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INTERVIEW – Act now or face disaster in Cameroon, aid chief warns

Thomson Reuters Foundation | London, April 26 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – A separatist conflict in Cameroon that has forced half a million people from their homes is in danger of worsening, the head of a major aid agency has warned, condemning what he called the “international silence” over the crisis.

Jan Egeland, secretary general of the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC), said the world had underestimated the impact on civilians of the violence that has gripped Cameroon, where entire villages had been burned to the ground.

“I’ve been all over the world, dealing with humanitarian work for many years and I was really shocked by the unbelievable extent of this emergency that is underestimated, underreported and neglected by the international community,” said Egeland.

“There are atrocities every single day against civilians … and the world doesn’t seem to know or want to know about it,” he told the Thomson Reuters Foundation by telephone during a visit to Cameroon.

Long-running tensions in the English-speaking Northwest and Southwest regions of Cameroon erupted into conflict in late 2016, prompting crackdowns by security forces and leaving 1.3 million people in need of aid, according to the United Nations.

Egeland said the violence had pushed tens of thousands into hiding in the bush without access to food or medical help, and meant nearly a million children could no longer go to school.

But he said there was a danger the situation could worsen.

“I really, really hope there will be mediation efforts, that there will be an outreach and an interest in dialog on both sides that will lead to talks which can end this before it is too late,” he said on Thursday.x

“I’ve seen too many places which started with a smaller conflict … and ended up in a war that no one could stop.”

Cameroon’s English speakers have felt increasingly marginalized by the French-speaking government in the capital Yaounde and in 2017 thousands took to the streets to demand a breakaway state.

The military stepped in and thousands of Anglophones fled the ensuing crackdown, which Cameroon authorities described as an anti-terrorist operation.

In a statement Egeland, whose organization is distributing survival kits to victims including food, tools and materials for temporary shelters, said there had been little pressure on the parties to stop attacking civilians.

“The international silence surrounding atrocities is as shocking as the untold stories are heart-breaking,” he said.

A U.N. human rights committee in February criticized the “heavy-handed approach” of the security forces to the crisis, which saw medical facilities, schools and entire villages destroyed.

Allegra Baiocchi, the U.N.’s humanitarian coordinator in Cameroon, said the violence was hampering relief efforts, and also blamed a lack of funding from other countries.

“The violence has been characterized by massive human rights violations. Attacks against schools and health providers have reached an alarming scale,” she said.

“Negotiating safe humanitarian access is extremely complicated and it is slowing us down.” (Editing by Claire Cozens. Please credit the Thomson Reuters Foundation, the charitable arm of Thomson Reuters, that covers humanitarian news, women’s and LGBT+ rights, human trafficking, property rights, and climate change. Visit http://news.trust.org)

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  1. pls they need to go to Russia first, or china

    • The foolishness of Cameroon will come to hunt the french farm. The Je mens fou, sickness cause the to play ostrich game. Cameroon thinks they are in the 1930s and I pity la republic silly people who have allowed the idiocy of Biya to engulf them for eternity and today they think they can kill Ambalanders with impunity

    • bamendayBoy

      Un ignare comme toi ne peut en aucun cas comprendre l’essence de la LIBERTE. Un azoupep, nullard, attardé de ton genre ne peut rien piger sur le réel de la compréhension de la vie. You are a doomed soul, comdemned to be an A-S-S L-I-C-K-E-R for the rest of your miserable life as a creature of a criminal. You are nut out a bnary simple figure in the world of processing. En gros, t’es qu’un zygoto merdique au sevice du lèche bottisme.

      La ligique voudrait bien que les torchons et les serviettes ne se mélangent pas. Une cervelle de moineau comme la tinne cannot grab what is behind the scène. What a loser !

      • @Wandy Marc

        “search of lost time” idiocy and moron person likes you.

        See me this nyamfuka , and delusional mind before judging me you should checking at yourself your own tail. if my brain was a bird like you mentioned why are you here in the republic platform.

        This ambafool calls me ” a creature of criminal” hahahahahhahahahahahahaha, that statement should be referred to you “raccoon”

        The fact it is, I am not the one who is begging for the international communities to interview terrorists like you.

        ambafool should be killed

        • Etalors ?


          Un dépravé comme toi vient pleurer iici pourquoi ? Tu te plains de réactions des autres. Quand on est sur de soit, on passe son chemin en toute sagesse dans l’espression de la libre pensée. Un beugleu comme toi ne peut pas piger cela.

          A BamendaBoy ass licker as you are can only hide behind pseudos to attemps insluts. Whatever, ye shall always be a nano brain devant moi. Kengué. LOSER

        • It doesn’t matter where your loyalty is but anyone who doesn’t understand that Biya’s despotism created this mess is a pathetic excuse for a human being.
          I met Family members & friends of Inoni’s wife in DC a few years back after they had a meeting in her honor as “2nd Lady”. Asked if lodging at the luxurious historic Mayflower Hotel was a wise decision, their response? “This is our time to ‘chop’ “. They even mocked the other half of Inoni’s family. I met one of them a few years after Inoni had been incarcerated & the language was very different. Time is an inexorable judge!
          Biya is an infidel and he created Amba & this mess. Biya is worse than any Cameroonian ever born but those who use a veneer of excuses in his defense lack a moral compass. I’m a free thinker not shying from the truth.

        • Kumkum Pas Garri


          Biya’s Deptotism did not create this mess! The amba mess was created by a bunch of losers/conmen in the diaspora. The only plan these conmen had was to incite violence in Cameroon while they collect donations from Cameroonians in the diaspora and use it to better their lives. They have done just that!

          Biya is responsible for the miserable socio-economic state of the country. However, the socio-economic state of the country is not the cause of this mess. This mess was caused by an attempt by some adventurous conmen in the diaspora to split the country for their personal gains.

          Remove your mind shackles and think freely!

          The IG raised USD1.8 million in the name of the struggle and they spent it all on themselves while they deceive youths to go on suicide missions.

        • Of course Biya’s dictatorship created this mess. Semantics? Every lifelong dictatorship results in chaos. You may argue about the role of Amba diaspora and that is a fair argument. I do not even consider them a viable group neither do they have any governing skills.
          Bear in mind that when a despot manipulates the people, rigs elections & arrests people who oppose his policies, he invites trouble. Biya should have been gone in 2011 after the opposition agreed to a term increase to seven years & two term limits. He violated every tenet of the constitution and his actions directly & implicitly set the stage. No gullibility, truth be told. He is an illegitimate monster, a scoundrel and his policies spurious.
          Like Ghadaffi, Moubarak, Bouteflika, Al-Bashir & Ben Ali, chaos is their affinity.

        • Kumkum Pass Garri


          I thought you were a free thinker!

          How dare you list Ghadaffi ( the Jesus Christ of Africa) among folks like Mubarak, Bouteflika, Al Bashir etc?

          What do you know about Ghadaffi besides what you have heard on mainstream media?

          The mess in the North West and South West was created by a bunch of adventurous conment in the diaspora and not Biya. The people of the North Wet and South West are suffering because they have been manipulated by conmen to pick up arms.

          The government is responsible for the economic hardship that Cameroonians in all 8 provinces have been enduring for decades!

          Cameroonians have been ciritcal of the governments performance for decades and I do not need to elaborate on that.
          The problem is the NW/SW is caused by the amba fools of the diapora!!



    “The situation in the South-West and North-West Regions is stabilizing, and the Commission for the Promotion of Bilingualism and Multiculturalism should thus be able to delve into the crux of the problem;” (Biya, 2018)



      1. The US has stated crystal clear that “DIALOGUE IS THE ONLY PANACEA”
      2. The EU has stated abundantly clear that “DIALOGUE IS THE ONLY PANACEA”
      3. Countless local and international organisations have stated without mincing words that “DIALOGUE IS THE ONLY PANACEA”

      However, Dictator Biya and his apologists are speculating that Amba boys will one day surrender weapons to the so-called commission on disarmament.
      What Dictator Biya and his apologists fail to understand is that commissions of disarmament are created only AFTER the cessation of hostilities and not during. Simply put, Dictator Biya is simply putting the cart before the horse with his so-called commission.
      One thing is 100% certain:

      GENUINE Amba boys will NEVER EVER, I repeat NEVER EVER disarm


      Dictator Biya is simply playing to the gallery with his so-called commission on disarmament.
      He thinks that he could deceive the international community with his WORTHLESS commission.
      Unfortunately for him, the international community is aware that there is a danger the situation could worsen and even threaten regional peace and stability. That is the reason they continue to tighten the noose on Dictator Biya.

      France can no longer turn a blind eye to the atrocities perpetrated by LRC terrorists in SC


      Almost all French political parties in the EU parliament SUPPORTED the EU resolutions against LRC. The only exception was the racist party of Marine Le Pen called the Front Nationale. Rumours abound that taxpayers money was even used to BUY the support of the Front Nationale.


      The Anglophone Question and the arrest of Prof. Kamto is a blessing to the taxpayers.
      For almost 250 ( two hundred and fifty ) days and counting, Dictator Biya is A-F-R-A-I -D to travel to Switzerland with a bloated suite in order to squander taxpayers money. The BRIGADE ANTI SARDINARDS and the so-called “secessionists” have vowed to disrupt his stay in Europe or the US.
      That evil BULU Dictator now spends his time in Mvomeka tweeting SH*THOLE messages about patriotism and “one and indivisible” LRC. This has NEVER happened during the 37 years dictatorship of Biya.

      Believe me or not, the final chapter of this war will be written in Den HAAG at the ICC.
      Human Right Watch, Amnesty Internation, international crisis group, etc have documented the war crimes and crimes against humanity in SC.


      It is therefore simply a question of WHEN and not IF Dictator Biya and members of his crime syndicate will appear before judges at the ICC.

      The US and the EU will surely continue to tighten the noose on Dictator Biya until he appears before the ICC.

      MARK MY WORDS !!!


      **** QUOTE OF THE WEEKEND ****

      «On ne peut plus continuer à rester silencieux. Le Front citoyen existe depuis peu et chaque Camerounais doit se prononcer face au refus du dialogue par le père Biya. On ne peut pas rester insensible face aux tueries dans les régions du Nord-Ouest et du Sud-Ouest. Faire comme si cela ne nous concernait pas! Quand un bâtiment s’écroule en Europe, il s’en émeut. Lors de la catastrophe d’Eseka, on n’a pas senti le chef de l’Etat. Les gens oublient que l’armée est allée tirer sur les bébés innocents sur le dos de leurs mamans. Après cela, ils se sont levés pour dire que notre armée est républicaine» (Nkom A., 2019).

  3. The divorce is consummated

    • Kikikikiiki Epée,

      Cho would soon be proposing this Norwegian guy some oil deal and/or his A—I know that short man, just too well…

  4. Wata na wata. Ekelebe weside dem dey.

    • Kumkum Pass Garri

      kumkum pas garri

      Garri no be wata!

      Amba sheep Where them dey?

      • Kumkum Pass Garri,

        Spécial ripoublique kengué. thief, rapist, voleur, macaque, lrc of criminals. Butt licker.

  5. “Heavy handed approach”? I would love to see how a white western govt would react, if faced with a faceless group of individuals with no mandate; wrecking havoc and holding society to ransom for their own nefarious aims.

    • Cameroon, the banana republic will pay dearly for their idiocy.The harder it comes, I hear another colonial master in Buea is promising mayhem to Chiefs. Colonial governor and its army of ocupation
      The foolishness of Cameroon will come to hunt the french farm. The Je mens fou, sickness cause the to play ostrich game. Cameroon thinks they are in the 1930s and I pity la republic silly people who have allowed the idiocy of Biya to engulf them for eternity and today they think they can kill Ambalanders with impunity

      • Kumkum Pass Garri

        @David Ngwa

        Do you think?

        Cameroon, is not a person! Cameroon refers to a people!

        So you mean the people of Cameroon will pay dearly for their idiocy?
        The foolishness of Cameroon people will only hunt the Cameroon people!
        The people of Cameroon do not think they are in the 1930’s. The people of Cameroon.
        So you pity the people of Cameroon who have allowed Biya to engulf them for eternity? You must be among the people from Cameroon who did not allow Biya to engulf Cameroon for eternity that’s why you think the government cannot kill the ambalanders with impunity!

        The earlier you start thinking the better for your life!

        • Kumkum Pass Garri,

          Spécial ripoublique kengué. thief, rapist, voleur, macaque, lrc of criminals. Butt licker.

    • Bishop Hope Mokete

      The government of Cameroon started killing the Anglophones.There is evidence to prove this fact.Does the govrtnment of Cameroon think it can kill more than 15 000 people and easily go away without someone calling them to order.The army has wiped out entire families and has burnt down hundreds of villages.

      • Kumkum Pass Garri

        Chai Bishop…Na so you di lie!!!

        If the government has killed 15,000. How many have the amba fools killed?

        Bishop are you the one calling the government of Cameroon to order or the amba fools?

        Who is the someone calling the government to order now?

        Do you think the amba fool terrorists can kidnap and behead Adam Assana a few days ago and litter the streets with his body parts without someone calling them to order?

        • Kumkum Pass Garri

          Ass licker. the kapo.

        • Kumkum Pass Garri

          @Liza Che

          Why do you like saying my name so much?
          Are you that miserable and wretched that you get satisfaction from saying my name(ass licker)?

          It is so sad that you are not ashamed of your stupidity!

          Your mother and father must regret bringing you to life!

          Poverty and suffering go kill you! Wretched sufferman!

  6. LA RIPOUBLIQUE thief our ressources, buy weapons with the money then come and kill us with the weapons from the money of our ressources weh dem thiefam. La Ripoublique Voleur. Assassin. Bandit. BEtIS BULUS Voleurs. Assassins. Mangeurs de chien. Traitre.NoBoDy Can Accept THAT. NO ONE

  7. Francophones are hyocrites

    • we shall never ever federate with Lrc. We shall never forget and we shall never forgive. The union with Cameroon is over and I call on all Ambalanders not to learn annexation language french. Cameroon must release our leaders. We will deal with the banana republic

      • @
        David Ngwa

        who cares about your opinion ” rat”

        • BamendaBoy

          Who cares about a dog eaterwho is going to die like a pig with a big big belly. You are doomed. jalousie go kill you. Bandit, rapist, feyman.

        • Kumkum Pass Garri

          @ Ali Khan

          So you do not care about the amba boys?

          We all know that the amba boys are dog eaters.

          We also know that it is a matter of time before the BIR finds them and kills them like a pig with a big belly!

          No one is jealous of the amba boys. They will be killed like pigs with big bellies. I see gruesome pictures of killed amba boys everyday on kontripipo(dot)com.

          I also see pictures of Cmeroonians decapitated by the amba terrorists! No one with a human brain can envy the amba boys no matter how much they try.
          The guys live in the forest, eat dogs, walk bare feet, do not have medication or clean water, and are constantly running from the TRC forces.

          How can anyone envy a guy who thinks that odeshi is a gun proof vest? You have to fell sorry for such fools!

        • Kumkum Pass Garri

          Keep eating kumkum until it exploses your dirty and fat belly.
          Why are you so worried ? You are soon going feet under like the dog eaters who rape, steal, loot and torture innocent civilians.

          LONG LIVE to the COURAGE of the great AMBA fighters.

        • Kumkum Pas Garri

          @Ali Khan

          You are so stupid, ignorant and dumb that you read my comments and your conclusion is that I am worried!

          There are pictures of amba fools killing and eating dogs because they have no food to eat in the forest! Do not pretend that you are not aware of the plight of your misled terrorist fighters! You should be very worried about them meanwhile I am enjoying their demise.

          No ambafool in the world can do anything to me anywhere in the world. You can threaten others but you can not threaten me. Mayor Ekema Patrick for Buea don pass wuna, na me you check say you fit send me under? You di craze! Try me anywhere in the world and I will fill your dumb head with bullets! I am always ready for a fight! Nyamfukah!!

        • Kumkum Pass Garri

          Keep eating kumkum until it exploses your dirty and fat belly.
          Why are you so worried ? You are soon going feet under like the dog eaters who rape, steal, loot and torture innocent civilians.

          LONG LIVE to the COURAGE of the great AMBA fighters.

    • @Nzalang

      I hope your forefathers are speaking English, bastard likes you, your mother has been screwed up by a Nigerian man that is why we have you a terrorist .

      • bamendayBoy
        I hope your french forefathers remember they gave birth to bastards, traitors like you. Your tribal militia is looting, raping and killing people in Ambazonia. You go die with big stomach swollen like pig. YOU GO ROT BADLY

  8. Half a Million displeased??????? Is that the number in Nigeria or just the displaced numbers in Muyuka subdivision? Maybe it’s the number killed by Biya’s terrorist soldiers he is talking about. One man one AK will safe our people. Long lice Ambazonia.

  9. The National Interest

    Hahaha cameroon that blessed country tuned in to nothing by the corrupted government now attracting all kinds of evils Aryans how about Libya? Palestine? do they like cameroon more than the mentioned countries???

  10. @limbe kid Bla bla bla…Did I hear u say faceless people who do not have a mandate? Does Biya have a mandate? can u show me the people in Ambazonia, that took part in that scam u called elections? Did Ahidjo have the mandate over the people of SC when he assumed the position as president of the Federal Republique of Cameroon? U thought this was going to be easy,right? I told u guys from the beginning that your francophonisation of anglophones will meet a stiff resistance but u did not believe me..May be u think we are in the days of the UPC fight for independence.Wake up from your sleep,we are in 2019,not 1960..

  11. @The National Interest ”do they like cameroon more than the mentioned countries???” ….I think the question you should have asked is whether Cameroonians (The Biya regime) love Cameroon more than aryans.
    If u ask me,i think aryans love Cameroon more than Cameroonians (The Biya regime).So,me should let them come and solve our problem for us.

    • @ Kongosa man the problem your Ambazonia foolishness has is that it is not supported by the majority of anglophones. You are not fighting on behalf of anglophones as you have no mandate. When we started our march against the Biya regime’s marginalization, we never invited you guys to assist with your foolishness of kidnapping, demanding ransom, preventing our kids from going to school and beheading people. We wanted to achieve our goals in a civilized manner just as the Burkinabes and the Algerians did to free themselves. You came with your foolishness and made the life of anglophones difficult. Nobody recognizes your Ambazonia nonsense the reason you have no support from anybody in this world. Anglophones are instead running away from your Ambazonia thugs to Francophone cities.

      • Thats is cheap propaganda and it carries no water. Let francophones fight their foolishnes. Your Biya and camerounese habve no standing in Ambaland or if you like anglophone communities, your cheap army of occupation is hated by all

  12. @KONGOSA

    the question should be asking you ” terrorist ” to stop giving some peoples hope where they don’t have hope.

    the only good thing ambasonias know is propaganda.

    scammer 419

  13. There is nothing more destructive than citizens sitting on the fence to watch the destruction of their homes, villages, cultures, traditions, identities.
    Over-zealous Governor Okalia Bilai has carried his absurdities one notch higher, threatening to dethrone any traditional ruler who fails to march on May 20 carrying a placard. I wonder how Nfon Victor Mukete the senator reacts to this.

    • Of course DOs had since eclipsed and replaced traditional rulers, especially those tied to the apron strings of the centralized government. So cutting them off from the government payroll leaves the DOs still performing their chores, n’est-ce pas?

    • Just like the false promise of rigor & moralization, the allure of self-governing councils by the people’s mandate through elections of mayors was usurped by Biya with the appointment of Gov’t Delegates. How about D.O’s dethroning traditional rulers?
      It is the price of dictatorship. You don’t support it without going down a fast & meandering slope. The decision to have chiefs match is a first and must begin with the NW & SW chiefs and is packaged with sanctions that only they will bear the brunt of. They have a decision to make; money, power, integrity & safety in play.
      Despotism has all sorts of frivolous demands, face-saving techniques & a charade of lies to delude the same international community they claim has no say in internal affairs.
      Biya failed like all rogues. He created Amba.

      • Kumkum Pas Gari


        The ambazonian terrorists have made a call for the people of the NW/SW to boycott 20th May Celebrations. The terrorists are threatening to kill anyone who dares to go out to celebrate May 20th!

        In response the government is putting in place measures to make sue that the terrorists do not interrupt the lives of the people in the NW/SW.

        If people come out en masse the terrorists will disappear to their hiding places in the forest. A good example is the mountain race that took place in Buea and the FESTAC event that successfully took place in Limbe a few weeks ago.

        The international community should have no say in our internal affairs because we do not have any say in their own internal affairs. Unless you are accepting the position of inferior being!

        • Kumkum Pas Gari

          Thief, voleur, assassin, rapist. You are doomed to live like a poor enslaved BIYA ass liicker and butt licker T’es perdu. Kengué. You go soon drown inside gari Empty rotten mop

        • Kumkum Pass Garri

          @Liza Che

          What a bright comment!

          However, if you think I am doomed to live like a poor enslaved BIYA ass licker and butt licker then you must be extremely stupid! Nothing can be further from the truth! I bet you are a wretched person wherever you are and you will never dream of having a fulfilled life like me!

          You are extremely stupid because you draw conclusion without any basis.

        • Kum Kum,

          It may take you a generation to affirm that dictatorship is a failed governing style. Your defense of it is bewildering, shameful & beyond the pale. You parade this forum defending Biya’s illegitimate government’s charade.
          Biya’s corruption has grown into an inescapable cultural phenomenon. I am a free thinker & an honest arbiter. I will NEVER stand with any dictatorship neither will I apply any meaningful logic to its governance. I don’t know what informs your thinking or what governs your judgement. FORCING CHIEFS TO MARCH? Is that Amba?
          Your attempt is not new, it is a common theme to those whose views are packaged in risible self-sabotage. I am not here to defend Amba. You may revel in your terrorist sing-song but muster the courage to affirm that Biya is the root of it all.

        • Kumkum Pas Garri


          Unlike you, I am a free thinker.
          It appears you are having a debate with your imagination. I am not interested in a debate on which form of gov’t is the best on this forum.

          Your claim that “I parade this forum defending Biya’s illegitimate government’s charade” is proof that you are delusional and having a debate with your imagination and not me.

          I have been on this forum for years and I have never been a defender of the Biya government. You are either grossly mistaken, delusional or you have a problem in reading and comprehension.

          I am here to expose the amba conmen in the diaspora and the stupidity of the amba supporters and the amba fighters. I will focus on exposing these terrorists who have destroyed the lives of the people of the NW/SW.
          You can bash Biya all you want!

  14. By the time the world will fully discover the true nature of the attrocities committed by the Cameroon army in the two English regions of Cameroon,many more organizations,individuals and governments will raise their voices against the government of Paul Biya.Mr Egeland travelled to Buea,South West Region and he was shocked about what he saw and heard.This conflict is well documented and the mass graves and the mass graves and burnt down villages are there as exibit A.There are also tens of thousands of eye witnessses ready to testify.So the time for truth is getting closer.You cannot kill more 13 000 people and think you can go scot free.

  15. It is really a fools paradise. Okalia, is not fit to be called a governor, except he and
    others, don`t know who a governor is and his functions.
    For 50,000frs cfa, chiefs, have become civil servants and not rulers of a communities.
    Come rain come shine, this is the final round of the ridicule.

  16. The world is like a stage.Play your role positively and you leave in silence.When a
    government embarks on a plan to kill its own citizens en mass accussing them of being terrorists someone out there will be interested to know the truth.The truth may be delayed but like a volcano it must surely come to the surface.The Cameroon government has embarked on a campaign to
    misinform the world about the real situation in the two English speaking regions of Cameroon but as evil will never defeat good so too invisible forces are exposing them.
    but the truth is always robing them wrong.

    • Kumkum Pass Garri


      Some losers/conmen in the diaspora have embarked on a campaign to misinform the world and Cameroonians to pick up arms against the government.

      As evil always defeats good we are beginning to see the facts which confirm that the ambazombie movement is a scam. These con men raised USD 1.8 million and shared it amongst themselves while they are manipulating the youth to go fight the military with dane guns and odeshi? Evill people indeed! Ikome Sako the fake pastor just bought a house with funds donated for the struggle meanwhile kids continue to die in Cameroon on his orders! Is this not pure evil? How can you deny children the right to education? Is that not super evil?

      • Kumkum Pass Garri

        A force de vouloir mettre ta sale bouche partout, c’est la merde que tu vas ramasser. Voleur, feyman, bandit. Mangeur de chien. Nulard, profiteur.

        • Kumkum Pass Garri

          @Liza Che

          This ya small pikin cush them di just show how dumb and stupid you be! You are plain childish! Juvenile!

          Sako Ikome is a renown feyman, that you ambafools hail as your president! You are so dull that you cannot see how Sako the feyman continues to steal hundreds of thousands from your doomed struggle even though the data has been published for all to see!

          Wheti make am you dull so? Shame to you for your stupidity!

        • Kum Kum Crazy!!

          Don’t waste your time. He is like an errand boy. He is every where commenting. The desire to defend a corrupt government has set him on a wild goose chase. Others comments and go but how can he? Like Inoni, Marafa, Mendo Ze, these Kum-Kum pinheads only learn a lesson when their master eats them up. Amba has given them the simplest excuse to defend Biya-the-rigger.
          Whatever Biya says, Kum-Kum-Crazy dances to the tune. Biya’s frustration labels Amba a terrorist group begging the international community to agree. Kum-Kum-Crazy, why has your dotard dictator not labelled those who vandalized your embassies abroad terrorists? Why didn’t France or Germany do the same? The issue is not Amba but your dump brain. Are those Amba kids leaders? You sadistic nincompoop & despot lover!!!

        • Kumkum Pass Garri


          You ambafools have a problem with reading and comprehension.

          You can not understand simple English.

          If you could understand simple English it will be clear to you that I run around this forum posting comments to expose the amba conmen of the diaspora and the stupidity of the “mugu” amba supporters and “mugu” amba fighters!

          I am totally focused on exposing the losers/conment in the diaspora that ambafools call their leaders, exposing the stupidity of the amba supporters and the dumbness and evil terrorism acts of the amba fighters.

          I will continue to expose the ambazombie conmen/leaders, fools and terrorists to the world!

          I do not have any time to praise or bash Biya! Dumb ambafool supporters like you cant understand this!
          You evil terrorists!! Nyamfukah!

      • Kumkum Pass Garri

        Butt licker. Hypocrite.Mboutoukou. profiteur. parasite.

        • Kumkum Pass Garri

          @ Liza Che

          Yay!!! What a powerful comment!
          Are you jealous of the joy I get from being all that (Butt licker. Hypocrite.Mboutoukou. profiteur. parasite.)

          You are plain Juvenile! and childish!
          No doubt you are an ambafool supporter.Ya small pikin cush them di make me laugh! I give you for poverty! Poverty and wretchedness go show you pepper.

          You are a mugu to Ikome Sako and Ayuk Tabe.

        • Kumkum Pass Garri

          Butt licker. Hypocrite.Mboutoukou. profiteur. parasite.

  17. Unfortunate for them, this guy broke the rule, and traveled to Buea. Now, the minister
    of communications, will run mad. Atanga Nji, will become more restless, than before.
    Elvis Ngole Ngole, will come to lecture the world, how the only true republican country,
    is waxing on strong, with the `head of state`, maintaining the republicanism. And no
    one of his many students, can challenge him, because he worked so hard to brainwash
    them. But gradually, we are getting, to the winning point. The other side of a coin, also
    matters. `So, small small we gu catch monkey`.

  18. Biya,s body will be dragged on the streets in Yde and torture to death, This man is evil and deserve to die like Samuel Doe of Liberia.

  19. @Kongossa,

    This is what happens when people cannot see beyond their nostrils. Who made you a gate-keeper of anglophone identity?

    FYI a mandate is not limited to elections. Do you have a passport, driver`s licence,ID? Do you use currency? Until further notice, Biya has the tacit endorsement of the populace and until your hypothetical state can formulate alternative arrangements, everything else is chaos.

    People like you are quick to chirp on about freedom, but have no notion of what true freedom entails. Do you think those who don`t share your enthusiasm are any less anglophone?

    • @ Limbe kid, Don’t listen to these barbarians called Ambazonians. They don’t represent us as they have no mandate. They are just a bunch of uncivilized idiots with no intelligence. Algerians and the Burkinabes freed themselves from their dictators without firing a single bullet but used their intelligence. The truth is that the Ambazonia leaders are not different from the Biya regime. They both don’t give a damn about the sufferings of anglophones. How can you say you are fighting for people you kidnap and demand ransom from, you prevent their kids from going to school, You cut off the fingers of those who go to plantations to work to feed their families, you kill, behead or terrorize those who don’t support your foolishness. Only a fool will allow these idiots to rule them.

      • @bobjazz lame duck us

        • @ Chidi, I don’t care about the opinion of a chop dog Ibiobio man. I only care about my Cameroon people. We helped you guys during the Nigeria/Biafra war and your payback is to try to separate us? You are wasting your time for chineke will never allow that to happen. As much as I hate Biya and his BIRs, I won’t mind supporting them eradicate you people.


    **** QUOTE OF THE DAY ****

    ” Les gens oublient que l’armée est allée tirer sur les bébés innocents sur le dos de leurs mamans. Après cela, ils se sont levés pour dire que notre armée est républicaine» (Nkom A., 2019).

    • Bamenda boy, what in the name of God is wrong with you? Are you just ignorant or possessed by a ten-horned demon? I have read most of your comments on this forum and all you do is undermine and oppose any form of solution to this crisis. Are you happy to see innocent civilians and military personnel sent to their early graves on a daily basis? Perhaps you haven’t lost a family member or friend in this conflict. Stop being a sadist. I still wonder why the admin keeps posting your comments.

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