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Is a financial scandal behind Cameroon’s Africa Cup of Nations fiasco? [+video]

FRANCE 24 | Egypt has been picked to replace Cameroon as host nation of this year’s Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) football tournament, Africa’s most important sporting event.

Cameroon was stripped of its hosting rights due to massive delays in infrastructure and stadium building.

Whistleblowers now claim that an estimated €1.8 billion of Cameroonian public money has been swallowed in contracts shrouded in controversy. Our team in Cameroon report.

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  1. This is the cameroon that you guys want us to stay with them? Where is the accountability? No one will face prison time for mismanagement. The head of state is too old to even think right. Its a shame.

    • @The Mayou
      Some of you make me laugh. Is big time fun if you Claim that anglophoes are Saints. Sorry, we are not and we have been embezelling like our francophone Brothers. It might be you can be diffeent but to have the Feeling that a dreamed anglophone Cameroon will be different is pure non sense. If the so called ambazonia leaders have been stealing from day one, what do you really expect from them when given power. Don’t Forget that stealing is practiced in almost all countries in the world. What we need address our problems is something different from a stupid war.


    **** AXE DU MAL ****

    Ngoh Ngoh
    Bidoung Mkpatt
    Yang Philemon,

    were describes as the AXIS OF EVIL by LRC media outlets.
    This was so because they were directly responsible for ZERO AFCON19. They were responsible for the misappropriation of public funds budgeted for AFCON19.

    The greatest paradox that defies all human logic is that Dictator Biya punished Yang and rewarded Ngoh and Bidoung.
    The reason is simple to understand:

    Ngoh and Bidoung are related to the Etoudi Marie Antoinette. They are therefore considered as untouchables.
    Yang is Anglophone and was therefore used as he scapegoat by Dictator Biya for the crimes of the AXIS OF EVIL


      ..were describeD…


      Today is the 11.01.2019.
      In a month’s time, the so-called “one and indivisible” LRC will expect Southern Cameroonians to celebrate the so-called YOUTH DAY.
      Unfortunately for them, there will be ZERO celebrations in SC because this celebration has been banned by the IG. Amba boys have been instructed to enforce the ban.

      If history is any guide, the 11th day of February is historically known as the plebiscite day and NOT the so-called “Youth day”.

      On 11 February 1961, separate plebiscites were held in the Southern and Northern British Cameroons under the auspices of the UN. The voters in Southern Cameroons chose union with the Cameroun Republic, while those in Northern Cameroons opted for union with Nigeria.


      George Orwell once said that “the most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.”
      This is really what the regime of Paul Biya is doing with the history of Southern Cameroons. The history of the minority Anglophone is obliterated while the majority Francophones continue to rewrite the history books of the country. These books glorify their own cause and agendas.
      Southern Cameroonians of goodwill will NEVER allow the Biya government to distort and manipulate the history of the country.
      The recorded history of SC must therefore not be allowed to become a by-product of what the Biya’s government wants and doesn’t want future generations to be told.

  3. Corrupt smelly filthy idiots. Very soon the forest dwelling gorilla @colby with a frontal lobe that never fully evolved will show up here to repeat “intellectual dishonesty” like an estranged parrot. They even go ahead to quack their jungle enclaves face the same problem like Ambazonia. Did those jungles have Yoke Hydro Plant, Ombe Technical College, Marketing Board, Coffee Estate, Tiko-Besongabang-Bafut-Bali airports, Lime-Tiko seaports that were all brought to wrecks? Even if they have the same problem what are you donkeys doing to alleviate your disdainful life expectancies? These disgraceful entities waste no time in changing expensive suits or going on vacation for medical checkups yet look at their own pigsty. Ambazonia must abandon these monkeys and move on.!



      “Ambazonia must abandon these monkeys and move on.”

      I agree with you 900%.

      It is shocking to see thieves, such as Ngoh Ngoh and Bidoung Mkpatt, retained as Ministers.

      Thank God that eight million Anglophones have FINALLY taken their collective destiny into their hands and shake off forever the fetters of French-sponsored annexionist-cum-assimilationist enslavement and trammels.

      Dictator Biya’s sh*thole UNWINNABLE war will surely determine the fate of this unholy cohabitation.


      • “Ambazonia must abandon these monkeys and move on” as if you are not a monkey, as if you are different from LRC,

        With a few 10ks contributed for MTTB the same Ambazonia thugs have embezzled and kept our families in the bushes.

        The Amba boys are now all thieves, kidnapping for ransom and going door to door in villages collecting contributions for unknown projects.

        • Don’t mind those delusional criminals. They can’t manage small njangi money, yet they dream of managing cyberspace!

  4. This is not news because, it is the order of the day. Even Mr. Biya, doesn`t see
    what is wrong with it. Did it feature in the New year speech?

  5. No surprise about the degree of corruption in the hands of financial terrorist in the tribal government of Yaoundé.
    $2billion dollars spent with nothing to show for.
    The financial terrorist have spent it on European vacations, European tailored suits, European homes etc
    Adhijo in 1972 at age 48 was able with little to organize successful AFCON in Cameroon.
    Biya was already 39 in 1972 today at age 87, 5yrs after Cameroon was awarded AFCON hosting rights, $2billion dollars spent and Cameroon is not even ready to host AFCON 2025.
    Who is fooling who?
    Is there any European nation where $2billion dollars will be stolen from a national project and no one is held to account.
    Bunch of Low IQ Equatorial tribal operatives passing for a government.
    Adhijo was brutal but more patriotic!

    • [email protected] actually the european union has 10 billion euro thats gone missing with a recovery of only 2.3 found and all the rest? Parts have been found but due to lack of imfo cant be proved …hum ,This article states how much has been spent not that its totaly unaccounted for …… One of the pages shown shows an increment of cost ajustments dosnt it? which , could be pausable when considering port organisation ,,roads in the rainy season , late reaslease of funds which would incurr interest payments in stalling the programs .Still they can always realese the accounts if anyone asks like many goverments are obbliged to do anyway.Its pretty disturbing if firms have no history of buisness but funds where released to them anyway .Forever young @ Football stads like the new one in yauonde cost

  6. Right on point my dear @lum only thing dis wicked corrupt Biya with his tribal , nepotistic government is good at stealing from public treasury, dis bastards has been exporting millions of barrel crude oil in Ambazonia for decades worth $$$ billions of dollars in the name of the false republique yet we can’t see any meaningful development any where to justify the money, infrastructure development is zero , the roads is a dead trapped has killed thousands ,industrial development ,food security ,health and sanitation good drinking water and electric supply nothing, the corrupt Biya knows is big speech with empty promise for decades, senegal construction of a new smart city Diamniado with an estimated cost $2billion began with skyscraper standing, the same amount stolen for incomplete stadium

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