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Hundreds rush for Archbishop’s herbal COVID ‘cure’ in Cameroon

The Observer | Cameroonians have been flooding into the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Douala, where Archbishop Samuel Kleda claims he has found an herbal cure for COVID-19.

The popularity of the archbishop’s alleged cure has prompted some authorities to try to make the treatment more widely available, even though medical experts have urged extreme caution about its use.

Paul Nyaga, curate of St. Paul’s Parish of the Douala Archdiocese, said through a messaging application that since information circulated a week ago that Kleda could treat COVID-19, many have been rushing to his parish for help.

He said the parish had been overwhelmed by the number of people coming from Yaounde, Bafoussam and Douala with test results showing that they were COVID-19-positive and saying they did not have access to treatment. He said he told them to go to Catholic hospitals in the archdiocese, where they would be treated when there were additional supplies of the archbishop’s herbal remedy.

Among the hundreds asking for help was hairdresser Clementine Eya, 27, who also spoke via a messaging application from Douala.

She said she had no money to pay for the hospital treatment of her elder sister, who tested COVID-19-positive in Douala and wanted to see the archbishop because she had been told his treatment was efficient and free.

Several dozen treated

Kleda told state media CRTV on April 25 that he had treated several dozen people, including eight medical staff members, for conditions affecting their respiratory systems, just like the coronavirus does.

Kleda, speaking via a messaging application from Douala, said he could confirm that his 30 years of medicinal plant research experience, especially on herbal treatment, had enabled him to find a cure for COVID-19.

He said he was very happy because everyone who had taken the herbal remedy had been cured of COVID-19. He added that his goal as a servant of God was to help poor and suffering people, and that was why he gave away the cure, which he named Essential Oils, free of charge.

Last week, the Cameroonian government sent a team of researchers and doctors to determine the validity of Kleda’s claimed cure. Public Health minister Malachie Manaouda said the government’s support would be determined by the outcome of the investigation. He said if Kleda was proven to be right, the government would make it more widely available for COVID-19 patients.

The Cameroon Medical Council and the Cameroon Academy of Sciences have both called for research to determine the efficiency of Essential Oils.

Advice: Rely on hospitals

Dieudonne Kameni of the Cameroon Medical Council said that for now, COVID-19 patients should count only on treatment at authorized government hospitals.

He said by telephone from Douala that medical practice has rules, regulations and professional ethics that must be observed before drugs can be used in patients, but that the archbishop’s collection of herbs was still at a preclinical testing stage and could not be scientifically called a cure for COVID-19. He said he was asking patients to go to hospitals, which for now were the only sure places COVID-19 could be treated.

Kleda said he would continue administering the treatment to patients who sought help from him while waiting for scientists to complete their findings. Many patients have, however, complained of the difficulty of obtaining Essential Oils because of high demand.

Cameroon has been hit harder by the coronavirus than any other country in Central Africa. As of Saturday afternoon, the country had recorded 2,077 confirmed cases, with 64 deaths, according to Johns Hopkins University statistics.

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  1. Congratulations my Bishop.

  2. ` John Hopkins hospital`, hum. Where is this situated in Cameroon. Just
    asking, cause i know others, but not this one. Is it one name for all the
    Unis in Cameroon?
    Before Cameroonians / Archbishop Kleda know it, all his efforts, would be
    frustrated. I do remember, the efforts of Prof Anoma Ngu, with HIV – AID
    research. He died, and died with it.
    I followed the pidgin news debate of saturday May 2nd on Equinoxetv. It
    tells me, that the Arch Bishop, has a taugh fight ahead.
    Traditional docs, are not left out.
    The researchers / Docs sent by gov`t, will surely, make two copies of their
    report. One, will surely fly to the capital, for study and `some kind of action`.
    `Na Cameroun oooo`.

    • Colonialism, is really a very bad thing. Africa, should keep weeping, until the
      Nkrumas, Mandelas, come again.

  3. Is this not the clearest evidence that christianity make people ignorant definitively ? We are talking here about an infection that attack and destroy the cells that fight all deaseses withen our system. This means there must be a combination of different branches in bio medicine to isolate molecules from different medicinal plants, then combine and test against the virus in a laboratory.once there is evidence base on scientific rigor not charlatanism.Then the treatment can be validated.this catholic idiot who has wasted all his life praying to empty air while others do research jump from nowhere like a mad ? elephant in a corn farm claiming to have found treatment to a virus the best scientists with world class equipment cant solve. Where is rigorous practical scientific thinking?

  4. The fact majority of african doctors are Christian or Muslim means no scientific breakthrough will ever come from them. In oder to excel in science at the highest level, rational, logical and evidence base thinking must be used,nothing is accepted without clear evidence tested and verified by all.People who believe in something (god) without evidence can not think like that. This simply mean that there is going to be no African noble price winner in any scientific domain in the next ten years. Apart from those rewarded for betraying thier people with the noble price for peace like ndah ngreh Mandela the traitor and suddenly model of all aryans. We shall only participate in the advance of knowledge once we have money to train our scientist on a non dogmatic religious foundation.

    • Bah, what are you talking about? The Archbishop`s treatment, is currently treating
      some people. What else, do you want to see or hear? What do you understand, as
      science? Stop telling people that you would have accepted what the Archbishop has,
      only if he was white skinned and lived in Rome.
      There is no lab in Oku, but it is very famous, in traditional healings etc.

      • @Joshua,

        should that be considered as revelation that you’re going back to the square one we all know?

        Anyway, all man know wehti good for yi.

        Where that short man wey dem di call’am l’enemi-e?
        The man dan fall stock, all small capital wey yi bin get’am for inside yi small account for Etas, yi dan dash Sako finish.

        For mbut fine ehr! All kan-kan complications dem wey book men dem get’am for inside head, mbut man no get’am yi at all.

        Wind blow dis side, mbut man follow, wind blow da arda side oh, mbut man so-so follow.

        Na for time for sleep wey me ah di really envy mbut man, yi di sleep snore sotey spit di leak for yi one-side mop, and na so yi mind free, no calculation no di ever happen for inside…

    • I am saying the foolish bishop is an ignorant idiot with no knowledge of how science work.can he give us the name of the molecules in his treatment that succeeds in defeating the infection? If not, then his so call treatment does not deserve further discussion. We are talking here about science base on evidence that can be demonstrated through detailed explanation in oderly manner. We have allowed Christian dogma to elevate ignorance to the highest level in our society. Here is some one who does not understand what an infection is talking about treatment.

    • @ Bah et Al,

      The issue is not much related to Bishop Kleda being a clergy as it is to his scientific knowledge. It is noteworthy that Gregor Mendel hailed as the founder of modern genetics was a clergy as well. I personally haven’t read any document on his research to comment one way or the other on his findings and the current treatment he is propounding. I know that would be an extraordinary feat for him to accomplish at such short notice. Was he doing this research a long time ago?

      Which competent laboratory was he using and who are his closet collaborators on this project are credible questions. I also wonder where trials were carried out and the sponsorships or journal publications.
      In any case let’s see where this goes. I won’t fret about it.

      • DR ETCHU,,,, we know that he was doing no research apart from sterilising his brain and that of his ignorant followers everyday.there exist not a single scientific publication under his name. He is simply exploiting our laxity with Christian propagation of ignorance. If one of this fools is not executed to set an example that we shall not tolerate ignorance. This Christian and Islamic madness will continue humiliating us. Yesterday it was the Gambian president a Muslim idiot making unfounded claims. Someone who can only repeat arabic koran. How many arabic islamic countries excel in science? Apart from persia or iran that has few scientists who happen not to be Muslim’s, non.

    • @Bah acho, your generalization about Christianity and science is wrong. Dr Francis Collins whose team sequenced the human genome is a devout christian.
      You can be a christian or Muslim and still be a good scientist. its all about following the scientific theory with protocols, experimentation and documentation.

  5. “Last week, the Cameroonian government sent a team of researchers and doctors to determine the validity of Kleda’s claimed cure.”

    * MY TAKE *

    This same Government gave the Minister of scientific Research 7 Billion FCFA ” to produce chloroquine” after she claimed that her Ministry had the KNOW-HOW.
    The Government did not care to send a team of researchers and doctors to determine:

    1. if chloroquine was indeed a Cure for COVID-19
    2. the legal and financial consequences of breaching the patent protecting chloroquine. This patent gives the Inventors of chloroquine the right to stop other people making or using their invention.

    The so-called “one and indivisible” LRC is indeed ruled by a CPDM crime syndicate

    My motions of congratulation to Archbishop Kleda. More grease to his elbows

    • **** BREAKING NEWS ****

      A newspaper in Israel has confirmed the death of Dictator Biya.
      Israi Trains the presidential guards.
      How lond will the CPDM crime syndicate continue todeceive the citizens?????????

      • The way out for the crime syndicate on this bush man Biya`s death,
        is to just declare he has gone on a journey, then they put their Franck
        Biya on the throne.
        If we had credible newspapers in Cameroon, information, will not come
        from abroad or social media.

      • Simply put, you are an idiot

        • Dictator Biya was recently N-E-U-T-R-A-L-I-S-E-D by COVID-19.


  6. @Bah acho, your generalization about Christianity and science is wrong. Dr Francis Collins whose team sequenced the human genome is a devout christian.
    You can be a christian or Muslim and still be a good scientist. its all about following the scientific theory with protocols, experimentation and documentation.

    • BUEAPICKIN,,,,, you show me one single African noble price winner in any scientific domain? There is non, and prospects of having any in the near future are inexistent because nearly all of them are Christian or Muslim. They do not have the rational mind necessary to carry out logical investigations with application of rigor at all stages. Being belivers like the ordinary masses they hold the conviction like ordinary masses that there is a god in heaven responsible for our wellbeing why investigate to understand before finding solutions? It is mental retardnesd that leads to abyssal scientific and technolohical stagnation. Only getting rid of creationism will open us the path of rational thinking more compatible with scientific and technological progress

      • Dr Wangari Muta Maathai…but again do not equate noble prize or the lackthereof with innovations in science. look at the gender bias in the nominations for example, look at the number of women who have contributed to science but were never nominated. Rosalind Franklin’s work with X-ray crystallography was a huge key to James Watson and Francis Crick’s discovery of the structure of DNA. Both men won the noble price and she is not even mentioned in most texts books.

        • WANGARI MUTA,,,, did not win a noble prize in any scientific domain. She was rewarded for propagating aryan propaganda called climate change, a strategy carefully thought with the objective to prevent us from bringing down our forest for agriculture in which will enable us grow economically, industrialise catch up and surpass them. Do you see the trick? That is the rule reserved for us by aryans.let us not mention ndah NGREH Mandela.

neque. Aliquam justo id sit dictum elit. vel,