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I will join Harvard University in January – Samuel Eto’ o

The Standard | Legendary African footballer, Cameroon’s all-time record goal-scorer and former Barcelona star Samuel Eto’o will join Harvard University in January 2020.

In an exclusive interview with Pan-African Magazine Jeune Afrique, Eto’o has enrolled to study Business Management in order to improve his business knowledge after a successful football career.

“I will resume studies in business management. In January, I will join Harvard University, who wanted to admit me in a specialised training. I’m going to live in Boston for almost a year. It won’t be easy, but it’s a nice challenge,” said Eto’o as seen by GameYetu.

The four-time African Player of the Year has already set up a betting company (Beto’o) and has faith that Harvard will help him learn methods of preventing the collapse of his business.

Eto’o boasts playing for the world’s finest clubs during his glittered career, with Real Madrid, Barcelona, Inter Milan and Chelsea being among those where he made a name for himself.

Eto’o scored 130 goals for Barcelona, winning La Liga three times and the UEFA Champions League title in 2006.

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He left Barcelona for Inter Milan in 2010 and won the treble under Jose Mourinho.

With his national side, the Indomitable Lions, Eto’o won Gold at the 2000 Olympics. He was also part of the squad that won the Africa Cup of Nations in 2000 and 2002.

He is still the leading all-time goalscorer in the AFCON with 18 goals and Cameroon’s third most-capped player. He has scored 58 goals in 118 appearances for his country.

He has played in six AFCON tournaments and four World Cups.

He announced his retirement from international football in 2014 and his retirement from all football on September 7, 2019.

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  1. Try “attending” Harvard University instead of “joining” it! Cameroon English may serve perfectly well in the Golden Triangle but outside of it,…

    • Kumkum Pass Garri

      John Dinga the king of big words and wrong grammar of the delusinal repu lic of ambazombies!

      The word “joining” was not used in the article!

      Tje statememt “I will join Harvard university in January”, is gramatically correct.

      • KumKum Pass Garri,

        You are right. The sentence is grammatically correct but when you look at it closely, it gives the impression of joining for a position in Harvard. Attending would still be a better word than joining.

  2. Education requires discipline and hard work. Going there with the ego mentality of a star might not help and so humility should be the norm to get the best out of this adventure.

  3. Well you can package it up any glittery way possible with letters after your name but the fact remains that making money out of betting ( by majority low income persons) …….stinks and it’s surprising he chooses to even mention he is involved in it ,let alone puts his name to it ……better to do a masters in logistics ,procurement or shipping management and bid for our port concessions .

  4. Harvard does not offer foot ball as a degree program so would Etoo specialize in women affairs or just buy his admission into Harvard and his STD (sexually transmitted Degree)

  5. The choir masters of Cameroon have run out of breath denouncing the purported refusal to send children back to school.

    Now is the time to look at how children serve the society with the type of education they acquire. A good starting point is to assess how big book Charles Ndongo is using his big title of DG-CRTV to solve the problem of not relaying the match between Rwanda and Cameroon. All that is being spewed out is CRTV-UAT recriminations which are going nowhere!!!

    • Kumkum Pass Garri

      John Dinga the grand father loser in the US, if you do not have money to sponsor your relatives in Cameroon you do not have to pretend that school is a bad thing for them.

      Any parent from the NW/SW who can afford to send their children to school out of the NW/SW has done that. Only the children of ery poor people from the NW/SW are out of school now. The children im Nkambe are going to school because the Nkambe people value education.

      Now is the time to look at how Pa John Dinga serves society after spending decades in the US working as a mere laboratory technician?

      Pa John serves society by using big words and wrong grammar to project himself as a smart person to fools.

  6. Go get yourself lessons on civilization and real democracy..Star my foot.See what Drogba is doing in Ivory Coast.What have you really done for Cameroon besides supporting dictator Paul Biya?

    • Kumkum Pass Garri

      Abuki are you a noise maker?

      What have you contributed to Cameroon that gives you the right to determine that a person like Eto who has built and equipped an extension of the Douala hospital?

      What have you contributed to your ownself Abuki?

      Why did you not work hard like Eto so that you can do something for Cameroon instead of complaining that Eto has not done as much as Drogba?

      Abuki where you born to be a loser who spends his time complaining about how successful hard working Cameroonia s spend their hard earned income instead of working hard like Eto?

      Abuki why cant you excel to be recognised globally as one of the best professionals in your field like Eto?

      Abuki you are a disgrace to your family, they will like you to help them like Eto helps hos family.

      • I am not a loser Mr sycophant.I expected Eto’o to reply my comment .Who are you?Are you his lawyer ? Why jump into something that does not comcern you?If you are.a loser better stay that way .I am a very successful man and I did not make money out of supporting wrong things or wrong people.Sycophancy will not make you rich.Tell your master Eto’o to reply my comment .I don’t know you.

        • @Rabbi
          Well, well, well. Before you waste away your energies on this particular dimwit, consider Paul Biya in his twilight years, the victim of such unchecked sycophancy. Take a look around. Mr. Sycophant has no original contribution of his own to make but feels entitled to comment on what others have to say. Take note that his knowledge of the tenses of the verb “to join” begins and ends with what appears in the above write-up. But of course we live in the cyberspace of free speech where dimwits are free to open their mouths and confirm their own stupidity rather than leave it to guesses.

    • Eto is looking for a way out of Cameroun. Once in the US with his family, his eyes will open more and he will never go back except to visit. He has enough cash to buy US citizenship. He lacks the expression and discipline needed to study academically, take exams and write dissertations.

      • You seems not to be very learned!

        1 – Whoever has money can go to Harvard, you can check for your review the numerous athletes who attended harvard

        2) Georges Weah (harvard educated asks his citizen to pray for the economy to bounce) is an example, you will get a degree or whatever, but that does not make you an educated or erudite person.

        3) Just google Harvard programs, and you will realize the amount nonsense programs they offers.

        As a conclusion everyone can go to Harvard and graduate as long as you can pay. It is only non-educated people who are still flabbergasted by the name Harvard….

  7. I am not quite sure Samuel Eto’o Fils knows the magnitude of the challenge that awaits him.

    Fact: He is a role model to thousands or millions of young people. To the extent that he worked hard and became a soccer star, that makes him a good model. To the extent that he supported and voted for Paul Biya, he was also a role model.

    But lending his personality to the gambling business is problematic! Gambling makes a few millionaires by impoverishing the masses. Does Samuel Eto’o Fils want to be associated with an Enterprise as addicting as drugs and alcohol, that will send children pilfering from parents and classmates just to buy lottery tickets or gamble away in casinos?

    • Kumkum Pass Garri

      John Dinga..You are associated with the kidnap, rape and beheadings of teachers and children in the NW and SW of Cameroon. You have no moral authority as long as you continue to prevent the poorest children from the NW and SW of Cameroon from going to school.

      • Kumkum, did you hear Mr Biya attesting he has attempted to assimilate NOSO but failed? These regions never colonized by France and are entitled to separate. Respect them. Our country’s border comes from Cameroun trust territory under France and not Kamerun.. Do not look for trouble.

  8. Sameul Eto’o Fils cannot read! Those who doubt should ask Otto Pfitser who was his coach while captain of the tamed lions. Eto’o Fils could not even send legible text messages in French to his manager Otto Pfitser so how does he intend to study at Harvard in English?

    Listen to this greedy corrupt moppet..”I will join Harvard University, who wanted to admit me in a specialized training..” No Sir Harvard doesn’t want particular people! You have to apply and if you are admitted you compete on a level playing field to convince the professors that you deserve to stay and complete your courses. They don’t equally waste time to put you where you belong if your incompetence turns out to trump your merit. The world is watching even though it is recommended you learn how to read first before this.

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