Hundreds Desert Cameroon Village After Separatists Kill Village Chief?

YAOUNDE VOA | Hundreds of villagers have deserted a village in Cameroon’s English-speaking Southwest region after rebels attacked, killed their chief and torched his palace Friday evening. The fleeing civilians are asking for help in neighboring towns. The incident took place a day after another English-speaking chief was abducted. His whereabouts are still unknown.

Palm oil merchant Isaac Njoh, 52, says he fled from Liwu La-Malale in Cameroon’s English-speaking Southwest region after heavily armed rebels attacked the village and set the chief’s residence on fire. 
He says villagers were attending a meeting with their traditional ruler when heavily armed men attacked and started shooting in the air. He says the armed men set the palace buildings on fire, but the villagers were able to escape safely. He says many villagers who escaped to the neighboring town of Buea have nowhere to stay? 

Malomba Esembe, who represents the area in Cameroon’s National Assembly, says the rebels butchered Molinga Francis Nangoh, village chief of Liwu La-Malale.  

“This is another affront to the sacredness of human life, to the solemnity of traditional institutions and to the sorrow of a people who are still mourning their children who were wickedly slain in Kumba on October 24. I am disturbed by this news and hereby convey my deepest sympathy to the people of Liwu La-Malale. I condemn in the strongest terms this act of wickedness for one other life lost is one too many,” he said. 

Cameroon’s government has confirmed the killing and blamed separatist fighters. No one has claimed responsibility. 

Bernard Okalia Bilai, governor of the Southwest region called for calm and said the military has been deployed to secure the area and find the killers. He asked the fleeing civilians to return. 

In September, Cameroon territorial administration minister Paul Atanga Nji held a series of meetings and asked chiefs who fled separatist conflicts to return to their palaces. 

Atem Ebako, chief of the English-speaking southwestern village of Talangaye says the attack on a chief and the burning of his palace will scare traditional rulers from returning to their villages to participate in the December 6 regional election as requested by the government. 

“The minister made it abundantly clear to us that it would not be properly seen that the regional council elections that are coming for which the real actors are chiefs, that such an event is taking place and the chiefs are outside. That the government is going to put up a package to accompany the chiefs back to their palaces and we are still expecting that to happen,” he said.
Chiefs suspected of collaborating with the central government in Yaoundé to fight the rebels have been victims of attacks from suspected rebels since the conflict worsened in 2017. 

At least 11 village chiefs have been killed and 17 abducted and released since then. Hundreds escaped to safer localities and began returning to their palaces in September when the government assured them of their safety. 
Last month, some of the chiefs started creating armed militias for protection against separatists for the first time. 

The government asked militias created by chiefs to collaborate with government troops by informing the military of any strange movements or visitors in their villages, but separatist groups on social media promised to kill chiefs who create militias. The separatists said any chief who collaborates with the central government in Yaoundé will not find peace should they return home. 

On November 5, Sehm Mbinglo, traditional ruler of the Nso people who was returning to his palace after two years of absence was abducted. Catholic cardinal Tumi, who was accompanying Mbinglo, was also abducted but later released. Mbinglo’s whereabouts are unknown.  

The rebels?have been fighting to create an independent, English-speaking state in Cameroon’s western regions since 2017.   

At least 3,000 people have been killed and 550,000 displaced, according to the United Nations. 

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  1. All those chiefs are enablers and their only pay, is what has happened to the above.
    No sympathy for anyone of them. Chiefs, are not supposed to be against their own.
    This Chief Dr. Atem, is the one chief, who brought in Herackles company, to buy all
    the forest around his village, to the disadvantage of his people, generation upon
    generation. We need to chase some of them, in their hiding places in LRC.

  2. This is exactly what happens when descendants of cloned Saxon and Gaulists go mad. They destroy their own paradise, and when things go real rough they run away 2 their EU and USA cousins thinking they’r at bay. Until those same cousins of theirs remind them that they’re nothing but tanned cousins, only then do they go gaga as they start understanding that the umbilical cord was long cut, even b4 their births.

    And so goes their irate argument thereafter: “I told him the best way 2 chew kola nut was on the left side of the mouth, he insisted it was on the right side of the mouth; he never listens”. As if the stomach cares from which side kola nut was chewed. And they go 2 war 2 prove who is right or wrong on which side of the mouth kola nut should be chewed.

    What a bevvy of mad dogs!…

    • And you believe killing our people to enforce the francophone method of chewing kola not is much better?
      Our people have rejected you 1,000 times
      If they have to continue the war for freedom so be it.

      • @Epée Dipanda,

        this is a war of the foolish ! You kill your own people and you call it a war for freedom?

        Epée you even have an advantage, you can cross over to Akwa Ibom and feel at home. Some us don’t have that privilege of having 2 countries. I have only one, and it is indivisible.

        Both you Saxon and Gaulists cousins have proven your worth, and the people have spewed you out. And you know that. No amount of brutality is going to make folks believe in you again.

        The tap has been cut off, no more njoh wata…

  3. It is simply clear that Cameroon will remain two and divisible as long as the lrc government refuses to hold an all inclusive dialogue and as long as they believe that a military strategy is the best way to resolve this conflict. It is virtually impossible to police all schools in that region, cities, towns and villages. In assymetrical warfare, you have very limited ability to predict what is going to happen next and where. The regime in Yaounde has 100% blame for this problem, a regime of dimwitted individuals, one who came out recently to tell the people how they ordained by God to be their leaders, another telling a mourning population that they are hiding Amba fighters. Such senseless and incompetent buffoons running Cameroon will not lead the country anywhere, one or divided.

  4. Fru Ndi, was abducted and released. All his woes, including his lose to Biya in `92, are the
    blame of Ambaboys. Likewise, Cardinal Tumi, will think and say same. These men, are
    not special or different from others – Baby Martha of Muyuka, those in Biya`s mass graves,
    even those who have disappeared but their families still think they will see them someday
    etc. Why did they abduct the Cardinal and did not kill him????????????? He is equally more
    dangerous to his own people, like any other adversary. Hasn`t he, betrayed his own people
    enough for a common thing – favour, received from Biya?
    Southern Cameroonians – Ambazonians, it is time, to reason and to act outside of the box,
    that we have lived in for this too long a time and to suffer like idiots.

    • Shut up foolish thing Joshua.

      Sako Ikome’s pawn of dullness.

      Tribalistic Bigot. I don’t know how you ever came to associate yourself with Ambazonia Cpdm man.

      • Tribalistic short and bald head man!

        Pinyin/ bamboutous man = Ntongtuh…

        • Paddy Assanga aka Zana-Zam the tongtu sh&t face. You get lucky say your brother Adm d daso block my comment for your wowo face. Hungry man, tif cigar, empty foot corrupt man. I thank God for that man wey yi discover you. Poor thing. Money for bribe for national dialogue don finish? Hungry go kill you before Amba finish you. Tif thing.

  5. hahhaa amba killing it’s own or kidnap for ransom or behead women that’s what the revolution is all about. weeh amba na one chance. who send english man ??

  6. Paddy Assanga aka Zana-Zam the tongtu sh&t face. You get lucky say your brother Adm d daso block my comment for your wowo face. Hungry man, tif cigar, empty foot corrupt man. I thank God for that man wey yi discover you. Poor thing. Money for bribe for national dialogue don finish? Hungry go kill you before Amba.

  7. Thief’s and Murderers

  8. Call us Maiduguri, Akwa Ibom or whatever you want. It is clear that we have rejected and we will never stop fighting until we are free.

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