dictator sneaking into Switzerland to defend Cocoa interest n beg for a ceasefire. U monkeys are always a disgrace. Rotting lass

        • @L’enemie,

          have you contributed your own share to the contender force?

          How lucky are those guys raising those funds!

          Weeerké! Why me too ah no bin join da Amba eh!

          Man dey here di suffer for go work for no nathing, wey njorr yarri dey for upside…

      • [email protected] in boxing and wrestling irs useful in calling spitting and elbowing sportive tactics,however your wasting time on looser undignified tactics instead of concentrating on winning movements with the ball .technical team should be sacked.

  13. Sports is a leissure and distraction, not the most important thing, to focus on in Cameroon
    at this time. How many SC, were in that `one and indivisible` squard?

  14. I didn’t even watch the match, let me just cross my hands and read comments here.
    But, African teams should stop embarrassing the continent, non could progress to the round of 8 why.

    We lack so many rudiments that makes one a good player, we only learn how to kick and follow pattern in our major street, before recruited to the national team of all levels.

    No good football academy for the ladies in this part of the world where they can be taught basic principles of the sport football, poor female football league across the continent of africa, CAF on the other hand is not serious about female football too, imagine no CAF competition for female leagues. In fact everything is bad about female football in Africa.

    The kick and follow pattern, will not take us anywhere, that’s fact

  15. Only 3 prep matches as a team before the World Cup
    Coach lost control over the dressing room
    Aboudi as Captain is the most emotional and irrational of all players.
    Thailand Lost 13-0 to the USA but conducted themselves as professionals.
    This showing was poor really poor for the girls and the nation of Cameroon.
    Like Joel Matip I think Estelle Johnson just realized playing for Cameroon is not always something to be proud of.
    No excuses, no racism, this was very poor.
    Cameroon was the only team from Francophone Africa and we all know the results. Arrogance, incompetence, blame, conspiracies etc
    Nigeria lost, South Africa lost but they exited as professionals.
    The coach and worse the captain are not leaders!

  16. To all the Ambazonians terrorrists in this forum insulting and rejoicing over the lost of the game by the lionnes of Cameroon, let me remind you that this is foreign news to you!
    Your opinion doesn’t count!
    Ps: Bi Mvondo is in Europe. Go and catch him!

    • @Bikutsi the pungent smelly lass akpara ashawo, take u bad breadth and go stand in Mvomeka and shout terrorist. It won’t change the fact that your grandpa Dictator has sneaked into Switzerland to beg the same terrorist for a ceasefire. But you know what, it won’t change a thing because those fools in Switzerland do not control the fire power in Ambazonia. As a mater of fact, the bomb making technology has been perfected by all 13 counties in Ambaland waiting for a launch date. The firepower that will rain down on your terrorist BIR cousins this july will be unbearable. Take you rotting smelly lass and leave Ambazonia blood drinking terrorists, murderers of women and children. A cabal of monkeys so used to cheating, corruption and manipulation want to pretend to the world. Dirty smelly lass

      • Your point is?

        • that your lass d smell too much so get the fock off apkara genocidaire ashawo Bulu whore.

        • You mean you are a terrorist.

        • @Bikutsi

          Smelly dirty lass alpaca a shawl. Yes I am a terrorist according to Bulu-Beti standards and that’s why granPa genocidaire Biya is rushing to Switzerland to beg me as Atanga Nji and Ze Meka could not do anything. Smelly dirty bomb oh bulu genocidaire.

        • We don’t dialogue with terrorrists.

        • @Bikutsi.
          Why waste your precious time and energy arguing with these morons.
          Some of these fools are just lost and I feel for them.
          They are at a point where no need to have a dialogue with them.
          The only solution is for work brave soldiers to finish these waste called human, flush them deep under.
          No wonder they have been called anglos

  17. And who is he to call on Cameroon to “get their ship in order”? Is he The ugly looking deep eyed idiot I saw wearing a cricket vest along the pitch? He should tell his country to get their ship in order about brexit childish cries in parliament before turning to Cameroon. Gone are the colonial days!

    • Some people here are so blind or just too stupid to se or understand what is going on under such a game.
      It is all about Race, money and power.
      The yellow female monkey FIFA choose as a refery was not even worth to be spot on.
      All that conspiracies will end the day some African Negreos will understand how this world works.
      White people stand by their own no matter what…but some Black Negreos in this forum are the first putting down their own!

      Jezz! The lionnes are out there in the jungel fighting against the wolfs and you are asking them to behave like goats??? Really?

  18. Every setback in life provides an opportunity to learn something if only the mind is ready and willing.
    Attitudes like “we have no lessons to learn from you” or the broken record “l’ingerance dans les affaires internes du Cameroun” and other traits of entitlement do not help !!! Sports men and women must admit one fact – even the greatest fighters do receive some blows some of the time.

  19. Switzerland has arranged a SECRET mediation between SC and LRC
    The delegation of SC is led by Sako Ikome. That of LRC is led by Dictator Biya.
    Dictator Biya desperately needs a ceasefire since he has finally realised that his terrorist soldiers can NEVER EVER defeat the invincible Amba boys.
    However, Dictator Biya is meeting with the wrong Southern Cameroonians.
    Sako does NOT have the mandate to represent SC. Sako can therefore not ask Amba boys to surrender weapons. Sako and his gang are representing themselves and their quest for the marginal and ephemeral benefits from LRC. NOTHING MORE NOTHING LESS
    The meeting is also not INCLUSIVE.

  20. Cameroonians should stop blaming their failure in the game on the ref.there was nothing like racism or bias in that game.The VAR decisions were vindicated at all front.Ajara’s goal was clearly off side and the review was there for all to see..The rules are pretty clear.With dis attitude of Africans declining to accept defeat speaks ill for the continent and Cameroon in particular..The head coach didnt do better at all..instigating his players to put up such show of shame over there is disgusting.They should learn from their naive mistakes and build on from there for a better show piece in future competitions..overall the game was fair and just

    • So you really beleive in what you are saying!
      Sometimes I wonder if some of you really live in this white man’ s world or you are just affraid to se the truth.
      When they cast bananas on black players during big games,that means nothing to you guys right?
      You Africans need to stop turning the other cheek all the time. You will never get respect that way.
      Btw, why should Africans behave as white people anyway? You think they will respect you more if you walk, talk, eat and behave like them? They will not!

      • They respect blacks when it comes to blood sports like boxing because those are sports judges cannot overturn KO’s. Wn it is football, some colonialist will bring small outdated computers in the name of VAR and cheat Africans. I beg mek I enjoy my AFCON, no VAR, no supremacists

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