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Information claiming death of army general is “fake” – Cameroon army

News Ghana | Cameroon army Thursday dismissed as “fake” claims from armed separatists that they have killed an army general in an ambush in Southwest, one of the two troubled English-speaking regions of the country.

“Information relating to the death of General Bouba is circulating at this moment. While finding this joke of very bad taste, I beg you to consider this information as fake,” Colonel Didier Badjeck, spokesman of the Cameroon army said in a statement.

Separatists claimed that the army general was killed when they ambushed his convoy on Feb. 8 but the government “has been hiding the information.”

The armed separatist forces want the two regions, North West and South West to secede from the majority French-speaking nation and form a new nation called “Ambazonia.”

Clashes started in November 2017 and about 430,000 people have been displaced internally according to United Nations. Enditem

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  1. Every news item about the separatist is “fake” according to the Cameroon government. Can the Army Spokesman for once be bold enough to produce evidence that debunks this news as fake? The kind of propaganda where only the army neutralises the separatist is cheap propaganda that can hardly be bought by objective minds.


    Only news from CrTv, Cameroon Tribune and Colnel Badjeck is NOT FAKE.

    General Bouba ( RIP ) should appear on CrTv to coroborate the thesis that he was not NEUTRALISED by Amba boys.


      LRC terrorists massacred two mothers with their babies. LRC claimed that the crime against humanity occurred in Mali. The Government of Mali protested .Amnesty International used satellite imagery to prove, beyond the reasonable doubt, that LRC was responsible.

      LRC is a sh*thole country ruled by deceit, deception and terror.


      “Une perte énorme pour l’armée camerounaise engagée sur le front de la crise anglophone. Le capitaine Djonwe Wayang (35 ans), a été abattu par des combattants séparatistes à Buea, dans la matinée du dimanche 17 février 2019. L’information a été publiée ce 18 février 2019 par le porte-parole de l’armée, chef de la Division communication au ministère de la Défense.
      «J’ai le regret de vous annoncer le décès de mon Frère, Ami et Promotionnaire de stage, le Capitaine Djonwe Wayang, en mission commandée du Bataillon d’Intervention Rapide du Cameroun (BIR). RIP l’homme fort», a écrit le colonel Didier Badjeck sur sa page Facebook.


      Amba boys made history when they NEUTRALISED General Bouba.
      No other liberation movement has ever killed a General.
      Even Boko Haram, Al Shabaab, Taliban, Eritreans, South Sudanese, Kosovars, Timoris, Biafrans, etc NEVER succeeded to neutralise a General during combat.
      Amba boys are the only combattants who made history. That is why LRC is ashamed to accept that Brigadier General Buba was NEUTRALIZED by Amba boys who fight with Dane guns.
      Colonel Badjeck can continue to shout FAKE NEWS until LRC emerges by 2035. He will never suppress the truth that General Bouba was sent to the hottest place in Hell by Amba boys.
      There will be ZERO disarmament in SC

      Any person asking Amba boys, who NEUTRALISED a Geeral, to lay down arms should therefore consult a neurologists to examine his brain cells

  3. If General Bouba knows he is not dead,let him make a video and debunk this information…Anuofia

  4. Well to prove them wrong air General “zero” on crtv and World would believe LRC

  5. LRC should provide some closure to the family of the fallen General Bouba. Hiding the truth is not helping the deceased family at this particular time. Proof of life will also put an end to the rumour if LRC is able to furnish it.

  6. LRC, is trying a hand in the `Shekau` style. Time proofs everythinig.

  7. Every week the tribal government has Momo on TV to promote Bamiphobia but they are unable to show us the General!
    This same army spokesman said Malians killed women and children in the north of Cameroon.
    Who in Anglophone Cameroon can believe the spokesman of French Cameroon army?
    Who is fooling who?
    Garri don pass wata!
    550,000 Anglophones displaced
    120,000 refugees in Nigeria
    25000 killed by French Cameroon army
    130,000 children no school because only French Cameroon Francophone teachers
    10,000 Anglophones jailed in French Cameroon
    2000 in French Cameroon military tribunal.
    21st Century colonization of Africans by Francophone Africans proud to be working for France.
    Apartheid in Cameroon will end this century
    Freedom and self rule our mantra!
    Low IQ military!

  8. Cameroon, the most beautiful Country in the world.
    You can’t find such a diversity anywhere else in this world.
    To you all the lost ones and loosers who want to destroy our motherland, you will never succed. NEVER.
    We the real Cameroonians will NEVER let you devide nor destroy our Country.

    • That’s how the Fulanis used to quack in the 60s and 70s till king Buta relegated them to goat herders. You Beti-Bulu devils will even have it worst as all you shall be left with us a thick cassava forest. Macaques!

      • King Biya

      • And you guys want to rule Cameroon with this kind of mindset!
        As long as Yaoundé is the capital of Cameroon, you have no choice but to walk like we want…
        No matter who is at Etoudi, the Beti will allways be in charge. That is the hard truth you don’t want to reconise.
        Keep in mind that we are still tolerate your kind in our background because we are still considere you as Cameroonians,beside the fact that you look and reson like an allien.

        • You should be grossly ashamed of yourself. You mad Beti-Bulu junta have reduced Cameroon to ground level. Ahidjo left billions of CFA in reserves you have squandered it. Even Yaounde your own land you developed nothing. In Europe most of you have traveled from Africa with your chop broke pot attitude. Drinking a parading the streets as destitute. I would be ashamed to identify myself with such a clan if i were you. Look at Mebe Ngo’h he stole money that he cannot even spend. Is it now that his Father Biya knew he was a thief? Beti-Bulus can steal from the coffers of the state as they want. They only get into trouble if they try to oppose grand Pa. Time will tell Capitals can be shifted as people will find it hard to forgive you people for all the atrocities you are committing.

        • you need to wake up now or never..
          cameroon was already spoiled 35 years ago by this old despot, a gorilla from the forest who has no sense of purpose and direction..
          Today the people are more enlightened and more intelligent…
          We cant buy that BULU tactic to blame the bamis..
          They tried to seperate the NWP and SWP..
          Then it was the Anglophones, Today they say its the BAmis…
          Hey, we cant leave such a nice country to be pulled down by these gorillas..
          Wake up and send these Gangsters to where they belong..
          They dont love the country more than any body..
          They are just a band of thieves using divide and rule toi plunder the country…

  9. negotiations are going on between resto forces and LRC terrorist to regain the remains of gen. bouba..i am afraid only his ash was preserved for the family members…

  10. When something is said about these armed robbers and they come out to Refuse know that there is a hidden skeleton in the cupboard. The news of the demise of this general is definitely not without some substance trust me.

  11. Babessi camp has been destroyed and fire was assigned to rest its case…we are gently preparing the populace for the first and last kick of Amba boys’ butt. The populace they have traumatised would soon be striking back, and the hunters of yesterday would now have to listen to the real story of the hunt.

    The burning down of that hospital with Anglo patients on their sick bed as Tataw’s retaliation for the burning down of his Mamfe hut, was the greatest blunder ever…authentic Anglos can never forgive that…

    • How many AK they shua?
      If none, mean say they nova yet reach Amba camp. Boys don abandon hunting ntoh depuis. Na Ak they come carry.
      Just don’t fool yourself about ending Amba. The war is yet to start papa.
      Your emperor still has a chance to stop this madness. Soon, he will not have that chance and some of us will never see home again.

  12. Hahahaha, JJ….where the AKs comot nor? Even if dem get AKs wusai dem go get bullet supply? Bullets for tcha,vem na small thing for get’am cause na normal hunting gun wey any Tom and Jerry fit order’am from Awala.

    By going after population, Amba boys dem bin seal dem fate. Population dong tire dem wahala wey yi no get head nor tail. Na population go deal witi dem, no be na BIR oh! On top wey population dong di nyé the mago-mago wey yi di happen for Etas and EU forsika contribution yarri. Plus the baheart lock down wey yi no get sense. Mbrr, population no go forgive wuna mov’t. Wuna mov’t dong deal witi Anglos dem, wor-wor.

    More troop di go for SW/NW. Dem want mek sure sey IG go get zero option (ngum) for on top negotiation table, when Elie Smith go rally Anglos for tok witi gobna…

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