How Cameroonian Air, Nigerian Ground Troops Crushed ISWAP Terrorists in Lake Chad Read [+video]

PR Nigeria News | Sector 3 (Nigeria) of the Multinational Joint Task Force (MNJTF) has inflicted heavy casualty on Islamic State of West Africa terrorists in Fedondiya Village, around Tumbum Fulani, in the fringes of Lake Chad. The artillery interdiction which was supported by Sector 1 (Cameroon) took place this morning.

The Cameroonian Air Force provided surveillance and observation from their Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) platform, while troops of the Nigerian Army Artillery bombarded the terrorists. Battle damage assessment is ongoing, but impact of the interdiction observed by the ISR platform suggests that ISWAP has sustained substantial casualties and destruction of its infrastructure in Fedondiya.

This attack will be continuous and is consistent with the MNJTF’s application of both kinetic and non-kinetic strategy of hitting unyielding terrorists and at the same time offering soft landing to those who surrender and renounce terrorism. In a related development, the MNJTF has facilitated the return of a 19 year old man (name withheld), who was abducted by Boko Haram at the age of 9 and taken to Kerenoa and later on Chikun Gudu, both terrorist enclaves in the fringes of Lake Chad.

The man whose childhood was stolen by the terrorists said he made several attempts in the past to escape but was unsuccessful. It would be recalled that a few days ago, the MNJTF drew attention to the efforts of Boko Haram to mainstream child soldiers in its bid to revive its floundering insurgency in the Lake Chad Area. Colonel Timothy Antigha Chief of Military Public Information MNJTF N’Djamena – Chad

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    because an ideology can NEVER EVER be crushed. Terrorism is an ideology.

    Simply put, Boko Haram will continue terrorising LRC, Nigeria, Chad and Niger until a NEGOTIATED solution is found.
    FYI, te US and Afghan Governments are negotiating with the Taliban because they could not “crush” the Talibn.

    Of course, LRC will NEGOTIATE with SC because the former can NEVER EVER “crush” the latter.

    • Insanity really does take all forms. To know there’s a bunch of you out there is quite sobering…kikikikikikikikiki

      • Any Southern Cameroonian yearning for another FEDERATION with these GESTAPOS of LRC must be from another planet or someone who resist the truth and deny reality.

        This is so because LRC is tyrannical and evil. LRC is a country ruled by the most corrupt, dishonest, faithless, deceitful, arrogant and insensitive people on planet earth. Another FEDERATION with such people will NEVER EVER work.

        Believe me or not, only the TOTAL, COMPLETE and UNCONDITIONAL separation from LRC will shake off forever the fetters of French-sponsored enslavement and trammels.


      • A country ruled by deceit, deception and terror is likened to a house built on sand.
        It is common knowledge and a celebrated fact that a house built on sand cannot stand for long.

        Thank God, Dictator Biya’s UNWINNABLE, UNSTOPPABLE; UNCONTROLLABLE and financially UNSUSTAINABLE war will rescue the Anglophones from that sh*thole VIVRE-ENSEMBLE with LRC.


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