Is a Biya political dynasty taking shape in Cameroon? [+video]

VOA | Paul Biya has ruled Cameroon for almost 40 years. When his term ends in 2025, he will be in his 90s. His son Franck Biya is considered one of the contenders to fill his father’s shoes. Is another political dynasty taking shape in Africa?

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    • SC IS SC
      LRC IS LRC

      Simply put,

      1. LRC is not a so-called ” NOSO” of SC
      2. SC is also not a so-called ” NOSO” of LRC

      The truth of the matter is that SC and LRC are two INDEPENDENT nations EQUAL IN STATUS

    • Dictator Biya is the President of LRC, the country that became independent on the 01.01.1960. He is NOT the president of SC.

      Frank Biya will be the President of LRC. He will NEVER EVER be the president of SC.

      Thank God, Dictator Biya declared a war on SC. Unfortunately for him, he FOOLISHLY declared a war that is UNWINNABLE, UNSTOPPABLE, UNCONTROLLABLE and financially UNSUSTAINABLE.
      The war is now beyond the control of the BULU Dictator. Simply put, if the Dictator signs a decree today that thre war is over, the INVINCIBLE Amba boys will surely say N-I-E-T. Only an INCLUSIVE and GENUINE DIALOGUE “WITHOUT PRECONDITIONS” can now end the war.

      Dictator Biya is now a prisoner of his own FOOLISH decision to declare war of SC.

  2. Did Japan not industrialize under American military occupation? it did, so it doesn’t matter who is president. What matters is the productive capacity of each civilizations captains of industry. They control and oriented the future through wealth creation. The strength of Japan is Toyota, Sony, matsushita, and the rest not political leaders.

    • @BAH:- you are the most Naive and blind cameroonian I have ever seen..The problem is that you have eaten too much and now think with your stomach instead of your brain..
      To say it does not matter who is president and compare cameroon to JAPAN shows you now think like a CPDM politician..
      – IN Japan, people have collective ideas and work as a nation..In cameroon it is either BETI-BULU or nothing works- Worse of all these are the laziest and most non creative people..
      – In Japan a politician who fails is so ashamed and commits suicide. I cameroon the guys will steal, hide in france , USA and Europe . They dont even give chance for small and medium companies to grow…
      @BAH:- please, stop eating too much with your brains , think and look for ways to help cameroon. U shameless man.

  3. @ L’enne-mie the bomber,

    Ma Ngang and Walters Muma have been indicted for smuggling arms from USA to NGR.

    Ma Ngang will definitely not volunteer to go down alone, so be ready to receive your own indictment letter soon.


    • I hear the dwar-f Ayaba Cho is calling off ghost towns?

      After accomplishing his mission, namely the ruining of Anglos he has suddenly realised that it was a stupid move. And some goats here even supported him.

      I also hear that the diaspora is now taking against each other, especially now that njor money is over. The very skinny and emaciated Akwanga is facing the very fat and watery mouth Bareta on social media.

      All these goats are now confused, they have run out of ideas.

      Gari master is now very cautious whenever he opens his chatty-chatty mouth. He thinks the FBI would leave him alone by so doing.

      Witch pipi…

      • See this idiot @ZamZam aka Paddy Asanga tiff cigar! What has Ma Ngang done compared to Tapang, Tataw or Benedict Keah who are all still free men and donating guns to GZ? Barrister big mouth Nsahlai just supported the struggle with $6,000 paid cash to Tapang’s lawyer. The foolish Ma Ngang will not listen and went ahead to post videos of showboating by so doing violating US laws. USA also recognize the right to self defence! Gen No pity, Gen Big#, Gen RK, Gen Ekeku, Gen Bush Rambo, Gen Grandpa will send you back to Ntongtuh land in a coffin. We blew up 4 more trucks today. Keep celebrating your idiotic lies and twisting to suit your monyungu ambition. Ambazonia shall be free in this life and not the next.

        • @ L’enne-mie,

          Wishful thinking!

          It is all over, your mov’t of goats has been defeated.

          You are now blaming the akwara Ma Ngang, aren’t you doing the same thing on this platform?

          You keep on bragging about bombs, If we, blacklegs, want to have your fatty black ### brought to book, it is going to be a child’s play. But, you are just a small goat not worth capturing for intelligence exploitation.

          Amba ma lass…

  4. We need to clean cameroon…
    Before claening, we should we honest to ourselves..
    Its one country with 2 systems-period…We need to make use of the advantages of both systems..
    I dont want to belong to Francofoolie…I dont want to use the FRS CFA with its central bank in France..
    When you hear a retarded Frog say:
    – An anglophone cannot rule cameroon, then such idiots should be jailed for life..
    – When you hear another foolish frog says – A bami cannot rule cameroon, he should be jailed for life..

    How can politicians make such primitive , retarded statements and then say VIVRE ENSEMBLE?
    Cleaning means all those THIEVES involved in :
    -Infrastructure money
    – Credits from Western countries

    Be Hanged – HANGED or face firing squad…

  5. It is the fastest way to self-destruction.
    Cameroon is not a family ownership, not Gabon, not Congo, not Togo. Biya may attempt it when lured by his sycophants who advised him to remove term limits. Cameroon failed in Biya’s 40 yrs, in the bottom ten countries in Africa in growth and physical dev’t. Frank is a worse version of his ineffectual dad, he did not complete high school, did drugs in America and is intellectually vacuous.

    “Fill in his father’s shoes?” That’s risible, a primitive assumption that the country is a family ownership and a presidential monarchy. Reasonable countries in Africa are making progress thru change of power in a fair political process, generating cashflows & investing in manufacturing.
    I see unrelenting bloodbath and the the erasure of the evil Biya Family.