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Humanitarian crises looms as fleeing Cameroonians invade Taraba communities

Vanguard | No fewer than 4000 refugees from Southern Cameroon have invaded border communities in Kurmi and Ussa local government areas of Taraba state.

The refugees mostly women and Children fled their home country following escalation of hostilities between the Francophone and Anglophone communities, over agitation for the independence of Southern Cameroon. Vanguard who visited the two LGAs discovered host communities are groaning due to increasing numbers of refugees, thus paving way for a possible humanitarian crises in the area.

Speaking to Vanguard, one of the refugee, Polycarp Ande who fled from Furawa Sub-division into Fikyu village alleged that Cameroonian soldiers led the ethnic cleansing of their people.

According to him, hunger, elusive health care, lack of shelter and idleness were major challenges, which he noted has in turn had ripple effect on their host community, who are predominantly low scale farmers.

He explained that the villagers and churches has been feeding them, and expressed worry over their increasing numbers amidst meagre resources.

“Some of our brothers who went back to see how the situation was in our villages keep running back as the onslaught is still going on. ” As at last Saturday, over 15 of our people came into Kpambo-piri in Ussa and more people keep coming into Nigeria every week.

“Our children are the most affected because they can’t go to school and we want the government of Nigeria and the world to come to our aid.” Village head of Mubi-Toso, Yakubu Akama and his counterpart in Fikyu village, Ukwe Ezra in their seperate submission expressed concern over possible invasion of their terrain by the attackers.

The duo further appealed to the federal government for adequate security and provision of relief materials to salvage the plight of the refugees. refugees currently cooling off in Ussa and Kurmi local government area of Taraba state It’s overwhelming, we need help – Council Boss The Chairman of Ussa local government area, Rimamsikwe Hassan on his part lamented that the massive influx of Cameroonians into some communities in the council is overwhelming.

He said “the refugees have moved into Kpambo- piri, Jatau, Kanpiya and Fikyu village, with Fikyu having the least number of 250 refugees including children as at last count.

According to him, “when they (refugees) first moved in, the Red cross visited some of the villages to take statistics and promised to come back, but ever since they have not returned. “We have equally written to the National Refugees Commission but yet to get a reply from them.

“However, the state government through SEMA brought relief materials for the victims, but we also want the Federal government to come in and liaise with the Cameroonian authorities.” Related

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  1. How can we put an end to these crisis. It really hurts me.

  2. amba should put the gun down

    • Yeah and get walked all over by Biyas thugs. Fool

    • These civilians are escaping from the brutality of the Cameroon military. Amba boys are instead fighting to protect their villages from invasion by La Republique thugs. Civilians have no issues with Amba boys. They instead feel secured and protected with with the presence of Amba boys.

  3. Anybody who gets tired will drop down their arms.As for Amba,they are for self defense,so,they can’t be the ones to drop arms first.So long as LRC is attacking,Amba has no choice but to defend themselves.Wata na wata

    • Brown Sugar (Abuja)

      October 1st is just around the corner. Independence celebration will definitely send another message to the world about the new birth of SC.

      Happy in Independence in advance #AMBAZONIA.

  4. @Brown Sugar (Abuja) “Happy in Independence in advance #AMBAZONIA.”..Ha ha ha ha ..Thank you very much.UN Resolution 1608 gave independence to the people of SC.British Trusteeship on the territory of SC ended on the 30th of Sept 1961.And a sovereign state,LRC manipulated SCnians and started recolonizing them and became master’s of the SC’s territory.We have been robbed of our independence for 57 years.We want to cease it back.

  5. hahahahhahahah we are killing them ” terrorist”, in the locality of Zhoa, Wum in the North West Region of the country.

    amba kill one soldier ,and return we are killing 200 terrorists water na water go and protest kikikikikiki

  6. The National Interest (TNI)

    Vanguard is a terrorist media this kind of sh**t can’t be used if you want to enlighten visitors of this platform admin… there is no fight between Francophones and Anglophones in Cameroon.

  7. The tribal Yaoundé government doesn’t care about these refugees, they Yaoundé government is only interested in making sure the land of the refugees remains an overseas territory of France.
    This is their panafricanist propaganda, speak French, act French and we will treat you like first class Francophone Cameroonians.
    Speak English and we will kill you into Nigeria if you survive then stay in Nigeria as a refugee because Cameroon is France and if you are not like French people you do not belong on the land of your ancestors.
    Refugees from East Africa are given citizenship to stay in Cameroon because they are more French than the indigenous people Southern Cameroons.
    Who is fooling who?
    English in Courtrooms and classrooms was the request in 2016!
    Solution by government is war.

  8. Weeeh, mes enfants!
    La vengeance divine retombera sur vous tous lá qui avez permis cà.