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Israel and Cameroon inaugurate 3D printing facility in Yaoundé

The Jerusalem Post | Cameron inaugurated a 3D printing facility which utilizes Israeli technology and equipment, Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported on Wednesday.

The Israeli company SELA Educational Initiatives Limited helped to build the facility which is located in the high-tech center of the Polytechnic National Advanced School of Engineering in Cameroon’s capital Yaoundé.

About 40% of 3D printers worldwide are manufactured by Israeli companies. The new facility is the first of its kind in Africa—it relies on the latest 3D software for prototyping and includes twenty-three advanced 3D printing machines.

The Israeli embassy in Yaounde has been involved in the development of the university’s high-tech center since its establishment. 

During the inauguration of the facility, Cameroon’s Education Minister Jacques Fame Ndongo thanked Israel and praised “the product of its ingenuity known since ancient times.” Israel’s Ambassador to Cameroon Ran Gidor expressed the hope that Cameroon will become “the Silicon Valley of Africa.”

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  2. Expressed hope that Cameroon will become the silicon Valley of Africa.
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