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Impartial US tasks Cameroonians to await official poll results

africanews | The United States says it remains an impartial party to Cameroon’s electoral process and calls on citizens to patiently await the officially declaration of results from the election body, ELECAM.

The embassy in Yaounde in a Facebook post said they supported Cameroonian voters’ decision to use the polls to make their voices heard.

The statement read as follows: “The U.S. Embassy congratulates all Cameroonians who voted on October 7. Before the election, many stated the long-held view that in a single round election with multiple parties, coalitions improve the likelihood of electoral competition.

“We reiterate our neutrality with respect to the outcome and strongly support the right of the Cameroonian people to choose their leader through the democratic process.

“We call on all parties to wait until the official results are announced before making pronouncements about the supposed winner, and to resolve peacefully any grievances through established legal channels.”

The statement came barely hours after an opposition aspirant, Maurice Kamto, announced that he had earned a decisive victory. Kamto, a former minister of the Paul Biya administration did not give any figures or basis for his declaration.

The government through the Information Minister chided Kamto’s irresponsible illegal declaration, stressing that it was only the Constitutional Council that had the right to declare results.

A Kamto spokesperson justified his announcement with the excuse that he had only made a projection and not usurped the work of any body.

“Maurice Kamto did not proclaim himself president, he claimed victory, it’s not the same thing,” Olivier Nissack reportedly said.

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  1. you are part of the problems

  2. The above, is a complex situation to handle:
    a the embassy, doesn`t want involvement by some smart guys calling on the US, in the
    fraud game. Remember, that the ambassador, is coming from underground.
    b. by declaring victory, Kamto, was saying he and his party had won the election and replaced
    biya / cpdm. Now, they are playing the ostritch to dorge the wrath from biya.
    c. truth is that biya has another term, on a platter of gold, with the cowardice that is creeping
    in within this 15 days.
    d. since the results will be read by the con court, some hands are tied already and biya as
    usual, can not be disappointed by them.
    Above all, biya and friends are working hard to use brute force to succeed in all cases
    and please those friends. Only equal fire power, will do it.

  3. Camerounese listen to colonial France. They think France is their country. When a comment is coming from other countries they cry fowl. the talk of sovereignty

  4. For those cheering biya on i wonder what history will make of you oh i forgot Cameroonian don’t care about history is what goes into the stomach at that present moment that justifies the means .Rise up son and daughters of cameroon and defend once the great MBOA.Do not let our elders determine our tomorrow for 60years we let them guide us as the results speaks for itself it as been a failure.I will respect the Anglophones forever because for once the globe as seen what is wrong with MBOA.