“Il n’y a pas de crise humanitaire au Cameroun” (Gouvernement)

APAnews | Le ministre camerounais en charge de l’Administration territoriale (Minat), Paul Atanga Nji, a démenti les informations faisant état d’une crise humanitaire au Cameroun particulièrement dans les régions anglophones où sévit une guerre séparatiste.

Paul Atanga Nji a fait cette déclaration samedi à Yaoundé à l’occasion de l’envoi par le président Paul Biya d’un convoi spécial de 100 camions transportant des vivres, des kits sanitaires et du matériel de couchage en faveur des déplacés internes desdites zones. Il a affirmé lors de cette visite qu’«il n’y a pas crise humanitaire au Cameroun». Avant d’ajouter que «la situation est parfaitement sous contrôle et les déplacés internes continuent de bénéficier de l’attention toute particulière du Président de la République.»

S’inscrivant en faux contre certains chiffres, qualifiés de fantaisistes, provenant d’organismes spécialisés et parlant d’environ 600.000 milles déplacés internes dans le Nord-Ouest et le Sud-Ouest, il a indiqué que le Cameroun à ce jour n’a que 152.000 déplacés internes dans les régions du Nord-Ouest et du Sud-Ouest, et environ 6000 à 9000 déplacés internes dans les autres régions du pays. À ces nécessiteux fuyant les exactions diverses, le gouvernement a attribué une enveloppe de 12,7 milliards FCFA.

Paul Atanga Nji s’est employé à dénoncer le rôle trouble de certains organismes humanitaires, estimant que «la gestion de l’action humanitaire dans les pays en crise est un business de gros mensonge et surtout un fonds de commerce». Il a ajouté que dans “les zones sous conflit, les forces de défense et de sécurité ont interpellé des véhicules censés transporter des blessés ou de l’aide, mais qui en réalité aidaient au déplacement des séparatistes activement recherchés ainsi que des armes et munitions.

«Confronté à ce trafic dangereux de certains partenaires ou de ceux qui travaillent pour le compte des groupes séparatistes, le gouvernement exige désormais plus de transparence et plus de responsabilité dans les opérations de leur part dans les régions du Nord-Ouest et du Sud-Ouest», a martelé le ministre en charge de l’Administration territoriale.

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  1. This graffi idiot, should be packed aside, like the Tilapia called Tchiroma.
    One should wonder aloud, why graffis, are always traitors.

    • The same way il n’y avait pas de crise Anglophone.
      We will never yield

    • You this tribalistic bigot with zero brains queuing behind thief Sako Ikome in Maryland and fighting for positions. You this dullard tribalists. Lazy bribe collecting thieves having meetings with Michel Buba sent by Biya, meetings with Mafani Mussonge and Elvis Ngole Ngole yet cooking up lies and praying to keep Ayuk Tabe Julius an honest man in prison. You hypocrites. I swear if I ever lay hands on your id, I will not only wait for you in Ambaland but I will come and hunt your big smelly hypocritical mouth in New York. Lazy thieves confusing between Maryland and Newyork fighting for positions with the dream of working for a con man calling himself president. Ambaland does not have a president. Southern thieves from the Nkonghos, through Sako, Anus and Joshua. Idiot.

    • Kumkum Pass Garri

      @ Joshua the wondering international idiot, keep wondering aloud all you want while the world moves on!

      Keep wondering aloud, why graffis are always traitors! Keep wondering in your stupidity and wretchedness!

      The population of people from the North West province (graffi people) is greater than the population of people from the South West province of Cameroon!

      So Joshua the wonderful international idiot should wonder why he chose to belong to a delusional country where the majority of the population are traitors!

  2. Joshua:

    I guess George Tabetando and Elvis Ngolle Ngolle are graffi people. They said that 37 years of Biya’s rule has done good things to the SW.

    Dion Ngute is graffi when he says Biya loves SW that’s why he was appointed PM. How many kilometers of road are tarred in Ndian–Mr. Ngute’s homeland?

    When asked why SONARA pays land taxes but to Douala, Peter Musonge said he will not glorify hate speech and that good things are happening in SW–like the Victoria seaport/Tiko Airport?

    Is Agbor Balla graffi? He said there is no genocide in Ambazonia and declared that he is for one and indivisible Cameroon.

    All SW CPDM Senators are traitors – they voted for the Special Status.

    We should be very careful when we make generalizations. Every locality has its own share of traitors.

    • GBAMMM. Thank you sir. I couldn’t have put it better.

      • @Ambaman / Achu Soup, i just started a write up or call it an analysis
        of who we are as SC and why we have to fail in our quest for liberation
        / freedom from lrc. And it has to start from the graffi, then i come to the
        Banyangi, then to the lazy Bakweris and then etc.
        Thank you very much, for continuing my essay topic. Good job boys.
        Don`t feel afraid or quilty, to not come out with truth on issues. I was
        very prepared and i welcome such boldness and realities from all and
        Look at the good reasons, why Ambazonia should be a reality, but how
        naivity and tribalism, is going a long way, to spoil everything and to put
        us back to below the level we had attained before 2016.
        Thank you guys for stepping in and let`s nail it on the head by calling
        it with the real names. Munas / Mbile etc

        • Look, at the good job that the activists, were doing from the start.
          Then tribalism recently creeps in. We beleived so much, in a guy
          like Akuru. You can imagin, where he stands today. Look, at the
          South African cabals, Ayaba Cho { who will never work with his
          fellow comrades, killing eceryone with big grammer for nothing},
          Eric Tataw / Sissiku Ebini, who are suffering banyangi tribalism, like
          it is someone, who told Ayuk Julius, to forget he was dealing with a
          superior player in a rough terrain etc etc.
          There is much my men, to talk about. Time, is of essence. Ambazonia,
          shall be a reality, only when we castigate all the enablers and evil
          souls. It starts, with the pointing of the finger.

        • @ Joshua
          I would strongly advise you to desist from using such offensive expression as “lazy Bakweris” Along with your privileged status, you need some compassion.

        • Kumkum Pass Garri

          Joshua the dumb failure and wonderful international terrorist wrote:

          “I just started a write up or call it an analysis of who we are as SC and why we have to fail in our quest for liberation / freedom from lrc. ”

          Joshua your write up should be on why you chose to be part of a delusional movement just to fail!

          Joshua is analyzing why they ambazombies have to fail in their delusional quest for liberation.

          Joshua, there is nothing to analyze! You failed because your quest was delusional! You can succeed in creating a delusional country in the minds of ignorant and dumb people but you will never succeed in separating the people of the NW and SW from the Republic of Cameroon.

          The Black Legs have risen to ensure that Cameroon remains one and indivisible for ever.

          You failure! Nyamfukah

        • Kumkum Pass Garri

          Joshua the Dumb one continues his analysis:

          Now the Dumb One claims Ambazombie will only be successful after they castigate all the graffi people as all graffi people are traitors!

          Wonderful international idiot! Now that Joshua the dumb one has started by pointing the finger at the graffis, he is very sure that ambazombie will be successful.

          All graffi people will be eliminated to ensure that the majority of ambazombie citizens are not traitors.

          According to the Dumb One, the people of the North West must be eliminated entirely by the people of the South West in order to create their delusional republic of ambazombies!

          The ambazombies are the most foolish people from the NW and SW of Cameroon.

        • Kumkum Pass Garri

          @Joshua the dumbest terrorist

          You certainly had no understanding of the demographics of the NW and SW before you started your terrorism of the people of the NW and SW.

          We are waiting for you in Cameroon. You said you will fight till the last man for your delusional country. Come and fight! Stop complaining about tribalism. When you were planning your comedy revolution of terror, did you not know that there is tribalism in Cameroon? Did you not know that the people of the NW are graffi people? Why are you so stupid?

          Your comments are proof that the ambazombies are the most foolish people from the NW/SW of Cameroon! You will not be rewarded for your stupidity!

          Shumbu terrorist idiot!

      • Joshua

        You are an enabler and a big one. U and ur gang of Con pastors are typical ethnocentric enablers and you will pay for this mess. Opening your ignorant mouth to compare the entire graffi people to individual coastal tribes is IGNORANCE of the highest order. Should I crack your gong gong head and put it inside that the Bali and Metta man share only borders and nothing in common? Or should I whip your hunchback to realize that the Nso man and Babessi man only share borders just like the Awing and Bamukumbit, or Kom and Kedjom man? You graffi haters will disappear in the end. We know your anger stems from the fact that one small graffi man Cho Ayaba has put an end to ur luxurious Swiss hotel trips and now his people must be made to suffer. You are joking with fire and it’s coming

        • Whatever anyone will say, truth is that the graffi man can not be trusted.
          Even to the level of the Cardinal. If they are not at the top or frontline, not touching the money, the good thing, is to totally spoil it.
          That is the problem we are facing and this is an everlasting problem.
          Ah, i have lived with them, and i know this, just like you. The only
          difference, is that you are afraid to tell it as it is, @ Anticilonialist / co.

        • Joshua

          I knew u were foolish but I didn’t know u were this dulll. Just like ur blood brother Ras Tuge, here u are displaying ur disdain for Graffi people thinking it is wisdom. Do u know u can be sued and jailed in that NY under the hate crime Act for abhorring such contempt? As stupid as u are u really think Cho Ayaba is refusing to engage with the Swiss bc he is not involved. Like really Joshua? Have u read the conditions he tabled to the UN, EU, US Congress and US Senate to participate in this mediation? Do u/ur stupid gang believe the Swiss will help you negotiate independence while tendering contracts to manage the Douala ports and juicy locations for their Cocoa business? What is wrong with wicked village black men like you? No doubt Ahidjo met no resistance in seizing Ndian Oil.

        • My brother I beg tell this idiot called @Josua.

          The villager who suddenly find himself in US through the bushes of Mexico has never given a Prisoner Ayuk Tabe Julius a break based on trump-up charges. What bother’s me the most is that the tribalist villager from the middle forest of Southern Zone exposed to civilization for the 1st time still believe they have authority over the Grassfileders because their ancestors used to sell them like slaves as they spew nothing but hate. Thanks to modernity a lot of the Southern brothers have woken up to correct their tirbalist errors. Joshua is not only dull but very wicked. They even say prayers for Ayuk Tabe to die in prison can you imagine? And you have fools like Fru Nsoh and Abdul Karim validating these Maryland thieves. Over our dead!

    • Kikikikiki….CHINEKE bin really deal witi Black man.

      Ifi yi bin depend on me, ah for dan gee Amba independence ever since, daso forsika sey ah know sey highest one week Amba dem go open wild ndohmoh among themselves, then beg for turn back for Laripoublik.

      Na the reason dat why ah no fit ever support secession—Graffi Vs Sawa can never be solved, never. E.g., some Graffi tief man just need for kill some Sawa man for Amba virtual Rep. or vice versa. Boom! Na cocoa cutlass go holam after…

  3. I strongly believe Ambazonia will be a reality for its GoD ordained struggle to free the oppressed people of west cameroon in dis GoD forsaken union with la republique only problem why’d has not happen sooner is because we the oppressed from within still havoc evil in our hearts against each other , with the same passion as our enemy la republique, especially with dis stupid tribalist tendency of NW/SW division brought by our oppressor to continue conquered us , even with the genocide committed too southern Cameroonian, as a people in a geographical region not different tribal affiliations some still find necessary to evoke the same nonsensical graffi division even though the same enemy will call biafra cause u origin from manyu , u are not Cameroonian enough, and the other tribes not sawa

    • Kumkum Pass Garri

      @Forever Young, the dumb self proclaimed ambazombie terrorist messenger of God.

      The Republic of Cameroon is a God ordained country!

      The delusional republic of ambazombie is a fake pastors ordained delusional country with no physical realm!

      The God ordained Republic of Cameroon with a GDP per capita of 1,533.7 ranks amongst the top 20 in Africa.

      The world bank does not keep statistics on non-existent, delusional and God forsaken countries.

      Forever Young the proud Camerooniand of the NW/SW are the chukuchuku in your Kanda. You kill, rape torture and behead people from the NW/SW everyday like Ma Ayafor Florence and you think that will earn support for your delusional course?

      You deprive children from eduction for 4 years and you think that makes you popular?
      You are an evil idiot!

  4. “Il n’y a pas de crise ANGKOPHONE au Cameroun” (Gouvernement)

    The so-called “one and indivisible” LRC is ruled by a crime syndicate headed by “Nyamoto Kpwatolo” Paul Biya.
    They rule by deceit, deception and terror

  5. freedom of speech

  6. Africa is rich but Africans are poor and wretched. This places a special challenge at the doorsteps of those who lay claim to a better status in society.

    It makes no sense that the rich, privileged African should play Ostrich about the plight of fellow citizens. Look no further than the sad drama taking place at the so-called PAD (Port Autonome de Douala).

    The local affiliates of two foreign companies are battling it out every single day, using the courts and even the presidency as the big boys loot their wealth and ferry to distant shores!!!

    • `Africa is rich but Africans are poor and wretched`. If someone else had written
      this deep stuff, dear @johnny D, will surely, call it `offensive expression`. Hah,
      like the pot and kettle game.

  7. hahahaha them never yet give Amba independent SW and NW done already start fight. na really comedy this.

    • `na really comedy this`. Big comedy show man. The reality on the ground, tells the
      truth. Not surprised, that `bamendaboy` is tongue tight today.

  8. Independence is seized and not given.
    Tribal differences between Beti Bulu and Bamileke are not new either.
    In any case a fight with my Sawa brother together in our home is better than the open jail called larepublique which our people live in now.
    Besides since we started democratic elections in 1948 how many sawa killed graffi?
    Jealousy will kill enemies of Ambazonia

    • Tell them, Epee Dipanda.
      With freedom of speech, comes the new word in town – delutional.
      But truth, has to be told.

      • Joshua

        U are a big hypocrite. u and Epee are not saying the same thing. Epee is criticizing objectively while you are displaying disdain and contempt only matched by racism. From now on I will always be around to remind u of this ur dirty character. U hate graffi people because you think they all behave like Foncha, Tumi and Muna. How about the Lone Ranger Jua who was the only one with balls to stand up to Ahidjo and had to pay with his life? What about devils Egbe, Mbile and the old head Mukete still drinking the blood of their people? The way the Maryland con pastors/Drs are behaving today, Foncha could have been an Einstein among them don’t you think? Joshua u are a devil, a wicked tribalist and very primitive as ur only strength is to attack a prisoner say freedom of speech.

        • Anticilonialist, all those enablers and those you forgot naming, have to
          be exposed, son. Because of their betrayals etc, innocent souls and minds
          are suffering and dying.
          But, they are living their normal lives and enjoying their days, undisturbed. When, is the time to face them head on? It can`t continue,
          like this. I hope, that you will agree with me on this. That, is the pathway,
          for my recent postings.
          Some small fellows for example, got monies, perhaps more, from this same Mukete, as we have come to know, and are shouting like parots
          today. Should Joshua, sit quiet and let it go unattended to?
          Come on board men, let`s face them, even if it means challenging,
          our lone Cardinal who can not carry our case, to the pope. I am afraid
          he is becoming a `two side cutlass`. You may refuse it

  9. @kumkum delusional crazy sociopath, so according to u la republique GDP going backwards from the first 10 powerful economic in Africa under the previous regime of Alhaji Amadou babatura Ahidjo too the bottom 20 under your corrupt moronic wicked murderer bastard Biya regime is something to celebrate, u just proves what have been writing bout u in dis forum not only being stupid but suffering from mental illness and truly need to seek medical treatment before something worse happened to your misery life

    • Kumkum Pass Garri

      @Forever Young, the lying ambazombie terrorist you are poor and wretched because you are dumb and delusional.


      The GDP per capita of Cameroon was not among the top 10 in Africa when Paul Biya took over.
      The GDP of Cameroon is not among the bottom 20 in Africa today!

      You are so dumb and delusional that you make up lies and then base your argument on the lies!

      ForeverYoung, you are an ambazombie terrorist who was scamming people in Cameroon pretending to be doing water projects. We the proud Cameroonians of the NW/SW will make sure you pay for stealing 4 years of education from the children of the NW/SW. You will pay for raping, torturing and beheading Ma Ayafor Florence and hundreds of others.

      The KumKum Bureau of Investigation is on you. You will never see Bali! Nyamfukah

  10. The outings of this minister is no different from Tchiroma’s.
    It is meant for the population of LRC to keep them in the dark.
    The Iraqi Tariq Aziz made the same propaganda to the nation even when he knew they had lost to the USA.
    Minister Atanga is Intentional distraction in LRC.
    The people of southern Cameroons know the truth;
    20,000 killed
    855,000 children no school
    150,000 refugees in Nigeria
    700,000 internally displaced
    10,000 missing or jailed in French Cameroon
    4Million affected.
    This is a humanitarian crises by any standards.
    The Tutsis did not ask the Hutus if a genocide took place, they told the world of the genocide.
    Who is fooling who?
    The Southern Cameroons shall be free!
    Minister Tariq Aziz AKA Yaoundé Nji can carry on with his propaganda role.

    • Kumkum Pass Garri

      Looks like Crazy Terrorist LUM has taken over the brain of High IQ LUM.

      LUM continues to express his high level of stupidity here! Since when did LUM become the source of statistical data on Cameroon?
      The fact that this wonderful international idiot thinks that posting these fake statistics here has any impact on anyone other than ambafool idiots is proof that LUM is amongst the dumbest people from Cameroon.

  11. “Il n’y a pas de crise humanitaire au Cameroun”
    Very interesting..
    This is how a criminal sees the political issue in cameroon..
    And best of all he is the minister of territorial admin. In a normal country , he will be in jail..But in a failed state where there is no law and order, where a class of Bandits are governing a country that was in the 80s one of the richest in Africa and today a poor and backward democracy..
    These clowns are a joke …
    I dont know what the young generation think about such people..The country is in war, people are being displaced all over the place..Western Province and littoral is full but this illitrate comes and claim the country is ok?Keep fooling brainless people with bread, Sardine and beer…

  12. @joshua Your con Pastor in Maryland reminds me of Mangosuthu Buthelezi.U attack a prisoner who cannot defend himself,right?Your pastor stole our money,as if that was not enough,he sends his blue and white social media army to attack a prisoner,while he basque in the glory of it.I heard he had constituted his team to go and dialogue in Swiss with Ayuk in jail and u are happy that he intends to negotiate independence for Ambasonia,right?What is he going to use,as a bargaining chip to negotiate for the freedom of Ambasonia? There will be no negotiation,until Ayuk comes out of prison,Ayuk is the person we are going to use as bargaining chip for our freedom becos he is a leader,and on ground.With time,adventurers like Sako and Anu will feassle out.They are already begging for another.MTTB money

    • Kumkum Pass Garri

      Kongossa Dog,

      I can assure you that Ayuk will never come out of prison!
      Rest assured that if the government ever dares to release Ayuk and his fellow terrorists that the Proud Cameroonians of the NW/SW and the Victims of Ambazombie terrorism aka BLACK LEGS, will pick him up from the gates of Kondengui and lynch them all in broad day light!

      Ayuk and fellow terrorists must face justice for the rape, torture and beheading of proud Cameroonians from the NW/SW like Ma Florence Ayafor and Animbom Aron.

      Ayuk’s life is not more important than the life of my brother. Ayuk and co must reurn the hundreds of millions they have collected as ransom from poor Cameroonians in the NW/SW!

      Any idiot who thinks these criminals will be released must be oblivious of the Black Legs movement!

  13. There is no humanitarian crisis in Cameroon,yet Mr.Minister is announcing 100trucks of relief materials intended to the displaced persons.

    • Kumkum Pass Garri

      According to this dull Kongossa dog, “the minister announcing 100trucks of relief materials intended to the displaced persons” means that there is a humanitarian crisis in Cameroon!

      Why are these ambazombies so dumb? The ambazombies are the most foolish people from the NW and SW provinces of Cameroon!. Absolute fools who believe that depriving their own children from education will grant them independence.

      • Who is this idiot calling himself Kumkum..? You are really the kumkum Biya and Chantal is chopping and pooping everyday. This dog piss must be a brother of that JEW CALLED ZAMZAM.

        • @AC,

          you didn’t expect opposition from Anglos in your Amba madness. Did you?

          Unlike you, we are ready to pay the highest price just to make sure we throw gigantic pines on your road.

          You will embark upon that your conshort to power through innocent blood in another country, not in my CMR.

          If I had the means, I’ll sell all Ambas in Nyongo house…

        • Kumkum Pass Garri


          I am a proud Cameroonian from the North West province who is living a fulfilled life. I am a member of the Black Legs movement!
          I am Kumkum Pass Garri
          I am a chukuchuku in the kanda of all ambazombie terrorists!
          I stand for the total annihilation of ambazombie terrorists!

          I am here to expose the stupidity and terrorism of the ambazombie terrorists, leaders and supporters!

          I am here to highlight to the world that you and your terrorist friends have raped, tortured and beheaded hundreds of innocent women from the NW/SW like Ma Ayafor Florence.

          I am here to highlight the fact that all ambazombies are terrorists and absolute idiots who believe that depriving their own children from education is the first step toward achieving autonomy!
          Nyamfukah! Shegue! Shumbu!

        • Kumkum Pass Garri

          Anticilonialist the worls is waiting for you to explain how depriving your own children from education will lead to more autonomy for the North West and South West!

          If you are not an absolute fool, explain to the world how depriving your children from education will lead to independence.

          Anticolinalist is an absolute wonderful international idiot. A nyamfukah who does not deserve oxygen.

          Can you please explain to the world how amputating the arms of CDC workers will lead to independence if you are not an absolute fool?

          Ho will the burning of hospitals and schools lead you idiots to independence/ The world is watching your stupidity and you will pay for your crimes.

          Sicksiku and his band of terrorist conmen are waiting for you idots in jail! Shumbu say anticilianist!
          Scum of the earth!

        • @Kumkum Pass Garri,

          Nambere and Success Nkongho are in Y’dé.

          This is a clear message to Devil-diasporians, quit ur heated homes and go to GZ—Nambere has volunteered to secure some brand new AKs and uncountable amount of groundnut for you guys.

          SNWL dudes…

  14. Noise making and distraction

  15. @Zam-Zam Nambere is just one,amongst 18000 Amba fighters.Besides,Nambere had stopped fighting for over one year now,and the war did not stop.Nambere is insignificant.

    • Hihihihi, Kongo,

      Nambere witi Success don outsmart wuna mov’t. Sako witi Anu.s bin be di ask millions for dialogue, jes non dem no worth one tasen dollars. Nambere dey en haut—yi go complete yi high class nite club for Awala.

      As for the short Ayaba Cho, Nambere go soon get Norwegian visa—na for inside da swimming pool for Cho yi pikin birthday celebration wey Nambere go press yi kanass.

      At last, the war di cam finish—CHINEKE dan turn-turn hear wa prayers…

      • I don tire 4 hear say the war di kam finish. three years down the line wouna di only say the way di kam finish i don tire me massa

        • Kumkum Pass Garri

          @Dingarone the tired brain

          War di kam finish!
          War di kam finish!

          Tire all you want the war di kam finish!
          Tire all you want the Black Legs have risen!
          Tire all you want Nambere di wait Ayaba Cho and Tapang Ivo for Cameroon for grab them by the kanas!
          War di kam finish!

          Where them dey? Kumkum pass gari!

          wata no be H2O water, na wata

  16. One of the worst humanitarian disasters in the world is presently ongoing in the Anglophone regions of South Eest and North west regions .The government is doing everything to hide it from the world.Hundreds of villages have been burned down by the Cameroon army,more than 925 000 people displaced internally.More than 50 000 refugees residing in Nigeria.More than 25 000 in the bushes and more than 12 000 killed.

    • This disaster is on going in the North West and South West regions

    • Kumkum Pass Garri

      Elam I Billa Bills

      Keep wasting your breath!

      The government will continue to track down and bring to justice the ambazombie terrorists who kidnap, torture, rape and behead innocent women from the NW/SW of Cameroon like Ma Ayafor Florence.

      Meanwhile Succes Nkongho and Nambere will continue to coordinate the relocation of Cameroonian refugees and ex ambazombie terrorists from Nigeria to Cameroon!

      All ambazombies must be destroyed.

      The Proud Cameroonians of the NW/SW aka Black Legs will continue to identify the terrorists to the authorities for annihilation

  17. Who on earth is still listening to this criminal who once said there is no anglophone problem

  18. One of the worst humanitarian disasters in the world is presently ongoing in the Anglophone regions of South Eest and North west regions .The government is doing everything to hide it from the world.Hundreds of villages have been burned down by the Cameroon army,more than 925 000 people displaced internally.More than 50 000 refugees residing in Nigeria.More than 25 000 in the bushes and more than 12 000 killed.

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