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Hysacam to now face competition in Yaoundé, for rubbish collection

Business in Cameroon | Cameroon’s hygiene company (Hysacam), which so far was the only one active in the rubbish collection market in the country’s big cities will now face competition in Yaoundé.

Indeed the city council of Yaoundé announced it has signed an agreement with the Urbbandna/Ambiafrica/Lipor consortium for waste collection in Yaoundé III, VI and VII, three municipalities of the capital.

The arrival of this competitor for Hysacam is instructed by the government which aims to open up the market and boost competition since the first operator (Hysacam) has issues to fulfil its agreement terms.

Let’s note that for months now, piles of wastes were strewn along roads in Yaoundé and other cities due to a downturn in Hysacam’s activities ; a consequence of several unpaid bills by the government.

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  1. Welcome back. competition. Good bye, monopoly in RDPC, Unity Palace, CRTV HYSACAM, Camair, etc.

  2. waste collection is a very lucreative business.in advance democratic italy,they kill each other for control kikikiki.
    just setting up an incineration plant,and a biogaz system enables a city to satisfy part of its energy needs.
    i see victims of aryan propaganda of climate change starting to complain.kikikiki

    • Bah Acho @ they also fine you around 150 euro if you dont place your paper packaging out once a week in a set two hour period when the paper truck comes ,if you dump it somewhere else with your address still on it ,you can get the fine .The italian lucrative tends to be illegal dumping …..The biogaz system of yauonde 8 years ago, owned and run i think by Hysacam was on the internet as a shining example of a great plant( with little representation in aryan developed countries) so Yauonde and Hysacam can congratulate itself on providing an impressive advanced system .I think the energy was used to sort out the cesspit stuff and that service is fairly priced in yauonde aswell .
      Is there a spokesman to answear why the company has not been paid ?

  3. So the government have decided to kill HYSACAM only because they have been requesting the payment of their services they owe them more than 8billions CFA and now they opted for a new company to collect waste will the latter be paid at time?

  4. They write:

    “Let’s note that for months now, piles of wastes were strewn along roads in Yaoundé and other cities due to a downturn in Hysacam’s activities; a consequence of several unpaid bills by the government.”

    So this new company is going to collect rubbish for free or who is going to pay the bills for their service?

    Nothing ever works in Cameroon. She is so dirty, she can’t bother to pay for her waste to be cleared.

  5. No need to complain about this biya / cpdm regime by anyone. We put them and allowed them
    to be there for this long. Now, we see that it is true that when the finger stays too long in the
    anus, it will surely touch faeces. Some one {prof} said anglos, are less intelligent. Others, have
    called us names etc. But the difference is clear.

  6. What about dirt collection in other towns?

  7. the only legacy biya has been trying to achieve for over 40 years as a politician, yet all the regions are stinking shithole, he has been overlooking the Yaounde slums from his palace for 37 years,arrogant regressive dirty pigs,dress in French tailored suits with peanut brains,Ambazonians must be free of these cave, beggars colonial victims who shame the African continent, holding the youths from development

  8. In the era of Decentralization, this is an ideal solution. It can only flop because Decentralization means one thing to the world ( local autonomy to raise and spend money) but something else to power-hungry bigots who give with the right hand but take back with the left.

    Decentralized communities generate revenue and pay for their own goods and services. Clearly this can only pose problems for those groomed to live and hang on the apron strings of a central government for bread and sardine.

  9. When tribal operatives in a hypercentralized government without any knowledge are put incharge of any area of governing.
    Only one garbage collection agency in a country of 24million.
    Government unable to pay it’s bills to the first company, then creates another company in other not to address the real problem of non payment and hypercentralized even of garbage collection.
    In civilized democracies local city councils and their elected mayors are in charge of garbage collection which is a much more efficient way of doing things.
    We are good at running to whitemans world to stay in clean hotels, use their well equipped hospitals etc
    Why can’t we copy how well they collect garbage in their cities!
    How come Rwanda can do it?
    Very Low IQ approach…. Incompetence everywhere!

  10. Competition is all well and good, but that doe not explain the whole problem.

    The issue starts with resource dependence. Gov`ts become complacent, and make no attempt to seek other forms of revenue collection.

    As the saying goes: no representation without taxation (or vice versa). People can`t complain because they don`t pay taxes. The solution is to broaden the tax base, by:

    – Councils investing in real estate and collecting tax alongside rent
    – Gov`t promoting formal sector employment, to the detriment of the informal sector
    – Employers encouraged to pay workers through banks, to ensure a paper trail
    – Hard choices to be made, such as a total ban on hawking and any other forms of ambulant trading

    In a nutshell, a total codification of oublic life.

    • Limbe kid @ you can tax any packaging that comes into the country or is made too that ends up being waste if it dosnt have a recollection programme ….Cameroon has a steller performance in the recollection of beer and coke bottles ,why not impose refundable glass water bottles aswell ? It would employ extra people, theres enough bars to organise this to happen..Paris spend 70 million a year on rubbish a stupid solution to incivil lazy citzens and companies who cant be bothered to sort their rubbish and packaging out

  11. We put them there and refuse to drive them out for incompetence or stealing etc.

  12. There we go again with dis dump*ass @limbe kid, so the solution to municipal solid waste or garbage, management should be to tax unemployed people living in the city ,so after reading the Economics of waste management and land cleanup ,the solution for u should be more taxation and less complaining from the people, also your ban of hawking u mentioned make no practical sense, for in most developing economy almost %70 of trading is done by hawking in street corner by small vendors walking around selling goods/ foodstuff and that’s a source of employment and economic activity, just like @phyrne mentioned recycling of beer bottles ,I will add plastic bottles/ bags as well , hazardous waste reuse, reclamation , reduced packaging from companies,paperless, more trash receptacle prevent littering

  13. [email protected], its beyond me that goverments allow plastic water bottles ,most countries only recycle 40% of them and a few billionaires builtna a fortune making them.In sunlight somechemicals in that plastic ends up contaminating .
    the water inside,dark ,glass will not do that..Tax plastic for all beverage uses big or small ,so using it is not the norm then instead people who would save money by not using it if glass is available ,can.As i said we already collect the beer bottles brilliently so we can stick our two fingers up to the world ,do a first and ban plastic water bottles use in the same way .Im sure hawkers will get super organised on collecting glass bottles too.Hawkers provide economic food ,everywhere, outside dwellings = less family arguements in overcrowded dwellings

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